Hypno Birthing “The Gentle Birthing Bootcamp”


Being pregnant twice in this lifetime has been truly a blessing. It has not only opened my eyes to learn how amazing the role of Mothers are. Ever since being a mom, I have always seek to give my children the very best I can. Today, I would like to share with you something I perceived to be a magical knowledge that I wished I had the opportunity to have learnt when I was pregnant.


It was only recently, I came across HypnoBirthing. Like many, I myself was curious to learn more about the choices of birthing we have as mothers. AND HypnoBirthing is actually all about JUST THAT.
As what I have recently found out, the name itself/association with hypnosis raises many misconceptions. Hence, I wish to share this out to all as I have learnt that there will be an upcoming bootcamp to share some love and spread awareness to all.
Here’s a little bit of information about what I have learnt thus far.
Hypnosis is NOT : 
– losing control of your mind
– revealing family secrets or bank account details 😛
– an eerie, trance-like state
In fact, you are fully in control and it is a very natural state of the mind. Daily examples of hypnosis is daydream, driving on auto-pilot, engrossed watched TV, the state between half asleep and half awake (so at least 2x a day before we fall asleep and before we become fully awake).
HypnoBirthing is NOT:
– water birth or home birth. Majority of HypnoBirthing mums birth in hospital – dry birth
How Does HypnoBirthing Work
HypnoBirthing works on both the conscious and subconscious mind – which is way more powerful than conscious mind.
Conscious mind – knowledge on natural birth process and thorough preparation for their birth – birth plan, nutrition, exercise, birth companion role, bonding with baby, body’s perfect design of birth so mums feel confident in their innate ability to birth
Subconscious mind – Fear release through hypnosis – releasing all subconscious fear + daily practising of positive affirmations of birth so the WHOLE mind becomes positive.
The body is a robot of the mind – once mum has a positive mindset, her body will follow suit. Body reacts positively when it is time to birth and relaxes so baby comes easily.
HypnoBirthing  has a 12.5 hour highly comprehensive childbirth preparation class. A usual hospital antenatal class spends 1-2 hours on birth. That is not enough.
Teaching many techniques too – breathing, relaxation, deepening relaxation, visualisation & affirmations. The Gentle Birth Bootcamp is a 3 hour sharing on positive birth.

Background on The Gentle Birth Bootcamp

The objective of this bootcamp is to raise public awareness of the importance of a gentle birth experience for the whole family. There are also many things that new parents are unaware of. Simple knowledge that could make a BIG difference in how their experience can go.
Baby With Bee is an independent antenatal education provider that teaches parents things that are not normally taught in typical hospital antenatal classes. Teaching a childbirth technique called HypnoBirthing and other baby-centered classes like infant massage, breastfeeding and newborn care classes are also apart of their program.
More on Gentle Birth
The topics that covered during the bootcamp include:
– what is gentle birth
– why is it important
– how your birth choices impact your breastfeeding success
– what is HypnoBirthing and how it can help you achieve an easier, more comfortable birth
– Birth positions
– how to prepare your birth plan
– chance to listen to sharing of positive birth stories by couples who have been there & DID IT!
– infant massage and why it is important
Did you know that birth positions can make a lot of difference to a laboring mother’s level of comfort? My baby girl was a breach baby and somehow it did take a toll on my back when I was pregnant with her. Despite that, I too had a very narrow pelvis to begin with hence, in the end I had not much of a choice but to opt for C-Sec for both my children.
Did you know that there are many ways that a birth companion can help during labor? Dads love to be part of the birth process but are often reduced to being part of the wall flower, just trying to stay out of the way and not faint. During HypnoBirthing class, they teaches dads what to do to care and support and encourage their wives. Dads are very empowered with the knowledge they gain from classes and go on to be very hands on fathers.
There are so much more to share and they would be doing so in the upcoming Bootcamp event
 “The Gentle Birth Bootcamp” which will be held on the 14th May 2017 at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club.
Ticket Pricing
It is a highly subsided event, made possible with the support of sponsors and they are charging a minimal of RM 80 per couple but currently they are offering an extended early bird fees of only RM 50 per couple or RM 80 per 2 couples. *Not sure when this lasts, so be sure to be quick to reserve your spot with them*
For further information you can check out their website over at www.babywithbee.com.
And if you do have the time.. check out this cool Video.
Hopefully, the information above inspire you as much as it had inspired me. Now, I can’t help but cheekily wonder how fun it would be if I am pregnant once again. 😍 #justsaying

Earth Care Soaps

February is known to be the month of LOVE. 💕💖


This month, I received a hamper filled with LOVE from Earth Care Soaps. If you have not heard of them let me introduce them to you..


At Earth Care, they create affordable and cruelty-free products for your skin’s wellbeing without compromising the environment. Every product is handcrafted using only pure and natural ingredients sourced directly from Mother Nature.


Their core product are handmade soaps using the age-old traditional cold process method to retain the goodness of the ingredients that you can enjoy.


Skin-loving ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, botanical oils, essential oils, herbs and extracts are infused in the soaps for that extra nourishing and moisturizing effect, at the same time reducing itchy and dry or flaky skin.


Another star ingredient, glycerin, is retained in the soaps to help draw moisture to the skin, effectively keeping the epidermis soft and hydrated at all times.



They use the same raw and natural ingredients in their full range of products: bath and spa, lip care, face care, body and hair care, mom and baby care, and aromatherapy. Best of all, Earth Care products are suitable for everyone including eczema/psoriasis, trouble and sensitive skin, pregnant moms and babies too! Another exciting news, their services will soon expand further and will also be providing services for Mother’s Milk Soap Making soon. 👍🏻


These organic skincare products are 90% to 100% vegan using only quality ingredients sourced from plant-based materials. Products that are less than 100% vegan contain ingredients of animal by-products only such as beeswax, honey, milk from cows or goats, and yogurts. All Earth Care products are known to be freshly made by hand and sealed with love, with zero harmful chemicals, synthetic colors and fragrances. Cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly.

What’s not to love right?

Absolutely ZERO:
– SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
– Parabens (Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, etc.)
– Phthalates
– Petroleum (Paraffin Oil, Paraffin Wax, etc.)
– Urea
– Animal fats (Tallow, Lard, etc.)
– Alcohol
– Synthetic colors and fragrances
– Other forms of toxic chemicals and preservatives

Want to try their products?

For the month of February (until 28th February) you can use the PROMO CODE : MOMMA25 to receive a discount of 25% 

*not applicable for other promos and for clearance products, gift sets and custom orders.



For all my readers, stand a chance to win this exact same gift set worth RM175. All you have to do is

  1. Follow @themizzeve Instagram and @earthcaresoaps
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as simple as that and one very special lucky winner will be picked to win an Earth Care Gift Set. 😍


*Giveaway is valid until 17th February 2017

*This giveaway is open for MY residents with a valid Malaysian address.

*All prizes will be arranged to be posted out to winners by Earth Care.

*To winners please send your name, full address and contact number

Keep It Clean: The Adventures of Busy Mom


Being a momma blogger has given me so many privileges. One of them I truly treasure is when I meet and develop new friendship along the way.

Today, I would like to introduce another writer and owner of a small cleaning business in London known as Evie Horton.


She is my guest blogger for today, and had came up with many wonderful yet brilliant ideas that I would love to share with all you readers, to be inspired by her as to how she has inspired me.

Keep It Clean: The Adventures of Busy Mom


Today’s moms are supposed to deal with many challenges as a part of their everyday routine. They have to take up a full time job, take care of the household, look after kids and meanwhile, find a way to be fit and healthy, exercise regularly, catch up with old friends and take a well-deserved rest. It seems like 24 hours are not enough for completing these more or less pleasant activities.

Cleaning is, without a doubt, a tiresome and time-consuming process, especially if your kids consider the walls a canvas and the living room floor a playground where they can scatter all the toys. Here are a few tips that can help you keep the house clean and find time to do the things you love.

• Even if you are a stay-at-home mom, you might still find yourself unable to deal with all cleaning tasks you have to complete for the day, especially if you live in a spacious house and nobody else, but you take care of the cleanliness. That’s why you are advised to split up the tiresome cleaning chores into several manageable tasks. The best way to achieve this is to set up a cleaning schedule and assign a cleaning task for each day.

• Make an evaluation of your time. If you are among those people who tend to take “small” one-hour breaks between the duties they are supposed to perform, don’t be surprised if you never have time for yourself. Instead of procrastinating, focus all your efforts on completing the tasks efficiently and they, you will be able to enjoy some free time.

• There are some days when you just feel under the weather, you are unproductive and easily distracted. In days like this, the last thing you want to think of is keeping the house clean. Yet, you can still take up cleaning and tidying up procedures that take care of themselves. Pushing the button of the dishwasher or the washing machine is not that tiresome, right?

• Cleaning duties will be much easier if you can rely on the help of the other family members. Actually, engaging your kids into cleaning activities is an excellent way for teaching them some essential skills. For instance, your kids can learn the importance of being organized through cleaning and this will be extremely helpful at a later stage for sure.

If you consider it appropriate, follow Shiny Carpets suggestion to set a timer and perform 5 or 10-minute clean-ups in every room. Wipe the spills from the countertops, treat the stains on the carpet with a suitable detergent, mop the floors, sanitize the kitchen sink.
Organize stuff and know the place of every item. Always keep similar items together and always put stuff back in place after you have used it. You can even ask your kids to gather all the toys in the contained they belong to. This way, they will learn to sort out and prioritize, so you kill two birds with one stone. You have fewer cleaning tasks and teach your kids invaluable personal skills.

Don’t forget that if you feel you cannot deal with so many tasks at once, you can always arrange professional helpers. Take a look at the prices your local cleaning company offers and contact them to find out more about the cleaning service. That will not only save you a lot of time, but will also ensure the dirt-free environment at home. After all, there is a reason why cleaners, employed with trustworthy cleaning companies are called professionals.

Happy Treats for Mochi


It’s finally the holidays and despite being silly with my kids, read, colour and mess up the house…

We decided to whip up our imagination and make something for the youngest member also known as our little fur kid..


What makes the fur kid happy… Treats, Treats and MORE Treats.. so i guess it was pretty easy for us to decide on what we should make..

We wanted to make something pretty easy, healthy, and a big bonus would be to improve her breath. Don’t get me wrong, she smells like a furry princess already but there’s always no harm to make her smelling that bit extra fresh. 😛

*excuse my bland no make up look.. been down with a cold and fever since the weekend and am still recovering >.<*



With simple yet basic ingredients i did all the chopping (sorry kids, no playing with sharp objects in the kitchen especially the knives) while the kids did their job in mixing, mashing and fixing up the dough together.


Ingredients we used are :

1 packet of Apple Mint Herbs

1 packet of Peppermint Herbs

1 bottle of Only Organic Baby Food Puree in Pumpkin & Wild Rice Flavour

2 Small Bananas

1 cup of whole wheat flour

1/4 spoon of baking powder

A pinch of cinnamon powder



It was ridiculously easy as all we did was mix up all the ingredients above together, shape them up and using a fork we pressed them down on the tray.

Results : House smells AMAZING!!! 

Verdict : Yup.. no doubt she loves them!

Animal 4D+ Alphabet Interactive Cards Review

I am one of those mommas that believes in enrichment classes. One of the most recent ones that caught my attention is called Code Juniors. As our generation revolves, teaching methods has also changed drastically as well. Flash cards are probably one of the most common cards moms/teachers/guardian starts of with for their children when it comes to learning. Well, that was me 5 years back! I still remember being excited receiving a pack of flashcards when my daughter was one years of age. I was one of those hardcore mommas where i constantly read/teach her with them. But today flash cards are no longer the same. It’s no longer 2D and boring but have became interactive flash cards!

A couple of weeks back i received one of the most amazing gifts any mother can share/teach/play with their children. These are the amazing Animal 4D+ Alphabet Interactive Flash Cards from Code Juniors. At first these cards looks just the same as any other ordinary cards you may find at any Montessori and Bookshop. However, as i read the instructions and began to download the app i began to understand the miraculous wonder these interactive cards are for the next generation of time.


The instructions are extremely simple and easy to understand. I was really excited to share with my children and i couldn’t wait to see their reactions to these interactive cards.


By placing the cards of the respective animal, a 4D version of it pops up! *totally beyond coolness* My children were excited yet stunned at how these cards pops out an individual animal of its own while reading out its description.


They tried a few rounds of various animals from the cards and as each 4D animal pops up, i could see their eyes grew bigger with curiosity.


*Roars* says the lion…


Another amazing feature from these miraculous cards are the ability for the animal to interact with their food. Below shows a horse eating grass!!!! *call me “Kampung Style”  a.k.a (old fashion) but this is my first time seeing 4D+ interactive cards available in the market today to teach the children beyond the normal 2D conventional method.


Both my children were glued to these cards for hours. I love that it’s not only educational, it’s interactive, fun, and the children gets to experience a whole new level of creative thinking at the same time. I personally LOVE these cards.

These Animal 4D+ alphabet interactive cards are indeed an amazing development by Octagon Studio Augmented Reality creation. It is available for both Google Play or App Store!

Want to find out more?

Feel free to contact Jacqueline Lee at info@codejuniors.com

and check out their

Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/codejuniors


Website at http://www.codejuniors.com

for more amazing 4D+ Interactive cards.

5 Top Momma Website i just can’t get enough off…

InspirationsToday it’s all about inspirations…

I love to be inspired and constantly search online for inspiration. Like many Mothers i try to find relevance to be able to relate and be inspired as a whole, be in in terms of health, fashion, fitness, food, lifestyle and more. Thanks to technology and fast internet + data i am constantly on the roll of things today even with two active bumble bee children and an adorable pet dog.

Today, i’m sharing with all my top 5 favourite Momma Website that i often read…

Cheeserland – A fashion blogger turned Mom to two beautiful children, a personal friend and neighbour, plus one of the most famous yet longest blogger i know and followed. She has been one true inspiration that had me started this website to build, groom and grow as a person. As many local readers already know, she is truly an inspiration to many around the world (especially our local Malaysians and her extended fans over in Japan). What’s there not to love~ it’s cheesie!

Startamomblog – A mom to two beautiful little girls and the wife to a wonderful man. She inspires Mothers from all around the world to start a mom blog by guiding them with various tips and tricks while specific yet useful advice for moms to handle situations better with their children. Suzi, the author is one of the sweetest, kind, and savvy person i know (plus she is known as one amazing engineer blogger) . If you need some tips or any advice on creating a mom blog, her blog is most certainly one place you ought to visit!

Rane Chin – Also known as The Beauty Junkie from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. An inspiring yet elegant mom for 2 beautiful daughters with the latest updates on beauty, trends and gigs in town. If you haven’t seen her blog do scroll and take a look for yourself. :p

Laurenne Hopkins – I have been a silent reader of Laurenne for the longest time. The first blog i followed of hers was known as This Mummy and ever since she migrated, i find her articles has grown along with her. A mother of 2 little girls and a new born baby boy she is still as inspiring as ever. Her articles goes a long way with parenting advice and experiences, recipes, DIY and more.

Mommy My Way – A beautiful lady and single mom whom i am totally inspired by. Her blogs shares the way she raises her infant son through career advice, traveling tips, fashion inspiration and more, all while juggling a full-time job and working toward an MBA. Mind you, this brilliant lady is also an entrepreneur plus she also holds a support group in Facebook for like minded Mothers while spreading her love, support and knowledge about blogging to all. An inspiring person she is both inside and outside. *heart*

I hope this article can spark some light to some of you here as these beautiful ladies inspired me so much. 🙂

Dutch Lady & Mom, Step by Step Together

I love attending events! Especially events whereby it brings mothers together creating a support group. Recently, I was invited to attend Dutch Lady Step by Step Nutrition & Nurturing Guidance ~ working hand in hand together to provide support to children’s development.

It was one of the most fulfilling event that i have been in a while. An event whereby

Paediatric expert – Dr.Yong Junina Fadzil

TV host, actress, and mother – Scha Alyahya and

3 other amazing blogger mothers

get together to share their experience, story, expertise and beliefs to other amazing mothers creating a special nurturing bond supportive group and nurturing guidance, tailored nutrition to support a child’s overall development from 1 to over 6 years old.


It is a known fact that it is extremely important for mothers to understand that their nurturing guidance and their growing up milk’s nutrition needs to go hand in hand to ensure the progressive development of a child.

imageDutch Lady 4-step Nutri-Plan with 5X DHA is a nutrition programme for children 1 to 6 years of age that continuously supports a child’s  developmental milestones and learning. When nutritional needs are well taken care of, it is a humble fact that mothers can focus on guiding their children to achieve foundation milestones that will help shape their future development and learning achievements at school, in the family and life as a whole.

In general children goes through 4 different developmental journey at a young age. Dutch Lady 4-step Nutri Plan with 5X DHA offers total nutrition programme, formulated with tailored nutrients to support each milestone, and mothers are encouraged to guide their children accordingly to the milestone.





imageCurious : At age 1 to 2, children are most curious at this stage. They are eager to learn more about the world and they start to observe and reacts by grasping, pointing and playing. It is important that during this stage visionary activities are practiced. Brain development is also important during this phases they start to learn and remember what they see in their surrondings. During this stage Dutch Lady formulated milk focuses on nutrients that also helps to enhance their specific nurturing needs such as Inositol, Taurine, and Vitamin A to support their visual development as well.

Suggested Activities : 

Guide them on how to match colours and shapes

Play hide and seek with them


*image above shows children playing matching games*

imageExplore : At ages 2-4, children become more active and start exploring their surroundings. They begin to understand and development are through touching and tasting. It is during this stage that their natural body resistance are challenged. Hence, Dutch Lady focuses on building their immunity and prevent them from falling ill with nutritional ingredient such as  Selenium and Zinc. During this stage, brain development are enhanced as well as they begin to apply what they have learnt from their surroundings.

Suggested Activities : 

Discover nature together in the park or your own garden

Sensory play activities such a dough play is awesome as well.



*images above shows children interacting and exploring about little cute chicks and cute fluffy rabbits*


Create : At ages 4-6, children become more creative and imaginative. They begin to use creativity as a form of problem solving, which requires adaptability and flexibility of thought. Nutrients such as Tyrosine, Choline, and Vitamin D helps to support flexible thinking in their brain function. During this stage children progresses to enhance their skills in learning, memorising and making connections.

Suggested Activities : 

Using recycle material to create objects

Toy building blocks play

Colour painting


*image above shows children playing with blocks enhancing their creative thinking*


Learn : At age 6 years and above, focus and good memory skills are important for children at school. They begin to learn important social and verbal skills and require focus and memory skills to help them learn. Magnesium is an important nutrient to support a child’s memory.

Suggested Activities :

Memory and concertration games

Crossword puzzle or picture puzzles

Create a challenge by setting a timer for a particular task for the child to work to ‘beat’


*image above shows children learning and practicing simple mathematics to challenge themselves* 


I had an amazing time during this event learning and sharing great tips, advice and meeting new awesome mothers. Thank you Dutch Lady Malaysia for organising and inviting me to such an informative, fulfilling yet successful event.

For more information on Dutch Lady Nutri Plan with 5X DHA supports a child’s developmental milestones, and Dutch Lady Nilai Bijak campaign, please click the link http://smartmoments.com.my for further information.

Spring Break Indoor Fun Activities

The first term of school has just ended and now the children are on a week off for First Term Holiday Break (Spring Break). I love it when i have my children at home with me. They make my days more lively and we get to spend more bonding time together as a whole. For this week i have a number of exciting home activities planned out for them (much thanks to the internet that i have done some fun research in finding out some awesome activities to do together). It would most definitely have been more fun if we were able to head outdoors however, due to the fact that the haze is back it’s simply no longer advisable. Here are some of my favourite ideas that i have planned to try out during this Holiday. Hopefully some of you find them useful too!


Freeze Dancing. This is a complete no brainer Dance when the music is on and Freeze when the music stops. 🙂 Dancing around with the music on like no one is watching is actually a fun and light hearted thing to do with the children. I love and secretly enjoy being free and doing silly movements with them ( big bonus : i’m also burning my calories at the same time). Needless to say, my children loves and it too because once we play this game.. they never wants to stop!


Baking is a must to try if you haven’t already done so with your children. It creates this amazing bond while watching them gleam with happiness when they see their finished baked goodies. HeRe is a quick and easy recipe that i have recently found and am eager to try! Prehaps, you can try it too!


Jelly Making. My children and i loves to spend time in the kitchen together. (I guess you could have guessed that by now.) Jelly making was my little girl’s idea. She loves jelly hence i have looked up on the web for one of our all time favorite jelly recipe known as the Osmanthus Jelly Recipe. Click the link to find Girl vs Apron youtube Video for recipe and method.

imageMake a watercolour Masterpiece. My children loves art (especially my boy) and to get to make something together with both my children is definitely something that will be fun and fulfilling for all of us. Imagine how happy the children will be waking up seeing their masterpiece and thinking back that they did this with mommy. ( i think that is pretty special and most definitely you gained something that money can never buy! ) As Easter Celebration is around the corner, you can make an easter bunny Masterpiece. It’s surely going to be very special and memorable too!

imagePlant your own Beans. I like to choose my favourite Jar to do this with. It’s easy to do and its amazing how fast it grows. The whole process takes about 5-14 days and the children will be amazed and excited to see plus learn a little about planting and science at the same time. To do this, all you have to do is take about 2-3 green beans and plant it in a small transparent glass bottle with cotton/paper towel and water it a little everyday. Cool + Amazing + Exciting + Easy! Still unsure? Here’s a link to where i got this cool idea from with its steps and method. Sprouting Peas – A Growing Experiment


Make A Natural Play doh. My children loves to play with play doh. It’s something about rolling little balls in their hands and turning it into something creative and fun. This Spring i had this idea of making play doh with my children but instead of adding in colors, i wanted to try to add in herbs. It is really interesting and will be an advantage that they will also get to learn about herbs and familiarize themselves with its fragrance and senses. To make this refer below:

3/4 fresh Herbs (basil/Lavender/Rosemary)
1.5 cups boiling water
2 cups plain flour
2 tbsps cream of tartar
1/2 cup fine salt
2 tbsps vegetable oil

Grind the herbs  into a watery paste by using a pounder and adding a few drops of warm water
Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl
Add the oil and stir through
Then pour in the boiling water and stir until it comes together
Add the herb mixture, a little at a time. You can add water if it gets too sticky a little at a time.
Take it out of the bowl and knead it on a surface for a few minutes. During kneading it will lose its stickiness and become soft and stretchy.
If it’s still too sticky add a little more flour, if too dry a little more water. It’s pretty easy, Really!! 

Hope you enjoy these activities. I can’t wait to get down with them with my children for the next couple of days! 🙂

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Sibling Rivalry – Getting Along with the Treasure Box Method.

imageMy littles ones has the most remarkable relationship with each other. When one of them is away or out and about they will be constantly asking about each other. They simply seem inseparable! Yet when they are together they have this really sweet yet amazing bond that occassionally ends up having sibling rivalry.

At times, everything they touch seems to end up in screams, cries and fights but sometimes they somehow get to work it out and play along and enjoy the essence of playing with each other. It is never a pleasant sight when things don’t go the way they wished and ended up in tears.

Hence, i resorted in searching for ways/methods that i can teach them about family importance and kindness resolutions. I basically tried everything from being stern, to being nice until i was pretty much lost and desperate for an effective solution. Parenting is never easy but i believe that it is one of the most fulfilling job that anyone can have.


Then, i discovered an amazing idea … it is the Treasure Box method. Every morning, i will explain to both my children how important it is to be nice to each other and the benefits of having each other to play with and to be able to do things with. Then, i take out THE TREASURE BOX.

My main aim and objective for The Treasure Box method is to allow both my children to understand and encourage the fundamental fact of their successful and fun moments together. It is a positive approach that i feel encourages better behaviour in a fun way.

How does it work? Easy. I just acknowledge and write down all the cooperative moments of them playing and working together and fill it up in the treasure box.


At the end of the evening, they look forward to opening The Treasure Box with me while i read back to them the little things they have done together. I acknowledged the not so pleasant feelings when they don’t as well but also explained to the both of them the benefits when they do.

These little message reminders in The Treasure Box are miracles that is designed to reinforce the ideas to the both of them that they are both happier and will be successful when they are kind to each other. Needless to say, i can also tell that they look pretty please with themselves upon reading and hearing me acknowledging their positive little messages i have written for them when i read it out loud at the end of the evening.

Now both my children tries their very best to work together in achieving the simple goal of filling up The Treasure Box with “nice things they do together and for each other”. 🙂


*heRe’s a photo of the children visiting sweet little mochi the shih tzu together*

Family funtastic at KidZania Kuala Lumpur!

imageA couple weeks back we (the family and myself) were invited to have a family day over at KidZania Kuala Lumpur! It was our first time ever as we (the husband and i) have always somehow thought that our kids were too young to explore in this indoor learning playground.

Boy was i ever so wrong!


KidZania Kuala Lumpur is an indoor family educational +entertainment centre which offers an interactive learning experience for kids in a kid-sized city to deliver the first-of-its-kind edutainment fun. The KidZania experience is about real-life experiences, empowering, inspiring and educating kids through role-play. It was indeed an eye opening experience not only for the children but for the husband and myself as well. Featuring over 90 professions working within a real economy, KidZania allows kids to transcend the boundaries of the grown up world to play their part in a community and also experience the tricks-of-the-trade of their possible dream careers.

imageOur day started with the children extremely excited for a fun filled adventurous day. As we entered the building towards KidZania the children had no idea of what is to be expected nor did the husband and i. I was completely amazed at how organised and systematic everything seems. They followed a certain procedure whereby upon getting our tickets the children and ourselves (the husband and i) were given a wrist tag that we had to wear at all times within the facility.


The children were also given a cheque each which is suppose to be used to withdraw cash when we head on inside!


Thats us.. being a little crazy just before entering.


Upon entering, we headed over to the bank and the children used their cheque to redeem their cash. It was indeed an eye opening experience for them. I was pretty much amazed at everything i see within the facility.


Once the children had their cash on hand.. it was fun time!


We first headed over to the optometrist where both the children had a wonderful time and role play in understanding the importance of taking care of their eyes.


They were both extremely attentive over what the ‘kakak’ (Big Sister) explained and shared with them on the do’s and don’t about caring for the eye. Each of them even had the opportunity to learn how to remove and wash the lenses of the spectacles provided. I was shockingly amazed by how curious both my children were about the occupation of an optometrist.


Thank you ‘Kakak’ for her time and warm effort in explaining through all the little questions my children had asked that day!


We then walked along and the fire engine had caught our eye. Needless to say, the children wanted to give it a go.


They gave their 101% attention during their role play as the fire girl and fire boy.


They even had an amazing time having a drill of what a fire girl/boy should do when there is a fire.


It was simply brilliant and to watch them interact the way they did that day was simply priceless.

Moving on was the Vitamin Factory. This place is no doubt any kids haven! Upon making payment with the cash they have earned from being an optometrist and a fire girl/boy, they entered the factory to learn how to make Vitagen.


Each child were given a chance to mix and stir while learning the process of how Vitagen is made. It was truly a wonderful experience for the children and to watch their faces bloom into excitement when they saw how a vitagen popped out from the other end of the machine was simply priceless.



The next stop was encouraged by ME. I thought it was pretty cool to let the children learn how important it is to take care of their teeth. Hence, the children went into becoming a Dentist.


Both kids had an funfastic adventure being a dentist digging and removing ‘monsters’ (tar tar and black stuffs) from the toy model on the chair.



They children each participated in learning the right way to brush their teeth and the importance of taking care of their teeth as well. My son was extremely helpful (as you can see from the photo below) 😛


We then head over to collect some photos taken on that day. It was simply adorable that i couldn’t decide on which to pick. >.<


Our last occupation for the day were one of the children favourites. They wanted to learn about being a police girl and boy.


Little details hanging outside the police force.


Being extremely efficient and helpful, they played their role very well and was one of the favourites within the police force.


Salute to the boy


Salute to the police girl.


The idea of role play has given me a whole new perspective and i strongly believe that KidZania is simply a superb way of learning while allowing children have a taste of how our realistic world is like. It teaches them things that words alone can never be enough to express of fully understand. Role playing in KidZania opens up a new level of education and entertainment. I would highly recommend them to parents who would wish for their children to learn through play.

The one thing i regret most was not to bring my children here much earlier. I would most certainly look forward in bringing them to KidZania once again. Thanks for KidZania, our family day was indeed FUNFASTIC!!

To learn more about KidZania and ticket prices and promotions available click the link KidZania Kuala Lumpur.