Capturing moments with DIY..


Every mommy has a secret.

It’s a secret dream that we all hope to be the first to witness.

Those first precious moments we wish to capture within our hearts.

Making fond memories of motherhood.

Yet to console our soul for those *down moments* that we all have to go through.

Baby Y is growing so fast that i simply need time to catch my breath.

I remember there was a point in time {a couple months back} that i’d wish for her to grow up faster..

to learn new things.. to be able to communicate.. to be able to walk.. talk… to understand.

Now i wish i can seize the moment every once in a while.

What better way to capture the moment with a DIY project.

Today, i’d like to share with all an amazing DIY project that is fun, easy yet meaningful to make.


Yup! Cool is totally an understatement!!!

I came across this amazing idea of making a soft photo cube for little Y.

You can put photo’s of yourself, relatives or even your baby.

{i think i’m probably going to make 2 or more of this.. one for Baby Y and one for myself with baby Y photos}

All thanks to wonderful In Between Laundry who came up with this brilliant idea.

Steps are so easily illustrated that you can even make it with your eyes closed {hahahha.. i’m totally exaggerating but you know what i mean}

Want more easy DIY fun ideas click here!


blog stalking fabulous finds

{Hubster bday card}

I’ve been in touch with my creative side ever since i was a child and the creative hype intensifies when i was preggers. Now it seems to have intensifies x 5 {i’m not kidding}.

It was during my post-pregnancy that i discovered the wonders of stalking creative bloggers. I was {and still am} thrilled to find so many creative friends around the globe. It was a way for me to search for inspiration to grow {be more than just a mom and a wife… a.k.a do something better with my life}.

Today, because YOU clicked on my blog.. i want to share with YOU my top 3 inspirational favorite tutorials by talented and fabulous bloggers i love. These talented ladies totally inspire me in so many ways {simply more than words alone can describe}.

Don’t believe me? See below and you’ll know why!

Picture Blocks by The Idea Room

How adorable is that!!! .. and did i mention, it is totally easy to make! Seriously.. i can’t wait to try this one out! Works as a fantastic gift too for friends, parents or even grand parents {imagine those happy grins}. Check out their site for easy steps and more on other exciting tutorials.

Distressed Alphabet Art by Delia Creates at Happy Together

My eyes popped wide open when i saw this! I totally want to make this for Baby Y’s room {when she gets one}. It looks so unique with a stylish touch of its own. Something you can certainly not buy from any shops out there.

Singed Flower And Knee High Headband by Craftaholic Anonymus

Don’t you just find this so pretty? Another cutesy must make for Baby Y {the perks of having a baby girl}. Now this one seems a tad bit more complicated, but it is definitely a can do with the easy peasy given instructions.

Feeling inspired yet?

{link back into the comment section if you have any tutorial you would like to share or if you have attempted any of the tutorials given here}

Happy Crafting! 🙂

i heart my hands.


I am rather good with my hands. I think i have some sort of hidden talent for anything handmade.

Check out the final outcome of my month one baby album! YES I made from scratch!!!!



That’s the front cover!

Moving along….



So it’s a girl and mommy (me obviously) can’t get enough of carrying her!!



She’s also daddy’s lil girl!

Page 3 and the rest…


She’s so adorable after she finishes her milk!


The days when she were blue-tanning!


What can I say… Heaven sent me an angel!


She sleeps and eats 24/7


My beautiful angel! *mommy heart you*


She pose even when she’s asleep!


She has a cutesy lil button lip!


Mommy’s adorable lil princess..


*heart melts*


Last but not least….


So what do you think? Naisssss??

While I improve my creativity further… I’m working on a couple of new projects. (soooo fuunnn).

Stay tuned for more craft posts! I promise it’s worth it! 😉

Handmade Mini Album #1 – Love & Romance.

Life has been good lately with me looking like a balloon while having the greatest skin on earth!

Having all the time in the world i get to embark into my creative skills making and creating little things for people around me and myself. My recent success was making my first handmade mini album.



It took me about a week to complete the album.  Alot of preparation was required to obtain the right layout, embellishments and design i wish to follow. I probably would have completed it a day or two earlier but due to pregnancy symptoms i had to have my daily doze of rest to prevent water retention. It was probably one of the most enjoyable week i had in a long time having something that i can proudly make and call it my own little creation.

Looks can be deceiving! The size of this album is only 6” by 6”.



Once open, you’ll see the below designs…




I’ve enclosed in a number of journaling spots to add little memorable moments which i have yet to fill em’ up!


moving on to the next page…



The next flip, you’ll see …


Loads of space for journaling behind the photo as well…

The following page…


again, swirly wirly journaling tags on the smaller page as well as behind the photo…


On the other flip you’ll see…


and with little journaling tags as well…


The following flip consists of…




i love having little journaling tags attached…

The final flip you’ll see…


which holds….

on the left… (another journaling tag)


in the middle… (a photo)


and on the right… (a waterfall design where when you pull… the cards flips)


On the back of the album i had a simple design paper to go along with the rest of the theme…


Over all, it is rather thick as i’ve used good quality cards and papers to make the album. Now that it’s done, i shall work on my next mini project… my Baby Yuna’s album!