2010 – i heart JAPAN Day#7

The weather sucks big time in Tokyo. It has been raining the whole day and worse part is it is freezing cold. Therefore, we decided to forgo our trip to Disney Land. 😦

Instead of just staying at the hotel we decided to make the best of our day anyway~

The husband searched the book for places we can go by not being outdoors under the cold rain~


While i…


Enjoyed my hot macha between my legs. lolx.

We ended up deciding to self tour around Asakusa for tempura. So off we went~ as we passed the shops.. i saw how beautifully everything in Japan is being presented.. for example.. check out how creative florist they have.


So pretty. Everything is just so pretty. Makes me want to buy everything home. >.<

We then came across ….


I gave him the most adoring look i can make. He asked, you want one? I smiled. He looked at me smiled and grins… 🙂 Off he went to buy one each for the both of us.. 😛

IMG_1826 IMG_1830


Fulamak~ damn sedap lorrrr.. it has cheese inside somemore..

We finally reached our destination. It took us about 30 min train ride and approximately 20 min walk (including the time we had to find the place).

By now~ we were hungry again. :s


We ordered and 15 min later we were served.


Nahh~ this doesn’t look like any ordinary tempura..



Verdict : Looks good right? Like damn amazing Tempura. Well~ It is totally overrated lor… it tasted like marmite fried tempura.

We then romantically shared one pink umbrella and walked along in the rain. We came across a temple called the Sensoji Temple. There were so many people around even though it was raining. >.<


My husband, the tour guide then wanted to bring me to Akihabara to check out gadgets *which i soooo lovveee*


There were so many choices of gadgets, games, comics, costumes and even porn. >.<

We walked along the colorful streets with our eyes opened as big as we can to absorb every little details.



Guess what caught the husband’s attention. lolx


Wallaaauueehhh~ He smile like there’s no tomorrow. Can see?


Yes Maid Cafe. This is where girls dresses up as maids to serve their master. >.<

We went up and we were both served for an hour. >.< Honestly, i think it was so stupid lor~ they play games which are like those ‘dum dum’ games which
i don’t even understand.. But it was a good experience even for me. Don’t get the wrong idea now, there wasn’t any hanky panky or weird stuff happening. 

We were not allowed to take any pictures of them but i did my fair share in taking pics of the drinks they served.


See.. it is damn cute.


Just before we left… we took a picture using the maids camera. HAHAHA.. the husband damn happy lor…. i wonder why~  -_-



Yes~ we were all doing the heart shape symbol. why? err.. kawaii i guess.  -_-

He then asked me if i want to go to a Butler’s Cafe. *Shows a disgusted face and Shakes Head*

Then, we headed down the streets of Harajuku. Heaven for Shoppinggggg babeyy~



We headed back to the hotel guilty as charged. >.<

IMG_1871 IMG_1873

Once we left our shopping bags at home, it was time for dinner.

HUNGRYILY we went for Shabu Shabu. Since coming to Japan, our food seems to digest so fast~ every 30 min feel hungry adi. >.<


The poor husband was so hungry and the cold weather didn’t help. We finally decided to try this set.


It wasn’t the cheapest dinner we have had neither was it the most expensive.. but it was definitely worth it.

Every Single Bite!


We were given Sashimi for starters. IMG_1879

Check out their scoop. Cuteeenyyaaa~


The beef is so to die for~


Vegetables, noodles, mushrooms.. you name it we got it.

We dumped everything we have into the soup.


Once the ‘liew’ is all in our tummy.. we threw in the Udon.


The soup was damn tasty and so was the Udon. It tasted so sweet yet addictive.


We were then served with dessert. Yummmieeeesssss*

After dinner, despite the cold and wet weather which seems never ending we decided to have a walk along the happening streets of Tokyo.

IMG_1896 IMG_1894 IMG_1895

FML! I actually ‘pok kai’ from trying to take pics in the wet rain for my blog. >.< no~ i’m not kidding. 😦

We headed on home with my wet bum, jeans and  panties.

As we walked along home.. i was telling the husband about how Kripsy Kreme melts in the mouth at every single bite. I bragged about how in Australia the queue is always crazy long and how it is a must try for everyone.

Guess what…


He took his first bite and now he’s hooked. Soon he’s going to be a Si Gemukins! HAHAHHAHA.


2010 – i heart JAPAN Day#6

Day 6 has finally arrived. This means.. it is time for Shopping!!! 🙂

We were still in Gunma having our Onsen moments in the morning. Thanks to me, both the husband and i didn’t exactly get to rest well throughout the whole night. Therefore, we headed out for Onsen as early as 6am. lolx.

Once we headed back to our room… we changed, packed and waited for breakfast to be served.




who eats this much in the morning.. omg!

We then headed out and waited for our bus to arrive..


It was freaking cooollddd~

the view looks as though it was snowing the night before.. See for yourself~


Once we reached Tokyo… it was all about shopping and eating.

Food hunting was easy peasy..

Onigiri~ 😛


Caramel Cake.


Cheese Crepe Cake.


It was soooo good!!!


Supper~ we had a Korean Twist~ 😉




Wrapped with lettuce.


It taste as good as it looks. 🙂




More Kimchi.


Then. Strawberry Cream Puff!


AND.. the Original Cream Puff.


I headed back to the hotel totally contented. Who wouldn’t right!!!

I wana go back to dessert land tomorrow. 😛

2010 – i heart JAPAN Day#5

Today is Onsen day~ 🙂


We chose to travel to an Onsen located in Gunma which is about 3 hours away from Kyoto by train and bus. Our traveling experience has improved by now as the husband has accustomed himself to reading the maps and train route.

*what ever am i going to do without him*


For 3 hours, we do very little but read, sleep and EAT!!!

IMG_1697IMG_1680IMG_1684 IMG_1685 IMG_1689 

When we got out of the train station.. this was what we did…

So, i took the laminated schedule in the English version to see.


We then had to change..

IMG_1788 IMG_1718

And get ready for our Onsen sessions.

Obviously i had no intention of going into the mix (men and ladies) Onsen. I had to protect my precious jewels from the unknown opposite sex.. >.<

This is the ONLY WOMEN Onsen.. *Small but very warm*


There were also an Outdoor Onsen, however i wasn’t alone there at that time therefore no camera’s were allowed. heh~ BUT it was amazingly beautiful with the sakura tree seating just at the edge of the hot spring.

After an hour or so of Onsen~ the husband and i decided to head out to capture some photos of the beautiful place..

IMG_1730 IMG_1744


We were freeeezzzzinnggggg* The snow was still very visible as you can see. :S

We headed inside soon after and waited for dinner to be served.


Dinner was served to us personally in our room. Check out what we had~ Some of it was my first attempt. >.<




Looks like Raw Ikan Bilis.. but i had a hard time swallowing it!!!


Turtle/Tortoise Soup!


Sashimi, Tamago, Vegetables.


Errr.. no idea.. something salty.


I just swallowed the whole dish without asking. >.<


A variety of Vegetables. 🙂


This is Beef! It was absolutely AMAZING!!!








This i like. Wasabi Cucumber!


We also had ICE CREAM!


There were so many choices.. These are just some of them.    &
#160;       *to many to post them all up*

Once dinner was done.. we went for more ONSEN! It can be rather addictive.. especially when it is one of the method that can help to keep us to keep our body feeling warm. lols.

When it was time to sleep.. they placed our mattresses out for us.


It looks really comfy.. however, i think my mind was wondering with images of The Ring, The Eye, Ju On… FML! I couldn’t sleep. >.<

In no time~ it was already… bright outside…


Non the less, it is a good experience.. The Onsen i mean. Heh~

Will be heading back to Tokyo and hopefully the weather is not going to be so cold. :s

2010 – i heart JAPAN Day#4

We ran out of toothpaste late last night so we had to run out to the Japan convenience store to stock up.


Verdict : Taste weird. >.<

Today is day#4. Woke up in our pinkiefied hotel room feeling a little tired but excited. We dressed up and gotten ready for another adventurous day ahead.  We had planned to head over to Nara. A Park filled with deers, temples and shrines.


Remember how i mentioned that the Hotel we’re staying has a little chapel. Well, this is how it looks like~


I wasn’t kidding.. it looks really nice! It’s like a church inside a hotel. The husband made full use of it and went in for his morning prayers while i waited for him by his side while admiring the beautiful architectural design of the chapel. I would have taken pics but i thought it might be a bit rude, so i didn’t. >.<

We then headed to get my daily ‘must have’ …


The husband bought~

IMG_1592 IMG_1594

This is some sort of Roll~ but it taste damn good. I definitely would want to have this again. *thumbs up*


 IMG_1598 IMG_1597

We had our breakfast in the train while heading to Nara.

IMG_1595 IMG_1596

i looovveeeeee Onigiri 🙂

The ride didn’t take too long before we arrived.


When we reached, there were like so many ‘bambi’s walking around. Soo cuttteeee.. surprisingly they don’t stink.


Honestly, i was actually afraid of getting bitten.

I took a mini Video on this… it was damn funny. Me trying to get friendly with the deer while another deer was like chasing the husband for food. Will post it up soon. 🙂


He then attacked the book thinking it was food. lolx.


People around were so open to feeding the deer food which you can buy for 150 yen. *tourist attraction spot mahhh*


I noticed one in particular was eating plastic bag. >.< FHL!


We then headed in deeper into Nara as we walked passed temples and shrines.. it was just beautiful~


The weather was really cold laahh~ so i had to dress up looking like a pregnant penguin..


While the husband dressed up all macho man~


The sky was so blue and the temple was sooo biggg!!!!



IMG_1631 IMG_1635 IMG_1634 IMG_1636

We prayed and washed our hands and mouth with blessed water..

IMG_1633 IMG_1640

We then walked further in and saw more and more deers walking around greeting visitors while hoping that we’ll buy more food to feed them.

IMG_1638 IMG_1639

Once we completed walking the whole park ~ it was just about lunch time. 🙂

For lunch.. i tried something new~ Green Tea Tempura Noodles.


With a variety of sushi and tepanyaki side dishes..

IMG_1655 IMG_1654  IMG_1653 IMG_1652 IMG_1650 IMG_1651 

Last but not least~ i tried plum ice-cream.


What can i say~~~~



We headed back to the hotel soon after to rest and recharge before heading out again for the night.. tired laaahh~ we walked so much the past couple of days. lols.

On the way back we bought..

IMG_1659 IMG_1664 IMG_1663 IMG_1662 IMG_1661

Snacks. Snacks. Snacks and More Snacks.

When night falls, we headed out for a romantic stroll along the shopping areas. I saw some really interesting things.. like..


I still don’t geddit how they can walk with shoes like these..


And it is NOT at all cheap~ >.<

The husband got really excited when he saw this…


We decided to try the local fast food chain. We would have gone for Yoshinoya however we couldn’t find any at the place we were walking.. non the less, we came across something similar..

First.. we had to purchase tickets from the machines..

IMG_1669 IMG_1673

And soon after the food is served.



We headed back to the hotel once done. It was cold and we had an early morning the next day. Heading off to Gunma for Onsen and hot spring. 🙂

2010 – i heart JAPAN Day#3

My 10 days trip is now left with just 7 days. Osaka is a beautiful city that we (the husband and i) had enjoyed. Food, no doubt absolutely amazing and the visits to Osaka Castle, Tempozan Market and Dotonburi was indeed an eye opening experience.

On the third day of our honeymoony-ing adventure we headed to Kyoto.


Traveling light can be rather blissful at times like this as we didn’t really have much to worry about moving from one station to another. We had to changed a couple of trains before we reached our hotel.


Hotel we stayed this time around was called Hotel Montery Kyoto. A beautiful hotel with a twist of modern western style. Amazingly they even have a little chapel in the hotel for wedding occasions.

Once we reached Kyoto, i had my daily ‘must have’ of Onigiri Salmon.


I cannot stress how much i llooooovveeeee this!!!

We then headed to visit Fushimi Inari Shrine.

IMG_1505 IMG_1507 IMG_1514

The weather at this time was serioussssly cold. I was almost freezing my fingers off. >.<


The shrine was so big that it took about 4 hours for us to walk approximately 4.5km. No doubt this includes climbing up and down heaps of stairs. But indeed, the aches were all worth it as the view was simply breath taking. 🙂



We also had a stop over to ‘cari cari makan’ which is another objective of mine visiting Japan. Seriously, i think since i landed in this beautiful country i feel like i’ve created a subconscious ‘must do’ in my mind and that is for me to eat like there’s no tomorrow. So i think i’m soon going to be si gemuks when i return back to Malaysia. >.<

Since we were at Fushimi Inari, we assumed that Inari are probably the town’s most in demand food. Therefore we had this for lunch..


Seriously, the Inari was one of the best i’ve ever eaten.


We also had a simple Tempura Udon and Curry Udon which was just so so i believe. 

IMG_1501 IMG_1500

During our walk back to the train station something caught my eye..


It looks like some sort of biscuit and there were so many people lining up to get a piece of it. It looks rather interesting to me.. lolx.


So I tried… spicy as hell and i didn’t like it so much. I still prefer my normal Ritz biscuits with cheese if you asked me. ;P

We then headed over to Gion and i was simply mesmerized by how beautiful the view was over there.


There was like a street of beautiful Sakura and people dressed up as Maiko’s and Geisha’s.

See the Sakura..







It was just soooo beautiful. Pinks and White Sakura. 🙂

We then headed down to Pontocho. A street filled with amazing variety of food.


By the time we walked through this street it was just about dinner time and we were totally clueless on what to eat coz everything looks real good.

After about 30 min of pondering and deciding we ended up going for Sushi.


IMG_1568 IMG_1571 IMG_1570 IMG_1569



Check out this pot.


Cute kans?


Sinful maxxxx… GreenTea ice cream they call Parfeit.


Haven mille crepe.


How to resist good food like this?

Soon after, we headed back to the hotel. It was another long day and we were both aching yet tired. Just as i wanted to head in for a nice warm bath.. i saw this which i find it peculiarly interesting.


So… does this means we’re bathing in mineral water???


2010 – i heart JAPAN Day#2

As amazing as it is the weather was extremely good on my 2nd day in Osaka. The sun was actually shinning and it was not as cold as expected.

We woke up as early as 8am and had a healthy breakfast of….

IMG_1420 IMG_1421

not very jappy… but it was almost impossible for us to eat rice in the morning leh~ too heavy. 😦

and off we headed to Universal Studio soon after. The train ride was not rather short and we only switched 2 trains and we’ve reached. 🙂

*love was in the air*



It was really hard to take photo’s together as you can see… the logo of Universal Studios was damn small.

Once inside~ we were kiddies in action. 😛

See.. so ah cutes!

IMG_1436 IMG_1438 

 IMG_1441 IMG_1446 IMG_1445 IMG_1444

Indeed we did have a blast. There were rides, movies, games, performances.. it was REALLY AMAZING!!

There were even the cutest little snoopy custard bread.



So cute until i also dunno how to eat. >.<


IMG_1455  IMG_1457 IMG_1458 IMG_1471

OKayyy~ i think enough photos of Universal Studios…

Moving on~ after our adventure.. we headed off and came across THISSSSS…


This was what i had on my first day.. Onigiri is DAMN BLOODY AWSOME lorrrrrr..


This time.. we ordered this one.. panas panas wan.. and damn yummy max!!!


We headed back to Dotonburi to have dinner after that. We planned to try this Ramen place where the queue was crazy long the las
t time we passed by.


the queue really was very long and finnaaaallyy.. by 7pm it was our turn.


Obviously the Ramen was REALLY GOOD!

We then headed for Dessert. (*loves*)

IMG_1487 IMG_1488

Simply irresistible.

We then headed for SHOPPING… I didn’t really buy much lahh~ lolx. However i did buy…

*jeng jeng jeng jeng*

IMG_1491 IMG_1492

The pressure is onz wei~ in Japan.. i realize that not only the girls dress up and look fan-effing-tastic.. but the guys are as vain as well.

1) They dress up hawt as hell.

2) They have their hair done all stylo mylo.

2) They pluck their eyebrows… wtf!!!

*i wonder if they put makeup too* o.o


Gtg now~ Stay tuned for more updates. 🙂

2010 – i heart JAPAN Day#1


The boy and i are currently on our honey moon-ing trip to Japan. Flew in with Singapore Airlines and we had the priviledge of sitting the new big ass plane. (paiseeh~ i dunno what is the plane called but it has suites, upper deck and lower deck wan.)

The view was abso-effing-tastic! Minus the wing* >.<


I even get to have my own little personal corner for my backpack right by my side. 😉


And obviously~ there were the movies and games.. lolx


We reached our hotel by 3pm (japan time) after changing 3 different trains after we have landed ~ and now we’re currently exploring the town of Osaka! So far~ i have to admit, despite the age..the ladies in Japan are superb in doing their make ups and have a funky way of dressing. So far… i have not seen any black hair Japanese girl. If there are *they must have been hiding coz i really didn’t even see ‘satu’ of them. Almost all of them has colored hair yet their hair looks amazingly healthy. wtf do they do.. i have no idea.

(Tomorrow i shall try my attempt #1 to learn to stylo mylo more and start with the basics with sexy eye makeup. lolx.)

However… the food is soooo crazy delicious….. i’m so serious about this. Even the sushi’s i bought from the kiosk by the station taste damn good too. It is sooo addictive somemore… i started with eating just ‘satu’… then… aiihh~ you see for yourself how many i ended up eating..





Did i mention~ they have fillings inside.. and it is damn nice wan.

IMG_1321 IMG_1338 IMG_1339

Which one is which.. hahahha.. you got to ask my stomach. lolx. 🙂

Even though we reached rather late.. we did do a couple of things like visiting a few amazing places… but of coz~ Obviously eating was one of the main things we did. 😛

IMG_1333 IMG_1417 IMG_1419 IMG_1334 IMG_1325 IMG_1342 IMG_1349

Seriously, the food in JAPAN is DAMN GOODDDD!!!!!

We also visited this place~


butttt~ i shall blog a separate entry for it. 😉 *it is abso-effing-lutely-awsome* lolx.

ANDDDD of cooozzz~

Some of the places we visited~


HAHAHA.. you got that right!!! SAKKUURRAA babeeyy*

IMG_1368 IMG_1380

IMG_1358 IMG_1416

yes~ you didn’t see wrong.. the pic before the last i took off my boots and started walking in my socks. lolx. My kaki sakit laaahhh~ i walk and walk and walk… and the boots wasn’t exactly comfy even though it was warm. >.< fml.

So~ obviously it was an excellent excuse for ME to go SHOPPING!! LOLX. And i did. My first shopping in Japan and bought…


It’s an Onitsuka Tiger. Nice right? I loved the design.. makes my feet looks bigger.. wtf?!?!

Tomorrow = Universal Studios. 🙂 I feel like a small girl being all excited about it. HAHHHA!

Stay tuned for more updates. 😉