Smile Ezy Review

Who doesn’t love whiten teeth? 🤔

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always ponder why my teeth looks yellow. Despite it being so called pretty straight, it somehow doesn’t seem to look as white as I wished. I asked various dentist in regards to this matter but they always tells me that my teeth is considerably quite white. *don’t know how they determined this but I was very certain it doesn’t look white at all in my context* 

As we all know there a various methods to have whitened teeth. Some could take a huge chunk out of the wallet others may be cheap but doesn’t seem to work wonders as they promise.


BUT I am so glad to have found SmileEzy. A simple yet easy method to achieve whitened teeth at the very comfort of your own home.



I love that I found a product that works for me. It was so easy to use following simple steps and the results is visible from my very first use!


It comes in a set.

Teeth whitening gel x 3ml

Teeth whitening gel x 3 ml

Teeth whitening gel x 3ml

Teeth whitening gel x 3ml

Mouth tray with tray case

Mini LED light

Ingredients used are Sodium bicarbonate, glycerin, propylene glycol.

It’s range of application are known to do miracles for teeth stains from coffee, tabacco, food colouring, and other kind of yellow teeth problems.

To use, I followed 7 miraculously easy steps.

Step 1 : Brush and floss before whitening your teeth. The whitening gel works best with clean teeth. You can used the shade guide to check the shade of the teeth colour before whitening.


Step 2 : Open the back of the mini LED light and remove the batteries and plastic battery protector. Discard the protector and re-instert the batteries. Fir the mini LED light into the outer front surface of the mouth tray.


Step 3 : Make sure the tray is clean and dry before applying whitening gel. Apply gel to the inner front surfaces of the tray evenly (0.5ml each for the upper and lower surfaces) and insert the tray carefully, placing the gel on the front surface of the teeth.


Step 4 : Turn on the mini LED light for a 30-45min whitening process.


Step 5 : Remove the tray and rinse month with warm water.

Step 6 : Detach the mini LED light and put the tray back into the case after cleaning with cold water.

Step 7 : Use the shade guide to check the new shade of your teeth after whitening.



What can I say! I see the difference!!!!

I’m totally happy with my transformed teeth and I only used it for the very first time! Smile Ezy is definitely something worth Smiling for. 😁

The original price is RM229 but now they are running an amazing PROMO DEAL for ONLY RM199. 

Not sure how long the promo will last so hurry along and check them out NOW!!!

For further information do check out their Facebook page at SMILEEZY FACEBOOK



Hi-Tea ~ Flower Tea Review

Flower tea has been in the world for centuries. Each tea brings an exquisite taste as well as effect to one individal with certain health benefits. Ever since i have been exposed to learn about flower teas i have been hooked. I loved the scent, the soothing effect that it gives me and the benefits it provides to me overall.

Although that being said, there are many grades of teas in the market and i sincerely believe that good quality grade premium teas brings you better results and are known to be little and/or free of chemicals. One of my favourite Tea Brands in the market right now are known as Hi-Tea.

Recently, i have tried 5 amazing blooms with their own unique aromatic fragrances of flower tea from Hi-Tea. These are known as Peach Fruit Tea, Lavender, Rosemary, Sweet Osmanthus and Blooming Tea. Each individual flower teas are packed into food graded zip lock bag to ensure its freshness.

imageMy personal favourite are the Peach Fruit Tea and Sweet Osmanthus. They are both refreshing and has a hint of sweetness to it at the same time. Peach tea is known to have a variety of health benefits such as relief from hypokalemia, cancer, obesity and are known to be herbal detoxification. Osmanthus flower tea helps dispels cold and dampness in the body, decrease the mucus caused by inflamed lungs and reduce coughing, treats menstrual pain, as well as regular stomach pain, tooth aches, warms stomach, improves digestion, treats intestinal diseases and reduces the amount of stomach gas, removes many toxins from the body while moisturises the skin.

A personal favourite blend of mine is a mixture of Flower Teas

image(Sweet Osmanthus, Lavender and Rosemary).


Method :

2g of Lavender + 2 gram of Sweet Osmanthus and 1 gram of Rosemary. This creates a soothing and relaxing fragrance to both the mind and soul with a unique lingering taste on the tastebud.


Blooming tea, or otherwise known as flowering tea, is the combination of green tea leaves and certain flowers. One or more dried flowers are wrapped in bundles of dried tea leaves formed into a bulb shape then set for drying. Other than its unique and refreshing taste, its aesthetic is truly remarkable. The bulb, once put in boiling water, expands and unfurls into something like a blooming flower which is indeed very pretty to watch. It also brings amazing benefits such as improving metabolism, boost brain functions, protects the heart, kills bacteria in the mouth, alleviates stress and more.




For further information, you can check out their Facebook Page Hi-Tea Malaysia and Website Hi-Tea. They have 18 various kinds of flower teas to choose from and you will most certainly be spoilt for choices in deciding. 🙂

Better Sleep Month

imageDid you know that May is known as *Better Sleep Month*?

If you know me, i am an extremely light sleeper by nature. Any little noise/sounds wakes me up both day and night. I definitely DO NOT sleep a good 8 hours per day but i do value my sleep and this month (since it is sleep month) i have teamed up with Casper to give you guys some tips on having better quality sleep. 🙂

There are various factors leading to the lack of quality of sleep in general. Here are some of the identified factors that mainly contributes to sleeping problem and ways to counter them.



Busy Mind








Not Tierd


Sunday Night Insomnia




As a young little girl~ i never did enjoyed the idea of napping. It somehow tends to mess up my sleeping mode at night, leading me to find it nearly impossible to fall asleep. As i grew older, i noticed that i tend to have migraines whenever i do managed to take a nap in the afternoon. As an adult and mother of two now, I have cultivated a sleeping routine whereby i sleep by 12:30am and wakes up at 6:15am daily. These tips mentioned above indeed helped me to gained better quality sleep. However, I am also a huge fan of dehumidifier + essential oils and i believe not only it makes the room smells nice, it also helps soothes and eases me to bed easily. I love infusing the aromatic scents of lavender + lemon + peppermint. As i do regularly exercise, it has also helped with improving the quality of sleep i get daily even though i don’t sleep a full 8 hours. Needless to say, consumption of caffeine is a NO NO NO… 5 hours before bedtime for me. 😛


Do you have any sleeping tips to share? Would love to hear your thoughts on this. 🙂

ALSO, do check out Casper for further tips on quality sleeping.

You can check their Facebook Page , Instagram and Pinterest as well.

The Wonders of Oxybright Beaute Beverage

Late last year i learnt about Iviora Malaysia and tried their Moringa BioEnzymes which helped boost my digestive health for the better. This year, the company launched a new formulation from France known as the Oxybright Beaute Beverage. It is known to be a perfect skin oxygen booster with ingredients such as white fungus, hydrolysed marine collagen, rose petal extract and astaxanthin micro alga. A drink packed into one sachet to enhance and maintain your youth and beauty.

The amazing formulation from France was created with the with perfect combination of Astaxanthin (Haematiciccus Pluvialis), Rose petal extract, hydrolyzed marine peptides (small molecule size of collagen), white fungus and mixed berries base on 5 unique elements (Improve, Protect, Maintain, Minimise and Rejuvenate).

It is known to be a perfect skin oxygen and natural anti-oxidants booster and its effectively in improving skin tone and brightening the skin. It also effectively protects the sub grin UV damages and help in maintain youthful and healthy skin , while preventing age and dark spots, minimise wrinkles, fine lines and acne.


What is Astaxanthin? It is a powerful antioxidants that provide greater health benefits with broad health implications for human body especially in promoting healthy skin, eye and strengthening the immune system. It is 6000x stronger than vitamin C, 40x stronger than beta-carotene, 800x stronger than coQ10, 17x more potent than grape seed extract, 550x stronger than vitamin E, 550x stronger than green tea catching and 75x stronger than alpha lipoic acid.

Upon learning so much about the product. I was extremely amazed and excited to try upon receiving my first box.


It is easy to make as i mix 1 sachet in 150ml room temperature water.


The colour looks purplish pink as it is signifies the pure super berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, elderberries) that are being used to create this awesome formulation.


The mixture mixes easily blending into the water as i stir it in.


It tasted a little sweet with a slight sourish after taste (like how usually berries will leave you with a slight hint of rose). I personally find it very pleasant and not hard but incredibly nice to drink.


within 10 seconds..


within 6 seconds..


within 2 seconds..


and i was done. I loved the taste. I love what it does for my skin and i find it extremely refreshing!


I don’t have perfect skin to begin with and do have my fair share of age spots, dark spots, fine lines (as age is catching up) hence, upon consuming the product for a week (2x a day before meal time and before heading to bed) i did notice slight improvement on the pigmented area and fine lines. However, for better results, i believe a couple more boxes would definitely do the trick. I loved the fact that this amazing product doesn’t only make me look good on the outside but it also makes me feel good on the inside packed with all the boosters required to repair, rejuvenate and enhance internally and externally.

Iviora Oxybright Beaute Beverage priced at RM196 is known to also binds in the moisture and enhances skin hydration level for a greater absorption into skin with small molecule collagen peptides and enhancing in replenishing while promoting collagen production within the body rather than replacing absent collagen. A reason why i also noticed my face tends to be slightly more firmer and fuller at my cheeks (thanks to the collagen production) ONLY after ONE WEEK of consumption.

To place an order you can go through their website at Iviora 🙂

If you would like to learn more about the Oxybright Beaute Beverage or other products they carry, you can visit their website at Iviora or Facebook page at Iviora Malaysia

*Stay Beautiful Always, Inside and Out*

KL City Dentist Review

Are you one of those who is afraid of the Dentist?

As a little girl, i have been blessed with rather straight teeth. Oral hygiene is something i have learnt from a very young age as well. I remember when i was a little girl ( around 6-7 years old of age ) i had my first visit to the dentist in UK. (My family were there to pursue education and i was blessed to have had the opportunity to had a chance to study there for 4 years for my early education.) My very first experience to the dentist was the most pleasant experience i have ever had. I was taught proper ways to maintain my teeth, and the importance of oral health.

Ever since then (Thanks to my good experience) I never really feared going to the dentist!

When i came back to Malaysia and had to continue my education, in a school in Penang i was extremely lucky as i had a dentist within the school compound (Mind you, this is a public school and not a private or International School). I visited her (the dentist, which unfortunately i can’t remember her name) probably 3-4 times in a year as i liked to have my teeth polished with that familiar strawberry flavoured after taste in my mouth. 🙂

To find a good Dentist can be rather daunting. I often hear people’s comments and fears about going to the dentist being afraid of pain and sensitivity or the fear that it MIGHT be painful. However, i strongly feel and believe that to adopt a good healthy oral hygiene is important and should start from young. It is important to bring the children to a good dentist to have a pleasant first hand experience with them so that in the future they would know the importance of going to the dentist as well as basic oral health care at home.

Hence, today i’m sharing with you my first hand experience over at KL City Dentist. A Dentist that i can honestly say i have full confidence over in bringing my family for regular check ups and maintenance.




The view of this place is amazingly beautiful and the coziness of its environment is utmost comfortable.. allowing each patient to feel less nervous.



Over at this Clinic there are 3 Doctors that specialises in various aspects of Dentistry.

Dr.Mong Xeng Tien 

Dr.Tan Huann Lan

Dr. Su Kien Looi 

My Doctor for the day was the VERY HANDSOME Dr. Mong Xeng Tien. A professional Dentist with extremely gentle hands.


As i entered the room, it was breath taking and beautiful. The 360 view of KL City was very calming and relaxing unlike the usual 4 walls concept of a normal clinic.


This is their room 2. Which also has a beautiful breath taking interior design.


My consultation with Dr. Mong was extremely pleasant. He explained to me his expertise to make me understand and that i am in complete good hands. He was extremely professional and knowledgable in oral health.

As he checked my teeth, he also suggested that i had an x-ray to make sure my old fillings were all intact and doesn’t have anything hidden inside or in between them.


I gladly opened my mouth as he used his magic hands to work his magic for my teeth. Checking to see what was required to be treated one by one.


It was completely relaxing as the clinic is equipped with the latest technology and equipments. At one point, the screen in front of me changed to YouTube Channel with Michael Buble singing one of his hits. This definitely makes the whole experience of going to KL City Dentist that much more pleasant as it wasn’t boring or nerve wrecking at all as my attention was mainly diverted to the YouTube Channel playing in front of me.


This is the X-ray of my teeth. He explained to me that all was in perfectly good condition. 🙂


He then started doing his magic of cleaning, scaling and polishing.


Here are the before and after photos of his my teeth.

Before (Upper) with the yucky stains!

EVE YEO-2016-02-26 101514 before

Before (Lower) which requires basic scaling.

EVE YEO-2016-02-26 101531 before

After (Upper)

EVE YEO-2016-02-26 105057 after

After (Lower)

EVE YEO-2016-02-26 105142 after

If you in Kuala Lumpur and are looking for a gentle Dentist Doctor to go to with the latest equipped technology, equipments and yet comfortable experience. I would highly recommend you to see Dr. Mong Xeng Tien. He is by far one of the gentlest dentist doctor i met thus far. My experience with him was not painful at all. I would highly recommend him as a dentist for you to bring your children as well as basic oral health and hygiene check up should most definitely start and practice from a young age.

To make an appointment please refer to the below details :

7-03, Level 7

Menara HSC

187, Jalan Ampang

50450 Kuala Lumpur

T : 603- 2181 5792

E :


Food Matters Delivery.

As apart of my resolution this year (you can read about it heRe) is to practice a healthy and balance living which naturally includes my lifestyle and the food i consume. I was recently given an opportunity to try Food Matters Delivery service which serves just what i needed.. healthy, delicious yet balance diet at affordable prices.

imageFood matters shares a mission to banish the negativity surrounding the concept of healthy eating and to make it accessible, affordable and absolutely delicious for everyone. Our society today moves at such fast pace that we usually opt for convenient options when it comes to lunch which are usually unfortunately high in calories, saturated fat, and not to mention, flat out bad for our body and energy draining.

What i love about food matters is it makes healthy eating simple – with just a click of a button, and your lunches are delivered right to your desk/home. Their food selections are nutritious options including healthy versions of tasty local dishes, unique fusion meals, mainstay Western and low-carb diet sensitive favourites.

Mind you, these meals are prepared and guided With American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA) certified nutritionist Alexandra Prabaharan’s crafted recipes, and a price point starting at RM10 per meal, for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, all while saving a substantial amount of time and money.


My experience with Food Matters was nothing but positive. I love it and would most certainly recommend it to those who would want a change in their lifestyle, food management, weight lost and to whom has interest to stay fit and healthy.

imageTo be honest, it was rather hard for me to choose from the menu as there were so many dishes i would want to try. In the end, it was narrowed down to 4 – Greek Salad with Couscous, Tom Yam Pasta with Tempeh, Lentil Salad with Curry Vinaigrette, Mushroom and Spinach Crustless Quiche with Salad.

imageTheir delivery service was spot on the dot and came exactly on time. What i love most about Food Matters is on top of each delivery boxes prints exactly how much calories, fats, protein and carbs that is in the food. That way, i can easily manage my calorie intake and i know for a fact that i most certainly will not over eat my meals. However, personally i would have preferred the food to be packed in a plastic box (but thats just me, being paranoid that the food might spill out due to unforeseen reasons).

Tom Yam Pasta with Tempeh


Lentil Salad with Curry Vinaigretteimage

Mushroom and Spinach Crustless Quiche with Salad.image

Greek Salad with Couscousimage

Don’t these food looks enticing to you? Despite them being colourful, they were surprisingly delicious as well.

Food Matters Delivery comes in various packages available starting from affordable prices of RM56 to RM200 per month.

Once a week (4 Meals) – RM56/mth

Twice Weekly (8 Meals) – RM104/mth

Light (12 Meals) – RM144/mth

Moderate (16 Meals) – RM176/mth

Complete (20 Meals) – RM200/mth

imageWait no more! Order now and get a chance to get 10% of the first month’s subscription with the Promo code : NEWYRNEWU

For further information, do check out their website at Food Matters or Facebook Food Matters FB and start on living a healthier lifestyle beginning with the food choices you make! 🙂

My Top 10 immune system boosting foods

Every year as we approach the Chinese New Year season, just about everyone i know is either sick, going to be sick or is trying not to be sick. We blame it on bad weather (strong cold breezy wind one min and the next the glaring hot sun is killing us softly with its heat). 

While some of us do get sick, others who doesn’t seems to have the random luck.. you can increase your family’s odds by fuelling up on some superfood that primes the body to fight for your immunity.

We are all aware that a balance diet is important and nothing pains a parent more but to see their child catching an infectious disease. While i do my best to take care of the family’s nutritional needs i believe in including food that contains nutrients to boosting the immune system be it the Western or the Asian approach.

Here are my top 10 favourite Power food that helps me and my family with the immunity boosting.


Leafy Greens 

I have and will always be a vegetable lover. It is loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins essentials to help boost our immunity. Consuming vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes and any other leafy greens helps us to combat any form of infections naturally. Although it may be challenging, i believe kids especially should be persuaded to consume all vegetables as they work to strengthen the body’s immune system.


Protein Food

“To build immunity in kids give them macronutrients like proteins including milk protein, ovo protein as eggs and animal protein,” advises Dr. S Yamuna, Chennai-based consultant paediatrician. Alternatively, for vegetarians, there are also a general list of high protein vegetables such as tofu, beans, chickpea and more that also contains a great source of protein.



As we already know, yogurt strengthens the intestinal tract and prevents gastrointestinal illnesses. Filled with probiotics of good bacteria, it helps to combat the bad bacteria in the body to prevent stomach infections. For the kids any myself, instead of ice-cream… yogurt is our favourite must haves as a snack or upon completion of our meal (like a dessert.. with a couple of favourite fruits dressed on top)


Garlic + Ginger + Onions 

It is fairly common in asian cooking to include these power packed immunity booster in many of our dishes. Did you know it is known to have antiviral and antibacterial properties that has active compounds to promote the immune system. It is known to helps prevent cancer, aids digestions and aids gastritis at bay. Furthermore, it is also known to help combat cold and flu symptoms.



One of my favourite yet fastest/easiest snack where i usually use as a topping to our yogurt or a little something for the mouth while watching the movies. A handful of nuts is usually practiced as the on the go kind of food/snack to have to munch at odd hours. It is known to contain a whole lot of proteins, minerals, and vitamins and they are also rich in antioxidants such as omega fatty acids, zinc, and Vitamin E.



This is probably one of my children’s top favourite to have with their rice/porridge. It’s soft and easy to chew plus it helps build immune system and it is known to do amazing wonders to our working brain. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids as well as other healthy fats, a must to increase the activity levels of body cells. Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are usually our favourite options. 🙂



Who doesn’t like fruits? My kids are simply fanatics when i offer them a fruit. Its sweet, high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. I have yet to come across a child that doesn’t eat fruits willingly. There are some with exquisite taste which accepts only a limited kind of fruits but apples, bananas, mangoes, berries, peaches, melons, grapes and more all does the miracle wonder of having many hidden benefits that helps aids with the immunity. It is known that the deeper the colour of the fruit the better benefits it brings. So whether the child only likes a particular fruit, it doesn’t really matter so long as they do consume some.



It contains many antibacterial properties and antioxidants that transform itself into a powerful immunity booster yet so easy to consume. You can drink it with warm water, spread it on your toast, oatmeal or even yogurt. Sometimes, i stir it into my lemon tea to help soothe sore throats and improve digestions.


Root Vegetables

According to Chinese theory root vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots and potatoes are good to improve the immune strengthening while it works on specific respiratory system. I usually make soup broths with these and include them into my children’s meal (usually with noodles, pasta or even to drink the soup itself with rice). 



It is not hard to adhere wholegrain into our asian family lifestyle as we already consume rice on a regular basis. However, wholegrain rice is always preferred as known to be high in fibre and better nutritional intake for the body. Children needs at least 2 to 3 servings of whole grain foods per day (at least half of their grain servings should be whole grain if possible). For school-aged children, one whole-grain serving equals a slice of whole-grain bread, 1 cup of ready-to-eat whole-grain cereal, or 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice or whole-wheat pasta.


5 Ways to Make 2016 My Year!

imageJanuary. I love January.

As the year begins, i reflected on my achievements, reset and recreated some new resolutions (you can read all about it heRe!) As we approach mid of January, i am completely motivated to get my groove on in achieving my resolutions within the next 12 months ahead. A good way to do so is to have a goal and get yourself a planner to write down all our little missions and schedules.


If you don’t already have a planner, I would highly recommend you to download a FREE copy at this link Framed Planner! it’s totally pretty i assure you and you can frame it up on leave it on your work desk to keep you motivated throughout the year!

This year, i am most certainly sure it is going to be that extra awesome! 5 Ways to Make 2016 My Year…

Eat Clean. Stay Clean. Health is extremely important and exercise alone is never going to be enough to change the root cause of it. Food. What we eat leads us to how we feel. To practice a healthy diet is just as important as adhering to a healthy lifestyle making us feel and look good on both inside and outside. This year, i’m taking up the 15 days challenge whereby every month i will stick to my Eat Clean, Stay Clean diet for at least 15 days in a row.

Learning Something New. One of my resolutions is to be a little kinder to myself. To have me achieve my goal in this is by learning something new be it a skill, a language, recipe, or even a talent. At the end of each day, to remind myself i write in my journal my accomplishments for that particular day and boy even after a week reading back~ it does make me feel really good about myself! image

Family. Living in a fast pace society we sometimes forget and neglect the ones we love. Although i am a full time housewife i do (like every other normal housewives) wants what is best for the family. Spending quality fun moments together be it at home or even when we are out. To be able to teach and guide my children better and to learn the art of the Orange Rhino.


The Orange Rhino. This is a book i bought and read which until today i still am struggling to practice. In this book, it teachers parents to not yell at the kids and instead to practice a more healthier method of communication. (Sounds like a mission impossible to me… but i am trying to prove myself wrong). On days when i succeed.. i most definitely do feel proud of myself. But on the days when i forget i am back to square one! No doubt this book has certainly keep me on my toes on adhering to a better approach of communicating with my children. And hopefully.. just hopefully.. i pray that i am able to achieve my 30 day challenge of No-yelling!

Being apart of something Special. I’m also starting my 2016 with something rather different. It is my first time participating yet i’m looking forward in sharing with my readers here. For every month, i will be participating in a monthly blog hop. A monthly blog hop is where like minded bloggers from around the globe in a wide range of industries, with different expertise, culture and knowledge from various spectrum of the world gather together and blog one or two topics while linking them to be apart of each other. Because of this awesome community, it is an utmost honourable opportunity for me to have known some wonderful people around the globe at the comfort of my own home.

For JAN Blog Hop List includes the below :

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Do check them out as i did a thing or two from each and every one of them! 🙂 Have a fabulous day ahead and thank you for reading! 🙂

Moringa BioEnzymes

Health is an important element of everyones life. Early this year (2015), i was physically ill for a good six months and it most certainly took a great toll on my physical body.

Everyone that knows me asked, what happened to you Eve? And all i could do was give a weak smile. 😦

Ever since then, i have practiced healthy living choices while consuming vitamins and supplements. A couple of weeks ago i was contacted and had an opportunity to try a newly launch product called Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes.


The Ivoiora Moringa Bioenzymes is known to be formulated in Japan by 5 elements (enzymes, fibres, probiotic, probiotics and anti-oxidants), with the target to (digest, detox, restore and rejuvenate the body. Derived from a unique content called Mooring Oleifera (The Miracle Tree), it contains nutrient powerhouse and superfood from 46 anti-oxidants, 46 anti-inflammatory compound, 18 amino acids, various multi vitamins and minerals to improve the natural immune system while enhancing regenerative abilities to help the body combat illnesses.

(don’t know how but all that in one sachet… pretty amazing to me!) 


Science and technology today has shine beyond our expectations and created such miracle supplements.

To be honest, initially when i received the product, i was really worried about how the taste of the drink would be like. In my previous years of experience, any supplements that is meant to be good for the body doesn’t necessarily taste good at all.

However, to my surprise, it was really really really beyond my expectations!


It was extremely easy to drink down and tasted a little sweet yet with a tinge of sour at the same time furthermore it is also made from all natural ingredients AND it is also caffein free + laxative free too! *thumbs up*

imageUpon consuming the product twice daily after meal for almost a week and a half (morning and night), i began to feel and noticed further improvement to my digestive health and overall i do feel a little lighter as a whole. My slight sinus problems has also improved tremendously and it seems that my immunity might have been stronger as well. My complexion also improved as well with the high doze of vitamins content in the enzymes.

If you’re like me, someone who is concern about their health.. i highly recommend that you got to try this! I’m truly impress by it. Its amazing that you can feel the difference within only one week of consuming them!

PROMO : Just for all my lovely readers.. YOU are entitle to enjoy an additional RM20.00 rebate per box on top of any other on going promotion by using the PromoCode : EVE20

To place an order you can go through their website at Iviora 🙂

If you would like to learn more about the Moringa Bioenzymes or other products they carry, you can visit their website at Iviora or Facebook page at Iviora Malaysia

*Keep Safe and Stay healthy*


7 days Zespri Green Kiwi Fruit Challenge.

I’m a fruit addict kind of woman. Everytime anyone offers me a fruit i would gladly eat it!

*Many thanks to my wonderful Grandmother* 

Ever since i was a little girl my granny would encourage me to eat a variety of fruits everyday. She would cut them for me so it can easily fit inside my mouth. She would also say, pretty girls eats lots of fruits to have great skin. 😛 Today, Kiwi fruit plays a huge role in my daily life.image It has been a custom routine for us to consume them daily and i have to say after consuming them for a couple of months everyday it really did help in terms of our health. I slowly noticed that our body immunity did change for the better! Hence, being a fan of Zepri, i was invited to share some thoughts about the miracle changes it has upon me and my family.

For seven days in a row me and my family had consumed Zespri Green Kiwi fruit everyday. It was a change for us as we usually consume the golden ones.imageBringing various benefits both these super fruit (green and golden kiwis) is high in Vitamin C, a source of fibre, Vitamin E, contains high content of anti oxidant, aids digestions, source of pottasium and folate, low in glycaemic index food, low in calories and has an excellent source of increasing our body immunity. This means going to the toilet is most certainly no problem. 😛 

My kids loves them and at times request to consume these medium sized super fruit during snack time. We feel great, light and even the slightest cold like we are able to combat.


A hearty breakfast made with Zespri Green Kiwi is so easy, delicious yet healthy! Topped with some yogurt, flaxseed and chai seeds.

image It’s so easy and convenient to eat and for me and my family, our digestive health most certainly did improve as well as our body immunity is much higher. My son is one of Zespri biggest fans!


Sometimes i mix them in my salad and it is so refreshing. 

Personally, upon consuming both kinds of kiwi before. I still prefer the golden kiwi more than the green even though it is slightly more expensive. Reason being is zespri golden kiwi has higher content in vitamins and minerals as compared to the zespri green ones. Besides, it also taste sweeter! But non the less, be it green or golden.. both most certainly do change the way we feel every morning and most importantly an improvement to our health especially to our digestive track. I truly believe it works!

~ A kiwi a day keeps the doctor at bay!~