Bowhouse Pet Salon


Mochi has been with us the family for over a year now. She came to us on a very special day, Easter. She was a tiny little fur ball and only weighs less than 500 gram and was the size of my palm. A new member 🐶


Today, she has grown to weigh 3.8kg. A smaller sized shih-tzu breed compared to others. She was born on February 8th 2016 (herself and her younger sister). For some odd reason, she came out to be the smaller one despite being elder.


It was instant. The connection we had was unbreakable. She got along so well with the family and everyone loves her to bits.


As the days goes by, months and now a year..


I have always wanted to give her optimum care and love the best way I can (I spoil her just like another kid in the house) . It was tough as I searched for a Pet Sitter when we had to go away for a couple of days and we can’t bring her along with us. I have to say, I had experienced a fair share of unfortunate pet sitters. Some places gave her ticks (it shouldn’t have but it did) , some had accidentally hurt her, and she was disgracefully dirty when I picked her up. I feel it is a little sad that this occurred while these Pet sitters had promised me the best of the best treatment but I was truly disappointed at the end of the day with their services.

Thankfully, I found Bowhouse Pet Salon.


Bowhouse Pet Salon is a place for our four-legged friends to play calmly, socialize and be pretty! They provide dog grooming service, daycare and boarding while making sure they have a good time at our playground!


I sent my little fur ball there for a couple of days this month as I had to travel up North. Needless to say, she had so much fun she had over there mingling with her four legged friends. I love the spacious environment they provide as well as the play pan style boarding hence the dogs are not caged up all the time and get to roam around freely with a Pet Sitter present.


Before picking her up, they gave her an awesome bath and fluff.


She was in cloud nine by the time they finished.

I am truly grateful and thankful to have found Bowhouse and I can truly see the difference as when I bring my fluff ball there to visit/grooming as compared to any other Pet Salon. Some places, before bringing her inside she starts whining.

Bowhouse on the contratry provides great effort in understanding your pet and going that extra mile to provide them with love, care and provide one-to-one focus on your dog’s interaction, temperament and behavior be it when they are running around or even on the grooming table.


I love the fact that to them the dogs comes first, and they truly take this as a priority!

Here are some of their services (taken directly from their site).


Dog Grooming
Price range from RM25.00 – RM85.00
When it comes to keeping your pooch cleaned and presentable, we’re ready for the task! We provide a wide range of grooming needs; from bath & fluff, basic and full grooming.As the founder says…. we’re not here to traumatize, we’re not here to force, but really just what your dog needs – ‘the balance’ and letting them be their natural self.

Dog Boarding
Price range from RM25.00 – RM55.00
Rest assured furry-parents. All dogs gets their play time, eats well and sufficient rest and lots of love from our nanny at our Bowhouse play pen boarding.

Doggy Day Care
Price range from RM15.00 – RM25 (depending on temperament and size)
Our interactive day care provides sufficient play and socialization time, nap time, treats time, and lots of love from our nanny from 10AM till 6.00PM.

Ala-carte services
Price range from RM10.00 – RM25
We understand sometimes our pooch requires an extra attention, so we have a wide range of add-ons / or ala carte services from dematting, pawdicure, spa sessions, detick, dental brushing, to dog walking.

As the founder says, we’re not here to traumatize, we’re not here to force, but really just what your dog needs – ‘the balance’ and letting them be their natural self.

For further information, do check out their Facebook page over at Bowhouse Pet Salon I sincerely highly recommends them be it for boarding, grooming or a simple day care to improve their social skills. I am definitely going to be a regular customer there! 👍🏻


Happy Treats for Mochi


It’s finally the holidays and despite being silly with my kids, read, colour and mess up the house…

We decided to whip up our imagination and make something for the youngest member also known as our little fur kid..


What makes the fur kid happy… Treats, Treats and MORE Treats.. so i guess it was pretty easy for us to decide on what we should make..

We wanted to make something pretty easy, healthy, and a big bonus would be to improve her breath. Don’t get me wrong, she smells like a furry princess already but there’s always no harm to make her smelling that bit extra fresh. 😛

*excuse my bland no make up look.. been down with a cold and fever since the weekend and am still recovering >.<*



With simple yet basic ingredients i did all the chopping (sorry kids, no playing with sharp objects in the kitchen especially the knives) while the kids did their job in mixing, mashing and fixing up the dough together.


Ingredients we used are :

1 packet of Apple Mint Herbs

1 packet of Peppermint Herbs

1 bottle of Only Organic Baby Food Puree in Pumpkin & Wild Rice Flavour

2 Small Bananas

1 cup of whole wheat flour

1/4 spoon of baking powder

A pinch of cinnamon powder



It was ridiculously easy as all we did was mix up all the ingredients above together, shape them up and using a fork we pressed them down on the tray.

Results : House smells AMAZING!!! 

Verdict : Yup.. no doubt she loves them!

Pets My Heart Happiness Box 💗

Mochi has been apart of our (me, my family and occassionally some close friends) lives for a couple of weeks now. She has been such a blessing to have to be apart of our family. At the age of 11 weeks plus she is healthy but rather small size as she is the smallest in the litre weighing a merely 750g at the moment. Mind you, she loves to eat and is extremely smart too. I was amazed at how she could understand the basic command of SIT, DOWN, ROLL OVER and FETCH as young as 9 weeks old. Potty training took less than 10 weeks to be perfect and ever since then, she gets to roam freely around the house whenever i am at home. However, at night and on those days when i am out for meetings, she sleeps quietly in her play pan until i am home.


She conquers the title as THE ONLY AND FAVOURITE FLUFF BALL in my children eyes! They love her to bits and their priority upon coming home from school is to give this little fluff ball a big hug and kiss before doing anything else. Mochi has indeed brought much love, balance and happiness in the lives of me and my family.

Recently, Mochi received a parcel. It wasn’t any ordinary parcel either! It was THE HAPPINESS BOX from Pets My Heart. A box that is filled with premium products that has been carefully selected to suit your pet (dogs and cats).


She was thrilled, curious and completely overjoyed in receiving her first ever parcel!


A little note was written just for her.



Upon opening the box, she took her time to explore.


Needless to say, she was extremely happy with all the toys, and snacks inside.


These snacks and toys are premium quality. 

Imported in from Japan, Goat Milk Cheese Sticks are her new found favourite snacks.


There were also a variety of chew snacks for the little fluff ball.


These mini bones are so cute and certainly will keep her happy when i am out for meetings.


The toys packed in the happiness box became an instant hit. She spent hours

(and literally i mean HOURS playing with them)

This was how much she loved her toys the very first hour she received them.








image1:40pm (she got tired.. but couldn’t let go of her toy)


1:45pm (almost asleep)


2pm (completely knocked out with her favorite toys around her)


Don’t you wish your pet has a Happiness Box too? Or perhaps you would like to send it to your friends pet?

I love the concept and idea of sending a surprise Happiness Box. To subscribe it is extremely easy too.

  1. Select your pet (dog / cat) size. Their experts will hand-pick the most suitable toys and snacks based on your selection!

  2. Choose a plan, from as low as RM54. The longer you subscribe, the more you save!

  3. Have the Happiness Box delivered to every month, so that you can continue to surprise that special pet. When your pet is happy, you are!

These gift box purchase is going to save you more than half the price if you were to buy the products individually from ordinary pet shops. Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-6 treats and toys, and occasionally some other healthcare products that is carefully thought for and think will be useful. The content of each month’s gift box is different, and is hand-pick making sure your pets are continuously surprised! I LOVE that with this service, you can save up to 50% of what you would normally spend if you were to buy the items individually over at the petshop.

Wait no More and have a perfect little gift sent to your own pet or even your friend’s dog or cat that has an upcoming celebration or even just because they are that special to you.

For all My Readers, check over at Pets My Heart for a special PROMO of 15% while it lasts. 😛

WAIT~ there’s MORE….

In conjunction with celebrating Pawrents’ Day Pets My Heart is giving away 4 pet gift boxes to 4 lucky winners so that you can celebrate the heart-warming festive with your furkid(s).
What’s in the gift box? Delicious treats and fun toys for dogs and cats of all sizes!
All you need to do is:
(1) Like their Facebook Page
(2) Like this photo (it’s in their Facebook page)

(3) Share this photo
(4) Post in the comment a picture of your furkid(s)
(5) Get people to like your comment
The top 4 comments with the MOST NUMBER OF LIKES will each win a pet gift box!

** Terms & Conditions **
(a) Only 1 photo is allowed per per

b) Winners will be selected and announced on the 9th of May
(c) Terms & Conditions apply, and may subject to change without prior notice

*Wishing all readers Best of LUCK*

Hope that special furry kid/furfriend of yours will be as thrilled as mine receiving The Happiness Box!

A new member 🐶

This year Easter falls on a very special day. A day that brings us much joy and happiness to the family.


Meet Mochi (our very new member to the family, a shih tzu puppy)


*excuse my tear stains on my eyes.. i was overjoyed that my adopted momma is finally bringing me home but a little nervous as it was my first car ride* 

Born on the 8th of February 2016 (on Chinese New Year day) she somehow was fated to be apart of our lives. It has been a couple of months that i have considered if it would be a good idea to have a pet dog and which breed i should be looking at. My daughter adores dogs (just like her momma). However,  I didn’t want to get a dog because it’s cute and realising later on that it doesn’t fit the family in terms of character and temperament. As a breeder’s daughter, i do know my breeds rather well and did my fare share in understanding and taking care of the little ones once upon a time ago.

I spent many long months of days and night thinking and considering all factors. It was simply a mere coincidence that this sweetheart crawled into our hearts and the moment i saw her with my children we (my breeder friend and i) simply knew she was the one.


Mochi is a sweet little young thing that is extremely calm and gentle in her actions from the way she walks, to the way she eats, to the way she plays, to the way she interacts with people. My son (being afraid of all dogs) had an amazing chemistry ONLY with her. That particular moment when i saw them both interacting was simply priceless.



On Easter Day (27th March 2016), she was ready to come home with us and she had so much love and attention from the family. She was simply the little Star Sparkling our lives.


We are truly thankful that god has allowed us to be her adoptive parents and being apart of her life since she was 2 weeks old. Watching her grow days by days to week by week, has most certainly created that special bond and familiarity for her as well as us. It has most certainly created a special bond for her to adapt to our family. The process of her being home with us became extremely easy as she has been so used to seeing and sniffing us over the past few weeks.






Hence, by night fall.. she pretty much fell asleep like a baby without any cries or drama.


*My very first photo with my adopted Daddy and i love him very very much!