B-lab Bar + Bistro + Bakery

imageA couple months back i was introduced to try a new restaurant just below Verve Suites Apartment. Ever since that day, the husband and myself constantly return and have become a regular customer for our all time favourite Bar + Bistro + Bakery.


The environment is spacious both outdoor and indoor plus it is totally kids friendly with a wide area of space for parents to manoeuvre especially those with strollers!

imageRun by the Managing Director/Chef Mr Yukichi Matsubara and his wife Zen the two couple had created a western inspired Asian Bistro with a wide variety of food selection that combines a superb blend of food just to suit all palates at moderately priced, 80 seats bistro & a fine selection of bakery offerings. It’s unique selection caters a variety of fusion food, bread, pastry, and even down to alcoholic drinks.. The restaurant opening hours are as early as 8am to midnight daily (7 days a week). 

There were a wide range of bakery goodies.. from bread to pastries and biscuits.image

Personally i love the breads they have over here…


The smell of fresh daily baked bread..delicious yet affordable!

imageHere are some of my favourite food selections i have tried with them on various occasions. And i swear~ they are all pretty good!!!


The Ultimate Breakfast (Two eggs of any style ; smoked streaky bacon, pork sausage and honey baked ham ; mushrooms, baked beans and hash brown; white toast, croissant, whole meal or whole grain; mesclun salad and herb crusted tomatoes)


Smoked Omellete (Served with white toast, croissant, whole meal or whole grain ; mesclun salad and herb crusted tomato ; and french butter smoked salmon, normandy cheese, chives and parsley)


Pancetta & Mushroom Ragout Pasta (If you’re a pork lover.. you will love this ~Salt cured pork belly and mushrooms pasta with white wine and fresh herbs)


Reuben Sandwich (Beef pastrami with sauerkraut and Gruyere cheese sandwiched in between cereal bread)


Seafood Marinara Pasta (Tomato based pasta with an array of scallop, sea prawns, squids, white clams and slipper lobster)


Garlic & Chillie Prawn Pasta (Traditional garlic and chilli pasta tossed in Tiger Prawns and olive oil)


Wild Mushroom Pizza (i tasted truffle oil in this one..it was so good!!!)


Chicken of Breast (My personal favourite – Oven baked chicken breast with a hint of Cepes served with mushroom ragout)


B-Lab’s Club Sandwich (Decked with smoked streaky bacon and honey baked ham ; avocado spread, home made tatar sauce, butterhead lettuce, white toast and complimented with a sunny side up)


Pancetta & Mushroom Ragout Pasta (The husband personal favourite he had the same dish at two separate occasion – Salt cured pork belly nd mushrooms pasta with white wine and fresh herbs)


Jamon Iberico and Golden Lily (Spanish ham, mango and pistachio on a bed of arugula dressed with extra virgin olive oil) 

On the days of our visit to B-lab, our meals are never complete without a good cup of coffee and their famous dessert~ Choux Cream:)




For further information, you can visit their Facebook page at B-lab or alternatively you can just call in to make a reservation :

VERVE Shops Mont’ Kiara, Jalan Kiara 5, Mont’ Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee and Drinks

+60 3-6206 1880


2015, Tokyo Japan Day 3

Been back home for a good 3 weeks and i am already missing the food in  japan already!

Day 3 of my Tokyo trip started with amazing Onigiri. These were bought at the convenient store at shinjuku train station, just a walk away from our hotel.


Needless to say, my kids loves the onigiri! image image

This is my all time favourite.. image

We had a great deal of things to EAT for that day on our list (Japan is all about food, food and more food for us). 🙂 We decided to wait for the human traffic to reduced before we headed out.. We headed to Harajuku soon after we finished with the mission to shop and most importantly to eat eat eat…


In Harajuku, the all time famous must try were known to be the Marion Crepes. I had the exact same thing back in 2010.. Click here! You can read about it. 🙂


This time around with the kids (knowing that they probably won’t be able to finish one whole crepe) i decided to get them an alternative. image


Their faces were simply priceless… endless smiles from the first bite to their last..

As for the crepe.. this is how it looks like.. folded inside with whipped cream, ice cream, syrup, bananas, strawberries, chocolate… its a complete full package of FAT FAT FAT in one package!! *but it was sooo worth it*image

It’s almost as big as my face.. no kidding!!image

We then walked around.. shop a little and soon after headed to eat Ichiran Ramen.


The above without chilli is for the kids. Don’t get me wrong, my kids were not sharing.. My boy finished one whole bowl himself.

The broth is made from pork but weirdly enough.. it didn’t have any porky smell like what we get in Malaysia. (which i can’t stand.. as some of you know, I’m allergic to pork.. but no worries…i had stood by some medication just in case of allergy reaction. YES I’M GOING ALL OUT ON THIS TRIP… ALLERGIC ALSO I EAT!) 


The egg was the BESSSSSSTTT…


Once we were finished we headed back to the train station to head back to the hotel to get some rest.. but on the way back we couldn’t resist the smell  as we walked past the The Famous Gindako Takoyaki!!!!!!! These were made fresh on the spot. image

Soon after, we headed back to the hotel and gotten ready for dinner time! 🙂

It was rather random but we simply walked into one building searching for good Yakiniku.. image

we had.. mushrooms.



this was their famous… but i didn’t really fancy it.. it’s beef mixed with a variety of vegetables.. however the beef seems to be so chewy (because its filled with fats.. some would call it collagen). After two pieces, i surrender and gave the rest to the husband to finish while i had the vegetables instead.image
For the kids, we ordered scallop porridge. Tasted pretty good! image

grilling these babies required some skills..imageanother plate of beef…because it was that good!image

This plate of beef was seasoned. I personally prefer the first plate of beef that we ordered.

And thats it for our food adventure for day 3.

Juicy baked fish on a bed of french beans + tomatoes

I love fish. I can eat them everyday with no complaints or whatsoever! (What’s not to love right? It’s delicious, it’s healthy!)

I decided to *agak agak* to try my way to create a healthy version of baked fish for dinner last night for myself and the husband.

imageRecipe for Baked Fish

-2 siakap medium sized fish

-himalayan pink seasalt

-olive oil (1/2 teaspoon for each fish)

-1 packet of french beans

– a handful of cherry tomatoes cut to halves

-half a lemon

-mince garlic (1 tablespoon)



First clean and descale the fishes and marinate in a teaspoon and a half of salt. Marinate for a good 30 min in the fridge. Meanwhile, soak and cut the french beans as well as cherry tomatoes.

After 30 min. Heat up the pan on high and pour in olive oil. Gently and carefully placed the fish in the middle and pan fry it for about 1 min turning the fish from side to side. Next, wrap the fish in foil and bake at 230 degree celsius for 15 min.

While waiting for the fish to be done, i added garlic into the existing pan (the pan i fried the fish) and stir fried french beans with tomatoes. Added a little bit of water inside to allow it to steam for 1 min before placing the vegetables on the plate.

By the time the fish is done, unwrap and placed the fish gently on top of the vegetables. I then sprinkled just a tiny bit of himalayan pink seasalt on top of the fish.Cut a slice of lemon and placed it beside the dish and dinner is ready to be served.

I love this dish and would definitely make this more than once. Surprisingly, the husband finished it without a fuss as well (he’s not a fish person). If you’re like myself, someone who loves fish, you will definitely love this. Totally healthy and delicious.