Traveling to Korea Part 3

Rise and Shine

It was yet going to be another fabulous day in Korea. WHY? Because today is the day where I will be seeing, breathing, eating and eating and eating all day long.

To be honest, I love to indulge in eating quite a fair bit when I’m traveling which sometimes the husband gets a tad bit scared of my crazy sudden urge of appetite/eating patterns.

Day 3 was planned to be the day where we head on over to Garosu-gil for cafe hoping.


Doesn’t this look so good?!?!

I was literally in love with the Latte here.


We walked along the street of fashion and as usual ended up not buying anything. Don’t get me wrong, I do love shopping but sometimes I don’t know what to buy. #wtf #dontwastemoney #goodwifematerial #luckyhusband

Next stop is known as the BANANA TREE

They serve this really cute looking plant like cake which my kids were both freaking out when I took my first bite into it.


Next stop, we came across this really pretty and vintage looking cafe.

It was really quite unexpected but with very few seats available inside this tiny cafe was half full with customers that we had to walk in to try.


We ended up ordering high tea there and while I was waiting for them to serve, I walked around and saw these cute looking Rose Financier (which is pretty much like sponge cake if you ask me 😂) 


We were all definitely sugar high after this!


As much as I would love to eat some more… the husband and kids were pretty much giving me the NO MORE EATING LOOK.

We then headed back to MyeongDong and guess what… the little girl was so amazed by tornado potatoe that we got one for her to try.


to my surprise…. she could actually finish the whole thing!!!!

#gluttonyisinourgenes #wecaneat

Once she was done… we headed on to explore the Duty Free Malls before heading back for the day.


Opps.. no. It wasn’t exactly like that. We actually went back to MyeongDong and had some food before heading back home. 😁



Traveling to Korea Part 2

Hello readers! Day 2 was a day filled with fun adventure. Starting the day out early we headed off to Myeongdong in search for food. Our mission was to search for the famous Issac Toast. It wasn’t too far from our location but it did take us a good 15 min brisk walk to get there with the kids.

The line was rather long when we got there. Thankfully it didn’t take too long for it to be our turn.

Verdict. It was definitely something worth trying. We ordered 2 toast surprisingly the kids finished up most of it for us. 😂 😍 #aslongastheyeatallisgood

We then headed for Coffee. I was once told that Korean has pretty amazing coffee and both the husband and I do not deny it.


Sometimes I think it could be the milk they use. It’s creamy but light at the same time (does that makes any sense?) 


We walked along and the next thing we saw had me and the little girl grinning from cheek to cheek.


This is so darn pretty! AND its made from premium quality ingredients too!!!!!!


Our next stop was to visit the all time favourite tourist spot Gyeongbokgung Palace. It was only about less than 3km away but we decided to catch a cab there instead of walking with the two little ones. 😂

The Palace was really huge. We were extremely thankful that even though the sun was shining it wasn’t hot at all. As I could describe it, we had fabulous weather that afternoon.


We then walked along Gyeongbokgung area and decided to head on over to try the famous Tosokchon Samgyetang.



Once we had gotten inside and settled down. We (the husband and i) pretty much had our main focus right on the KIMCHI. It is SOOOO GOOD!!!


They packed little cute bottles of ginseng to be added into the chicken broth to combine with its dish. Despite it being a bit pricy, the kids definitely loved the chicken.

*which this momma has missed out on taking the photo* >.<

We then headed over to Dongdaemun but shopping wasn’t our priority for this trip but the little girl insists she wanted a photo with LINE BEARIMG_7555

…..back to MyeongDong we headed and soon after our first damage was made…


#weirdpeople #comekoreabuyjapanesestuff #weloveonitsukatiger

*I swear, MyeongDong left us with quite a positive impression after our first purchase* 😂

Later that evening, the husband had an itch to scratch. YESSS.. SALSA!




Traveling to Korea Part 1

I love traveling. Who doesn’t , right?

…get to explore a new place.. breathe in new air… learn a new culture… see fantastic architecture… try amazing new food.. see some amazing people…and the list goes on and on and on..


It was recently that we (my family and i) traveled to Korea. It has been a place that was on my bucket list to visit other than the amazing Japan that I can never get bored of exploring. But the decision to visit the country was pretty much a no brainer especially when I have been completely hooked with Korean Dramas lately. Secretly madly in love with Ji Jang Wook and Sunghoon which the hubs has been strangely supportive with my newly found  affair with them on TV.


Back to the trip…..

As the kids are no longer toddlers, they are now much easier to communicate with (as for which if they will listen or not, thats another story to tell all together… HAHAHHA). I have been really thankful that traveling by air with them has always been smooth sailing.


Our flight was 8am in the morning hence we had to be at the airport by 6am. We called the cab to pick us up which he came around 5am. Needless to say, the kids were knocked out a couple of hours in our flight and both had an hour plus nap (woohoo … break time for me!)


I was pretty excited as I didn’t know what to expect when we reach Korea so I was up all the way.. 😁


We arrived around 3:30pm and by the time we reached our Airbnb at almost 5pm and was ridiculously hungry!!! I had a pathetic tasting Nasi Lemak on the plane which I ended up not eating.

On the contratry, upon arriving our Airbnb was really fantastic. It is located at Cheonggyecheon-ro Stream which was only walking distance to Myeongdong. Large enough to fit 6- 8 pax. Depending on how big/small you are in size.

It was a loft style concept and I was completely in love with the design of this place when I first saw it. It reminded me bit of Japan as it was pretty small and cozy. We couldn’t exactly stand up and walk around upstairs as we needed to crawl to move from one place to another. For me and the husband, it was a pretty cool experience. Once we dropped our bags we went on our first Food Hunt.

We walked across the street to arrive at Myeongdong and soon saw this BBQ restaurant that caught our eye.


We ate and ate and ate..


The food was amazing!

We then walked around Myeongdong Street and did a bit of shopping and more eating. 🙂


By now, it was close to 9pm and we were all pretty tired, but excited at the same time. Time seems to past really fast too. It was definitely way past sleeping time for the kids. Mind you, my kids sleeps really early everyday and they wakes up really early as well. So soon after dessert we decided to head back to rest.

Soon after bathing, my babies were snuggled up sleeping together while I had the perfect view to watch them sleep throughout the night. #preciousmoment #motherslove

Food Matters Delivery.

As apart of my resolution this year (you can read about it heRe) is to practice a healthy and balance living which naturally includes my lifestyle and the food i consume. I was recently given an opportunity to try Food Matters Delivery service which serves just what i needed.. healthy, delicious yet balance diet at affordable prices.

imageFood matters shares a mission to banish the negativity surrounding the concept of healthy eating and to make it accessible, affordable and absolutely delicious for everyone. Our society today moves at such fast pace that we usually opt for convenient options when it comes to lunch which are usually unfortunately high in calories, saturated fat, and not to mention, flat out bad for our body and energy draining.

What i love about food matters is it makes healthy eating simple – with just a click of a button, and your lunches are delivered right to your desk/home. Their food selections are nutritious options including healthy versions of tasty local dishes, unique fusion meals, mainstay Western and low-carb diet sensitive favourites.

Mind you, these meals are prepared and guided With American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA) certified nutritionist Alexandra Prabaharan’s crafted recipes, and a price point starting at RM10 per meal, for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, all while saving a substantial amount of time and money.


My experience with Food Matters was nothing but positive. I love it and would most certainly recommend it to those who would want a change in their lifestyle, food management, weight lost and to whom has interest to stay fit and healthy.

imageTo be honest, it was rather hard for me to choose from the menu as there were so many dishes i would want to try. In the end, it was narrowed down to 4 – Greek Salad with Couscous, Tom Yam Pasta with Tempeh, Lentil Salad with Curry Vinaigrette, Mushroom and Spinach Crustless Quiche with Salad.

imageTheir delivery service was spot on the dot and came exactly on time. What i love most about Food Matters is on top of each delivery boxes prints exactly how much calories, fats, protein and carbs that is in the food. That way, i can easily manage my calorie intake and i know for a fact that i most certainly will not over eat my meals. However, personally i would have preferred the food to be packed in a plastic box (but thats just me, being paranoid that the food might spill out due to unforeseen reasons).

Tom Yam Pasta with Tempeh


Lentil Salad with Curry Vinaigretteimage

Mushroom and Spinach Crustless Quiche with Salad.image

Greek Salad with Couscousimage

Don’t these food looks enticing to you? Despite them being colourful, they were surprisingly delicious as well.

Food Matters Delivery comes in various packages available starting from affordable prices of RM56 to RM200 per month.

Once a week (4 Meals) – RM56/mth

Twice Weekly (8 Meals) – RM104/mth

Light (12 Meals) – RM144/mth

Moderate (16 Meals) – RM176/mth

Complete (20 Meals) – RM200/mth

imageWait no more! Order now and get a chance to get 10% of the first month’s subscription with the Promo code : NEWYRNEWU

For further information, do check out their website at Food Matters or Facebook Food Matters FB and start on living a healthier lifestyle beginning with the food choices you make! 🙂

B-lab Bar + Bistro + Bakery

imageA couple months back i was introduced to try a new restaurant just below Verve Suites Apartment. Ever since that day, the husband and myself constantly return and have become a regular customer for our all time favourite Bar + Bistro + Bakery.


The environment is spacious both outdoor and indoor plus it is totally kids friendly with a wide area of space for parents to manoeuvre especially those with strollers!

imageRun by the Managing Director/Chef Mr Yukichi Matsubara and his wife Zen the two couple had created a western inspired Asian Bistro with a wide variety of food selection that combines a superb blend of food just to suit all palates at moderately priced, 80 seats bistro & a fine selection of bakery offerings. It’s unique selection caters a variety of fusion food, bread, pastry, and even down to alcoholic drinks.. The restaurant opening hours are as early as 8am to midnight daily (7 days a week). 

There were a wide range of bakery goodies.. from bread to pastries and biscuits.image

Personally i love the breads they have over here…


The smell of fresh daily baked bread..delicious yet affordable!

imageHere are some of my favourite food selections i have tried with them on various occasions. And i swear~ they are all pretty good!!!


The Ultimate Breakfast (Two eggs of any style ; smoked streaky bacon, pork sausage and honey baked ham ; mushrooms, baked beans and hash brown; white toast, croissant, whole meal or whole grain; mesclun salad and herb crusted tomatoes)


Smoked Omellete (Served with white toast, croissant, whole meal or whole grain ; mesclun salad and herb crusted tomato ; and french butter smoked salmon, normandy cheese, chives and parsley)


Pancetta & Mushroom Ragout Pasta (If you’re a pork lover.. you will love this ~Salt cured pork belly and mushrooms pasta with white wine and fresh herbs)


Reuben Sandwich (Beef pastrami with sauerkraut and Gruyere cheese sandwiched in between cereal bread)


Seafood Marinara Pasta (Tomato based pasta with an array of scallop, sea prawns, squids, white clams and slipper lobster)


Garlic & Chillie Prawn Pasta (Traditional garlic and chilli pasta tossed in Tiger Prawns and olive oil)


Wild Mushroom Pizza (i tasted truffle oil in this was so good!!!)


Chicken of Breast (My personal favourite – Oven baked chicken breast with a hint of Cepes served with mushroom ragout)


B-Lab’s Club Sandwich (Decked with smoked streaky bacon and honey baked ham ; avocado spread, home made tatar sauce, butterhead lettuce, white toast and complimented with a sunny side up)


Pancetta & Mushroom Ragout Pasta (The husband personal favourite he had the same dish at two separate occasion – Salt cured pork belly nd mushrooms pasta with white wine and fresh herbs)


Jamon Iberico and Golden Lily (Spanish ham, mango and pistachio on a bed of arugula dressed with extra virgin olive oil) 

On the days of our visit to B-lab, our meals are never complete without a good cup of coffee and their famous dessert~ Choux Cream:)




For further information, you can visit their Facebook page at B-lab or alternatively you can just call in to make a reservation :

VERVE Shops Mont’ Kiara, Jalan Kiara 5, Mont’ Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee and Drinks

+60 3-6206 1880

Yamaguchi Fish Market Grand Launch

As you already know, i love Japan and every little thing about it. This year alone, i had the privilege of visiting the country twice. It was all too sudden that when i was informed about the Launch of Yamaguchi Fish Market my heart skipped a beat in excitement. Upon receiving an invitaion to attend Yamaguchi Fish Market and the launch of Gekkeikan Sake in Malaysia i was literally in cloud 9.



A little background :

Yamaguchi Fish Market is inspired by Karato and Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan. It is located at no. 16 Jalan Kampung Pandan where Black Market/Caffeiness/ Zebra SQ is located. The amazing varieties of seafood was indeed enticing to the palate. The tanks of Yamaguchi Fish Market is filled with fresh catches from seasonal fishes to uni and king crabs that guests can either opt to dine in and enjoy in a variety of delicious styles or purchase back home at wholesale prices.image

The night was filled with many guests from the Media as well as the VVIP’s. For the evening the guests of honor was the handsome Wu Chun an international celebrity.

There were also Mr. Masaaki Kasai – Senior Managing Director of Gekkeikan Sake, Japan and Wilson MC Lau – International Traveling Artist that were specially invited to attend the eventful evening as well.


There were a variety of food being prepared for that evening as well as my favourite  which is the amazing one of a kind Sake filled with egg roes inside. DSC02065




The variety of choices available at The Yamaguchi Fish Market is utmost exquisite.. Here are the updated menu list with price available and the top 10 recommended dishes which most definitely is worth trying.

I was truly thankful and bless as i had the opportunity to be apart of this event and even more grateful to have met some new friends as well as some long lost friends that night as well.

It was most certainly an awesome evening for everyone. Once again warmest congratulations on the launch of the Yamaguchi Fish market 🙂 IMG_1027

2015, Osaka Japan

Osaka is one of my favourite places to visit in Japan. The vibrant colours surrounding the tall buildings just brightens up my mood and the amazing smell of the street food just tantalises my tastebuds. After spending 3 days and 2 nights in Kyoto ( Click here to read it ), we (the family) were looking forward in exploring further in Osaka. 

In Osaka, there are a few things i personally love to explore. This trip unfortunately hubs and my little girl were not feeling that great so we had spent most of the trip indoors.. IMG_0324



Hence, this means minimal sight seeing and most of our activities involves on indulgence on food and rest.







We did walked a little on the first day along Dotonburi. The smell of grilled food along the walkway of Dotonburi was enough to keep my eyes peeled wide open. I just feel like eating everything i can see. It was superbly dangerous to my diet but definitely worth it! 

The aroma of these Grilled Scallop topped with garlic and butter caught us in a jiffy! It was Super YUMS!

We also had the famous Ichiran Ramen. I discovered it to be my sons favourite during my Tokyo trip. He practically can finish the whole adult bowl.

The steps are very direct and clear on what we needed to do. And the eggs were simply like heaven~ IMG_0254

Needless to say, my daughter the egg lover ate 2 and wanted more! >.<IMG_0259

IMG_0262She really loves the eggs.

Next, there were these charcoal grilled crabs.

IMG_0283These are simply to die for. The smell of the charcoal on the crabs were so authentic and the crabs were so sweet. I totally enjoyed it that hubs surprised me with them again the night before we were suppose to leave.



Yakitori stalls are my favourite. Ever since i have been introduced to eating chicken bones (yes grilled chicken soft bones) i have been madly in love with them. Having to enjoy them in Osaka was a pure luxury as expected, it tasted so good!

Although not in tip top condition, we still did manage to have a good time together.



Already, i can’t wait for the next trip! 😛

2015, Kyoto Japan

It was such a blessing to have been given an opportunity to visit the land of the rising sun again. It was the 2nd trip within a month apart and i left it to the very last minute to surprise the kids that this family trip isn’t just the four of us but with their favourite aunties and grandparents as well. IMG_0096

No doubt they were overjoyed with excitement!

And so was i.. Family trips are just the best.. loads of bonding moments with love ones which we spend too little time with.

It was also a trip to surprise my beautiful sister in law’s birthday. Her endless smiles on the face was simply priceless when she saw us at the airport. IMG_0143

I’m so thankful to be bless with these beautiful people in my life.

I have the best sister in laws in the world.. they helped babysit the kids almost throughout the whole trip.. even at night.. which means hubs and i get a chance to spend some alone time and check out the salsa scene in Kyoto.IMG_0155

The bar was a tad bit smaller than we expected but filled with passionate dancers who takes turn on the dance floor. IMG_0166

People there as usual were extremely friendly even to foreigners like ourselves.IMG_0159

So the hubs managed to steal a couple of dances as well..

Our visit in Kyoto was rather short but we did managed to squeeze some time to visit the beautiful Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama.


A rather peaceful garden that brings us back to embracing the beauty of nature.

Do you like our family T-shirt? You can get yours at Sticking_Out I totally adore these T-shirts. Thank you so much @sticking_out

The view was simply breathtaking.. with hues of gold, green, yellow, pink and red..IMG_0220

Despite the beautiful scenic view and treasured bonding moments with everyone, we took our indulgence on food quite seriously during our 2 nights stay in Kyoto..






After a good 3 days and 2 nights in Kyoto.. i gave up my total diet plan and enjoy every single second of my indulgence.

Next stop~ Osaka.

2015, Tokyo Japan Day 8 (10.10.15)

Happy 6th year anniversary to my dearest husband!


It was the last day in Tokyo, Japan and the past 8 days has been nothing less but amazing (except day 6). Our plane home was in the late afternoon so we had a fair bit of time to burn before heading to the airport.

As usual, we headed out early in the morning to search for breakfast. My little girl had a burst of appetite. She suddenly decided to eat eat and eat continuously one after the other.
image image image image image image image image image image I had no complains at all.. even though was really shocked with her sudden burst of appetite. I totally love watching her’s a really really rare sight!

The husband and i enjoyed some freshly made onigiri as well.. his was a normal Sake with Ikura (salmon fish with salmon eggs) 
image imageMine was filled with Mentaiko. It was superb!!!

Soon after, we headed back to the hotel and grab our bags to head to the airport. The ride to the airport took us a good 40 mins.. so the little girl sat on daddy’s lap and took a nap. It was one of the most precious sight i have seen this trip. #fatherdaughterlove.
imageWhen we finally reached the airport, thats when it suddenly hit me.. this is it, we’re heading home to the horrendous weather thanks to the haze!

I was a little sad that the trip has finally come to an end. So, i asked the kids.. (“who wants to come back to Japan again?”) Their reaction was simply priceless.

As we board our plane (we sat ANA Airlines) i was so grateful that their service was nothing less but polite and thoughtful all the way. They constantly checked on me and the kids. Provide us with bottles of water as well as juice. They even gave the kids cards to play. It really nice of them. They served the kids such adorable meals as well (without me requesting). There was certainly a huge difference in sitting a Japanese airlines compared to others. It was totally an eye opening experience.
Can’t wait until the next visit to Japan again. *i heart Japan* 🙂


*Side note to husband* – Thank you for being so wonderful in so many ways and this amazing 8 days trip! 🙂

2015, Tokyo Japan Day 7

The whole of Day 6 i was stuck in bed and most definitely i wasn’t going to let this food poisoning exploit my holiday away. I was feeling a tad bit better that i could keep my head up high without feeling the urge to run to the toilet or find the nearest plastic bag.

So, i got up and perked myself up with some makeup and decided to head out to the electronics town!

My daughter had the chance of wearing her new cloak out as well which daddy bought for her in DisneyLand the day before. She’s completely hooked with frozen fever, as you can already see.

image Upon reaching Akihabara, we decided to bring the kids to have an experience at the Maid’s Cafe (a unique one of a kind cafe where you see ladies/girls dressed up as a maid/maiden and act cute in front of you)image

Momma’s little girl obviously found the place amusing. 🙂 image


Photos of the maid/maiden were not allowed… but we did somehow accidentally managed to capture a few shots of them behind us. image


Everything they served were cuteness overloaded. image

image Okay, maybe not this one in particular, but she (the maid/maiden) did try her best. 🙂

Before we left, to commemorate our trip to the Maid’s Cafe, the little ones had a photo taken with them.

We then headed for a walk at the Asakusa Shrine as well as pay our yearly respect before we headed over for lunch. I had to be rather watchful over the things i eat as i was still under medication and recovery.

But how on earth can i resist thisssssss!!!


The perfect tamago. image

The bowl of specially seasoned seafood batter with rice.


So.. i told myself.. eat first, settle later (total glutton i know! ) >.<


Being a little unwell, we decided to head back to Shinjuku a little earlier and explore the malls nearby before heading back to the hotel to rest.

We came across these premium yogurt which was AMAZING!!! image Although being unwell, this did not stop me from trying them. It was so good! We ended up buying a few tubs to keep in the fridge for dessert after dinner. 🙂

By dinner time, the husband suggested a wonderful place to try out walking distance from our hotel.. image

Like always, good food brings smiles across my face even with little appetite. 🙂




imageNeedless to say, the food was amazing!