KOSE SEKKISEI Trial Kit Review


And nothing beats coming home to a huge package waiting for you to unwrap!image

imageIt was BIG!!! And completely took me by surprise!!!!

imageIt was a couple of weeks back (during Chinese New Year + Valentines Day period) that i received a huge surprise box of happiness package from KOSE Malaysia. Unboxing it had me grinning from cheek to cheek as it was beautifully decorated with details of sweet pink and white balloons and the Kose Sekkisei Trial Kit Set (RM99) that comes along with it.


For over 30 years, KOSÉ SEKKISEI has been known for restoring translucence to women’s skin. Created based on an age-old ‘beautiful translucent skin recipe’, SEKKISEI’s gentle yet effective brightening products are world-famous. Specially-designed for skin translucency, SEKKISEI products harness the power of Oriental Herb extracts, which are carefully-selected from about 100 different plants, creating a harmonious and skin-loving formula that gives women brighter, even-toned and moisturised skin.

I fell in love with these 5 star products from KOSÉ SEKKISEI, which come together in its special edition trial kit! A trio of oriental plant extracts: Coix Seed, Melothria (White Lotus) and Angelica work diligently known to keep the skin in perfect condition, protected from the harsh environment.

The SEKKISEI trial kit is priced at RM99 (GST included), and includes the following:
• SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash 20ml
• SEKKISEI Lotion 100ml
• SEKKISEI Emulsion 70ml
• SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask 10g
• Bihadagoyomi mask 3pcs
• Exclusive Setsuko pouch (kimono style or city chic style)

Read below for my Review and experience on using the products :

I have always loved beauty products made from Japan and i was eager to try out the amazing wonders Kose sekkisei range has to offer this time around.


I started first with Sekkisei white liquid wash. A liquid wash that provide a skin healthy glow while known to retain its moisture within. Pumping a good 2 pumps onto my palm i gently lather until foam forms and massage gently onto my face. It felt really good and refreshing indeed.


I then tried their special care Sekkisei Clear White Mask.. (it is known as white mask however it is NOT WHITE AT ALL). It is a peel-off mask that removes blackheads, dead skin cells and tighten visible pores. To use, i spread a good lather across my face (avoiding the eyes, eyebrows, hairline ad lips area) and when dried i slowly peel it off inwards starting from the outer areas of the face.

After clearing all the impurities within my skin i then did their Bihadagoyami mask. It was pretty cool as i used the quick lotion mask which surpassingly offers 10x higher moisture that instantly brightens and rejuvenates the skin.



Known to be their star product. Sekkisei Lotion. A refreshing lotion that is suppose to enhance the skin translucency and clarity. I soaked a generous amount of the lotion mask with Sekkisei Lotion and places in onto my clean face for a good 10 minutes.


After the mask. No rinsing is needed which brings me to the next step of Sekkisei Emulsion. It is a brightening emulsion to retain moisture for a supple and soft skin.


Application was to be applied with a cotton and spreading it evenly over the skin. Its milky texture was simply divine. Not oily at all and certainly not sticky, and easily absorbs into the skin.


It is no doubt one of my favourites from this range by far.


I was really amazed by the products upon trying it consecutively for a week (basic care daily and twice i did the special care within 3 days apart).

The SEKKISEI, which is originated from Japan has been trusted and adored by a great number of women since its release in 1985. Its products are designed and created for skin translucency. They are known to harnesses the power of Oriental Herb extracts, which are carefully-selected from about 100 different herbs. Much research had been conducted to develop SEKKISEI, and to achieve the fine balance between oil and water content to result in its fine-textured lotion. Its fine texture, hydrated “snow-white” skin effect has made it KOSÉ’s best-selling product.

Would i use the products again? Most definitely!! I loved the natural refreshing scent that comes along with the product and i could feel the changes it made on my skin. I can’t thank you enough KOSE MALAYSIA and The Butterfly Project Malaysia for sharing and introducing to me such a wonderful products. I had an amazing experience and I am sincerely glad and thankful to have an opportunity to try them.


Detailed Product Information and Description: 

SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash (140ml/RM131.40)
Cleanse skin without stripping away moisture with this delicate cleanser. Taurine-based cleansing agents leave skin clean and hydrated; while Rubus Suavissmus Extract enhance skin dullness and soothes UV damage. Skin is restored to its optimal condition, ready for the next skincare step.

SEKKISEI Lotion (200ml/RM180.20, 360ml/RM275.60)
This SEKKISEI bestseller contains ingredients carefully-selected out of 100 types of oriental plants. Used as a toner or a mask, the fine-textured hydrating lotion balances out skin’s moisture levels, prevents dullness, soothes redness and more. KOSÉ’s tip: For instant hydration, place a bihadagoyomi mask into the cap and pour SEKKISEI Lotion until the mask tablet puffs up. Place on face for 10 minutes and notice instantly hydrated skin!

SEKKISEI Emulsion (140ml/RM191.80)
This quick-absorbing moisturiser works deep into skin, preventing freckles, dark spots and dryness. Ingredients like Inula Britanica Flower, Chinese Pearl Barley, Paeonia Albiflora Root, Melothria Heterophylla and Angelica reveal a more translucent complexion. Apply 1 to 2 pumps on a cotton pad and sweep over skin.

SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask (80g/RM94.30)
A gentle peel-off mask that removes dullness and dead skin cells, brightens and hydrates at the same time! Chinese Quince extract inhibits sebum production, while a blend of oriental plant extracts deliver supreme whitening benefits. Nano-sized black powder allows the mask to spread easily.

SEKKISEI Sun Protect Essence Gel SPF50+/PA++++ (80g/RM98) and Milk SPF50+/PA++++ (60g/RM105)
With Japan’s highest protection level of SPF50+/PA++++, you can now enjoy ultra-mild sun protection in the form of a gel or a milk. The improved formula contains double the amount of Coix Seed extract, and is enriched with dullness-combatting ingredients like Peony Root Bark and oriental minerals.

The SEKKISEI special edition trial kit is perfect for first-time users who want to feel and see the SEKKISEI difference for themselves! Thats the one i received (RM99)

SEKKISEI fans can also get their hands on one-of-a-kind SEKKISEI Sakura editions of their favourite products: SEKKISEI Lotion Sakura Design (500ml/RM331.70) and SEKKISEI Kit Sakura Design (Lotion 140ml, Emulsion 70ml, Lotion Mask 1pc/RM150).
For more information about SEKKISEI and its new special edition trial kit, follow KOSÉ Malaysia on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/kose.malaysia) or visit the KOSÉ Malaysia website at http://www.kose.com.my.


Mentholatum Launch of Botanics Series

imageWhen i was a little girl one of my favourite company for beauty care is the well known Mentholatum. They are the Mother brand that carries Lipice, Oxy, Hada Labo, Selsun, Sunplay, Rohto C Cube, Deep Heating Rubs and the most recent, is Botanics. Until today, i still use a variety of series of products they carry and indeed is still one of my all time favourites (especially its lip balms and make up remover). Today. the Mentholatum family of products has earned a reputation for their quality and value.

imageIt has been a growing trend in the recent years that we learnt chemical is bad for us and anything natural, herbal, organic is known to be a better choice.Inspired by the goodness of nature, Mentholatum has recently developed a brand new facial series called the Botanics that offers consumers the best skincare results at an affordable price.

imageBotanics series is known to have used the finest ingredients with the highest quality natural herbal essences from flowers and herbs to give the best experience which only nature can produce. Each herb and flower were carefully selected based on their unique properties to offer exceptional results.

  • Whitening – Arbutin, Agave, Narcissus & Aloe Extracts
  • Deep Cleansing – Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang, White Tea, Olive Leaf Extract
  • Pore Refining – Rosemary, Witch Hazel Extract, Lentil Extract & Green Tea
  • Hydrating – Jasmine, Calendula & Violet
  • Moisturising – R0sehip Oil, Pearl Extract
  • Brightening – Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang, Lemongrass Extract, Cucumber, Aloe Vera
  • Oil & Blemish Control – Tea Tree & Ylang Ylang Wild Pansy Extract.

I was recently invited to learn more about Mentholatum latest launch of face washes and face masks using natural herbal essence with an opportunity to try while having a demo done.

imageThe Botanics is known to consists of four range products namely tube facial wash, foaming wash, pump ash and sheet masks to offer consumers a relaxing nature’s experience. Each of these range includes a variety of offerings to suit various skin conditions.

imageThe Face Wash tube (100g at RM14.90) is a handy tube that with a simple squeeze can perform an effective cleansing task on the face. It comes in 4 variants namely Hydra Whitening, Pore Refining, Deep Cleaning and Hydrating.

imageThe Pump Wash (150ml at Rm21.90) controls the usage amount more effectively. However it only comes in 2 variants namelyDeep Clean and Moisturising & Brightening while the Foaming Wash (160ml at RM22.50) is my personal favourite as each pumps comes out foamy and easily lathered on the face for a relaxing wash. It also comes in another 2 variants Oil & Blemish Control and Whitening.


imageLast but not least, they have sheet mask (22ml/pouch at RM6.90) infused with herbal essence and enriched Hyaluronic Acid to repair and rejuvenate the skin. The masks comes in 5 variants namely the Aloe Vera Hydrating Facial Mask, Pomegranate Anti-Oxidant Facial Mask, Rosemary Pore Refining Facial Mask, Rosehip Oil Brightening Facial Mask and Lavender for Soothing Facial Mask.

Each Range has a specific target for the skin made with a natural herbal essence ingredient.

  • Brightening – Rosehip Oil
  • Soothing – Lavendar
  • Hydrating – Aloe Vera
  • Anti-Oxidant – Pomegranate
  • Pore Refining – Rosemary

I was truly amazed by how much details the team has put together to infused the botanical theme in introducing the launch of The Botanics range. I had a personal guide in explaining the ingredients and botanical flowers infused into the products followed by me making myself a cup of flower tea infusing in with a number of my favourite flowers.








It was truly an amazing experience. Thank you Mentholatum for the extended invitation and a wonderful day!



The Botanics series is now available only at Guardian stores nationwide.image

Premier Clinic – Dermal Fillers

Aesthetic has stormed into our beauty industry for a couple of years now with the latest technologies and various safe procedures in enhancing every women and men’s dreams of being beautiful. These professionals takes into account of the clients wants and needs in various aspects from the face down to the body. It is known as the most easy yet semi permanent cosmetic procedure that is non surgical to achieve a certain desire look for both men and women.

Recently, I was invited by Premier Clinic TTDI to try their Dermal Filler treatment. Dermal Filler has been around for a while now. A few of my personal friends had it done and loved it! The hydraulic acid that contains in the filler helps to enhance the skin hydration and plump up the areas necessary giving you the best of both worlds. It is mostly used on the face where it will be injected beneath the skin where its lacking the omph due to ageing while it enhances the natural features and beauty of  an individual.

That day, I met with the beautiful and talented Dr. Aarthi Maria. She’s not only a gentle, kind and sweet… based on personal experience this doctor really is very talented!!! image

Upon consultation, she advised me to have dermal fillers for my lips as my imbalance lips are becoming more and more prominent. I was rather scared yet nervous when i heard her suggestion as it is my first time injecting anything on my lips and i am terrified of needles. Despite that i have also heard that it is extremely painful to inject fillers on the lips. (To be honest, i was very very afraid. >.<) Dr. Aarthi being the sweetest person she is, sensed my worries and rest assured me that pain is very minimal.


As i prepared for the procedure, i took a selfie~ just to emphasise how imbalance my lips have became i took a frontal view photo (I never take a close up like this because its ridiculously hideous yet obvious). Nobody actually knew or could tell about my little defect as i usually hide it pretty well when i take photos. The trick all along was with much effort finding the right angle to snap to make that hugggggeeee of a difference! 😉


I was first pampered by Esther (beautician consultant) with an Ultrasonic Facial Treatment. It was remarkably comfortable and relaxing.


The procedure requires the use of a unique machine that makes weird noises to remove the dead skin cells. It was not painful at all and extremely soothing.


Next, a hydrating serum was applied and using the ultrasonic tool, it helps the serum to penetrate deeper into the skin giving it that natural glow.


After the Ultrasonic Facial Treatment, i was given some numbing cream while the filler was being prepared for Dr. Aarthi. She used Juvederm Volbella for me as she mentioned that it provides a more feminine result. 🙂


The procedure itself was took about 10 minutes injecting from various angle to achieve the balanced lips… and surprisingly NO PAIN AT ALL!




Once completed Dr Aarthi examined the lips to make sure everything was in place. Needless to say, i was really happy about the result.


My uneven lips is no longer uneven. In fact, it is slightly more pouty than the usual which i do really like. 🙂 

If you ever need a little enhancement, Feel free to visit :

Premier Clinic

31, Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

T 0126625552/03-77325552

F 03-77328201

For a complimentary consultation, quote THEMIZZEVE (MRSANDMOMMA) and to enjoy a 10% discount. Terms & Condition applies. 

Pssttt.. Irresistible Me*

I have always loved long luscious black hair. It was my kind of thing and friends of friends all knew that i had always been the long black hair kind of girl. It was only recently, about a month ago that i decided to have a change of style (After many many many years of having long black hair). I tried streaking a couple of strands of my hair a few months back and i loved it. Hence, this round i decided to go a little bolder. Which to most people, could never imagine me, myself making such drastic changes.


A few weeks passed and i loved the new look but i started to miss my old long luscious locks of dark black hair. (I know right, the grass is always greener on the other end). 

Then, i received THE PARCEL. The Parcel that i can have that bit of change every now and then.          The parcel that will make me, myself feel irresistible! 

The packaging received was a little dented but i got to say its remarkably creative the way they have packaged the goodies together!


Irresistible Me, is a growing brand of 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools with top quality at affordable prices based in the Fashion District in New York and currently working with a number of very creative and talented YouTube gurus and bloggers. I had the privilege of trying out their fabulous hair extensions this time around and i swear it looks so good that you couldn’t even tell its not your original hair!

I loved it that the hair length was all the way down to my waist. So i did my best at posing a few snap shots of me, myself in a seductive yet innocent model look. (yay or nay?)


I was truly impress as it was so easy to wear on as all i had to do was section out my hair into various sections and start clipping away. It was so fast and easy that i had these extensions fixed on in less than 5 mins! It’s a MIRACLE!!!


Irresistible Me, carries 2 lines of clip in hair extensions : Silky Touch and Royal Remy.

Silky Touch (the one i was using), being the best seller is made with 100% human remy hair. The extensions are very easily styled, cut, coloured and curled to blend into the hair perfectly while adding that bit of length and volume! The thickness however, decreasses very slightly towards to end just like normal hair does which provides that natural look and feel.

Royal Remy on the contrary is made from premium line of 100% human remy hair. It is top of the line hair with a special treatment to add that extra silkiness and durability. It is known to provide a lot of body and bounce when wearing them. (I have yet to try.. )

Be it Silky Touch or Royal Remy, in a jiffy both hair extensions can transform your hair! As for me, Silky Touch did a marvellous job as i was transformed from short medium length hair to sexy long luscious black hair.


 Although my hair is currently in various tones of ash, blond and black i still have no problems blending all of the hair colour and textures in together. I personally do love it that way as i am able to blend a little more colour for my fringe to highlight, however it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a few longer streaks of coloured ash and blond hair extensions to have that sexy yet wild look for a fun occasion!


Ohh and did i mention, the hair texture is remarkably soft. I honestly feel like it was my own hair and i can even style it using a simple hair straightener or even a curling thong to get that specific styles i want to achieve for a particular occasion just like our normal natural hair! It does however come in various weight and length. Mine was 24 inches in length, thickness was 200g.


I can’t stress how remarkably soft it feels. I constantly notice myself touching and playing with my hair.

Thanks to Irresistible me for coming up with such miracle hair extensions! Now anyone with short hair can have long hair too!

For further information, do click IrresisitibleMe website as they are having holiday sale of up to 50% off!!!!

Not to forget, also check out their fun yet informative videos on  YouTube

Erabelle Prestige – The Brow Specialist.

Did you know, eyebrows is an important element of your face that helps to enhance every single aspect of your features? When i was back in high school, my brows were thick, messy and disgraceful. My mom would tell me that i was too young to do any embroidery and i will regret it for the rest of my life if i ever did anything to them. >.<

Needless to say, school didn’t allow makeup so i just tried my very best to pluck and shape them myself which were HORRID.. In the end, i just decided to live with the ugly browse until i was much older.

During my working years, i decided to take the leap and had them browse embroidered. It was one of the best decisions i have ever made.. UNTIL.. the ugly looking brows decided to change its color and turned copper. >.<

It was around end of 2014 (between October to November) that my girlfriend Cheesie recommended me to check out the Prestigious Erabelle. A well known beauty service centre in Singapore that recently opened a branch in Malaysia.



Situated at level 4 of The Gardens, this Erabelle Prestige Boutique provides instant premium beauty services by talented and professionally trained beautician. Their services varies from facial, to luxurious body care and signature embroideries. Needless to say, they are famous for their Erabrowlogy service.


I was excited as i understand further in detail the technique used and i shared with them my concern. My consultation was done by Cecilia a warm hearted and kind lady. (She works both in Singapore and Malaysia so if you do wish to find her please call in and make an appointment.) 

During my consultation, she addresses my problematic brows and advised me on how i should maintain it. As you can already tell from the photos below.. my eyebrows were pretty much crying in sorrow. >.<


In other words, it was a big mess! By that time the colour faded to a red and copper mixed blend.


After my consultation, Cecilia was kind enough to bring me into her room and prepared me for the embroidery. I love erabelle so very much because they actually take into account every single dainty detail down to how we should cover our toes and specially designed UV lights to sanitised our shoes. Their uniform were kimonos, working culture and etiquettes were influenced from Japan. (and for obvious reasons, if you know me personally.. i love japan and this no doubt made me loved Erabelle even more!). 


First, the step was to get my brows proffessionally shaped suitable to my face shape.


Next i was spoilt rotten as i was given some enzyme moisturiser that helps to remove dead skin cells from the eyebrows.


Meanwhile, while waiting for enzymes to take effect, i was given a patch test to see if i have any sort of allergic reaction to it.


Numbing cream was then applied.


I had to wait about 10 – 15 min for the numbing cream to take effect.


After my first 5 mins. I was already getting bored.


Soon after, Cecilia started the procedure. Unfortunately, during the procedure i wasn’t able to capture any good shots. However, i would like to share this.. THERE WAS NO PAIN AT ALL!


The technique and skills used to make the brows most natural looking is with a mixed blend of colours and not the usual one fixed colour.

The final result was amazing. I loved it. It looked completely natural.


You probably can’t see any difference.. So here’s a better comparison shot for you. Check this out!



Looking at the mirror i was MOST certainly extremely happy with the final result.

I was able to head out and meet my girlfriends that very same day without looking like some weirdo! PLUS a big bonus on my confidence booster. I had friends and strangers asking me where i had done my natural looking eyebrows and of course i recommended them to no other than Erabelle Prestige.


It’s been more than ONE year plus  upon having this procedure done with minimal touch ups in between and i must say, i’m still very much in love with the results i see today. This is by far the most natural yet proffessional looking brows anybody can get. I highly recommend this to everyone who needs a semi permanent eyebrow make over.

Feel free to browse over to their website at http://www.facebook.com/erabelle.my

or you can visit them directly at for a consultation.

Address: FF-227 Fourth Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 K.L.
Tel: 03 2282 8889
Opening hours: 10.30am – 9.30pm

PROMO : ALL MRSANDMOMMA READERS CAN GET A 10% DISCOUNT FOR ERABROWLOGY PACKAGES! All you have to do is mention the promo code : MRSANDMOMMA to be entitled. PROMO ends 28th February 2016!

Triumph Fashion Show 2015 *Find The One*

Fashion shows are always an eye opening experience. I can never get bored of the lights and ladies swaying down with confidence along the walkway. These models i admire them for having so much confidence in themselves.

Recently i was invited to attend an exciting fashion show launched by Triumph. *Find the One* emphasises on women finding the perfect fitted bra. Did you know, Triumph is the maker of linger since 1886?!?!


There were so many beautiful, talented yet amazing people there.


The above is me taking photo with Miss University Malaysia 2013. Isn’t she gorgeous? I’m a complete midget standing beside here. 😀


The above is the beautiful Miss Nicole ever so talented lady who is so sweet and kind.


Miss Elana, the adorable and friendly blogger as well as my partner in crime for the night who invited me along with her.


Every women has different preferences, taste and styles. Same with bras, each individual women fits into different fitted bras. Triumph today introduced their improved selection of bras known as Support, Shape, Cleavage and Invisible.


Support provides the perfect silhouette to achieve the hour glass figure while providing comfort and a beautiful firm rounded full cleavage.

Shape sensation forever young is specially tailored cup design for extra support and a rounder bust shape. Magic wire provides a soft, flexible built in support of wire with the feel of none.

Sexy Cleavage (My favourite) provides every women the secret from a Size A to a C in a blink! The maximiser bra is a must have to look and feel uplifted. Perfect for wearing under tops or dresses with low neckline. This range, also comes with aqua enhancer that boost up the appearance of bust up to 2 cup sizes.

Last is the Body Make-up high definition invisibility. The perfect combination of comfort and super smooth fit for everyday style.


As we waited for the fashion show to begin, they served us with these pretty lovelies.




The beautiful Miss Daphne-Iking was hosting the Triumph fashion show and as always she did a remarkable job. Doesn’t she look dazzling being pregnant and in those gorgeous golden heels.



There were so many models in so many styles that evening. Here are some of my personal favourites.





Join the growing band of beautiful women who value the quality of FIT for yourselves!

Find the One for you!


From 8-13 December 2015, Triumph will be running various offers and promotions.

Trade in your old bra and enjoy a fashion bra at 50% off!

Get Fitted by the experts and get a chance to winRM1000 worth of Triumph products.

ALSO.. check out the NOT TO BE MISSED promotions below!!!


Best of luck to all participants! 🙂

My Little Secret…SENZUES

Skin is our largest organ of the body and to have healthy silky smooth and glowing skin is every woman’s dream. Despite eating healthy and drinking lots of fluid, externally it is a MUST to apply necessary creams/lotions to maintain the youth and elasticity of the skin.

There are so many products available in the market today with various scents and i have tried quite a few in the market. Some turns out to be too oily, too sticky, not hydrating enough but some are quite the contrary but expensive. Today I’m going to share with you my little secret. Recently, i have fell in love with the brand SENZUES (pronounced as “Sensuous”) it is new brand of skincare in the market launched in 2014.


Being rather particular about skincare products, upon research i have gathered a little information about it. The brand focuses on developing functional cosmeceutical-grade and clinically-proven skincare products using the best marine and plant-based ingredients. The products were developed in collaboration with CODIF Recherche et Nature from France, also known as one of the leading research institution in the development of skincare products from marine and plant sources.

imageAs per my knowledge, SENZUES products are currently available from Guardian, Watsons, Caring, AEON Wellness and all major pharmacies as well. Each lotions contains a variety of natural extracts from plants, marine, fruits and more with the focus of enhancing the beauty of our skin.

These 5 skincare products focuses on various benefits catering to all ages. ALSO..did i mention they smell sooooooooo good!


This unique blend of fresh floral jasmine and freesia scented lotion contains a combination of algae extract and fruit extract that controls pigmentation. It does not only brightens the skin, but also contribute to luminous skin that gives a healthy glow with it’s unique ingredient moisturizes the skin from within by improving the skin’s barrier and reducing water loss.
PRICE: 60mL – RM33.90, 200mL – RM59.90, 350mL – RM79.90


Like for the face, we have day cream and night cream. For that extra care to our ageing skin, our body requires extra moisturising and nourishment at night too! Night active intensive care body lotion contains algae extract that is rich in minerals and amino acids to help in skin repair while creating a “second skin” effect that deeply hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. Its fragrance is calming and has rose, geranium and waterlily that makes it perfect for pampering the skin at night or anytime the skin needs an extra boost of hydration
PRICE: 60mL – RM33.90, 200mL – RM59.90, 350mL – RM79.90


Ever since i hit my 30’s its a known fact that i’m ageing. I began to see wrinkles popping up around my face as well as my body. Cell activate anti-wrinkle body lotion does miracles in fighting the signs of premature ageing through skin hydration and rejuvenation. It intensely hydrates the skin while boosting the skin’s natural collagen production for firmer skin. Its feminine fragrance of jasmine, peach and magnolia most certainly made me reach for extra pumps as i lavishes it on my body.
PRICE: 60mL – RM39.90, 200mL – RM65.90, 350mL – RM85.90


Ever since i became a mom, i would be lying if i said i do not have any cellulite despite my hard effort of constant application of oils and creams. Hydrafirm anti-cellulite body lotions contains a marine extract that fights cellulite through its dual-action by promoting lipolysis (the breaking down of fats) and stimulating collagen production at the same time. This miracle cream works to firm the skin and even out the appearances of cellulites. (I couldn’t stop sniffing this one because it smells so feminine yet refreshing. :P)
PRICE: 60mL – RM39.90, 200mL – RM65.90, 350mL – RM85.90


My personal favourite is the Hydracool Aqua Refresh Body Lotion with SPF20. This sun protection was voted by Malaysian Women’s Weekly 2015 as one of the BEST sun protection available in the market. It protects against UVA and UVB and stimulates synthesis of Glutathione that boosts the skin’s natural anti-oxidant protection. Meanwhile, it provide a unique cooling effect upon application leavings the skin matte and not oily, yet hydrated from within.
PRICE: 60mL – RM33.90, 200mL – RM59.90, 350mL – RM79.90

I hope the information above is useful for women cares about their body. Not everyone can afford luxurious brands of creams but SENZUES to me is the best of both worlds. Affordable yet as good as the luxurious brands available in the market today.

Feel free to click http://www.senzues.com to find out more information about it. 🙂

Loccitane and Melvita exciting Xmas Launch 2015

Christmas is just around the corner and yesterday i received an enchanting early christmas present from two of my favourite luxurious beauty and body care company #loccitanemalaysia and #melvitamalaysia.

I am truly honoured to be invited to an extremely well planned event from the PR team and was given an exclusive insight on the launch of their latest Christmas Festive Season Collection.

The Pierre Herme Collection and Melvita’s New Nectar De Roses Range and The Exclusive L’OR BIO Extraordinary Oil.

The Pierre Herme Collection was formed by two unique talents Oliver Baussan and Pierre Herme infusing their expertise, one with passion for ingredients while another with passion for corsica and taste.

The collaborate of these two amazing talents has created a combination of temperamental scents and flavors of Rhubarb. Clove and Nutmeg. These soft subtle blends combines characteristics notes of Honey, Mandarin Orange and Immortelle. These beautiful creation are known today as Jasmine – Immortelle Neroli, Pamplemousse – Rhubarbe, and Miel Mandarine.

*here is my bff which I’m sure everybody already knows who she is.. Cheesie And Jasmine-Immortelle Neroli Edt*

Jasmine – Immortelle Neroli is luminous, Angelic and sensual.. a floral and feminine scent balancing white notes of gardens at dawn with key ingredients of immortelle essential oils from Corsica, Jasmine flower absolute, and Neroli Essence.

Pamplemousse Rhubarbe has a quivering accord that tantalises the nose and taste buds with a citrus fruit and rhubarb. The beautiful balance of note is sensual woody notes of cedar conjuring up sensation of mischievous grapefruit designed specifically for both men and women.


Miel Mandarine is a blend of golden honey crystallised on a sun-drenched slice of Mandarin Orange. Also designed for both men and women with key ingredients of Mandarin Orange and Corsican Immortelle. Combined with balsamic facets of Benzoin and almond facets of tonic Absolute, it reveals all the depths of its honeyed heart.

This fantastic Xmas holiday collaboration will bring explosion of joys and flavors reminicing that magical childhood memorable moments when everything was beautiful, bright and full of light. It’s definitely #thegiftiwanttokeep A big thank you to #loccitanemalaysia


Melvita, a leading french organic skin care brand has also created an exclusive range of new nectar de roses to celebate christmas this year 2015. These three unique organic wild roses bouquet was created with various unique roses : Rosa Mosqueta from South of Chile, Rosa Canina from Vergers and Rosa Gallica from Regions of Drome. Together these bouquet of fresh roses fills the air with a feminine and delicate fragrance.

With the Nectar de Roses range, Melvita offers a precious organic blend with a captivating scent that moisturises and revitalises even the thirstiest skin, from head to toe.

Another fantastic discovery i have uncovered from Melvita’s range are the organic oils. The one i have personally tested and love is L’OR BIO Extraordinary Oil. A unique synergy of 5 rare and precious oils, gathered from the four corners of the world, providing an extraordinary subtle scent, non oily yet deeply nourishing and conditioning with a protective film for both the skin and hair when used. Specially intwined with various oil such as Argan oil from Morocco, Kendi oil from Indonesia, Inca Inchi oil from Amazonia and Pracaxi oil from Amazonia. I totally love it! It would be available in the store on the 16th of November.. this is a MUST TRY!

Good news! Melvin Malaysia is now on Instagram! @melvitaofficial and their giving 3 lucky winners a chance to winL’Or Bio Extraordinary Oil 100ml. All you have to do is

  • Post pictures of your best Melvita product with #HolidayMelvita (Country) #melvitaMY #melvitamalaysia & with @melvitaoffical tag
  • Regram the picture

and you might be one of those 3 lucky winners! 🙂

De Nail Addict


Nail pampering sessions are one of my all time favorite luxury. It was recently that i had the privilege of trying out the services at a nail parlor called De Nail Addict. Three beautiful young like minded ladies got together creating and sharing their talents.

Needless to say, the place was spaciously comfortable and their services and skills as well.


I was truly impress by the friendly manicurist named Yvonne, who patiently helped me go through the possible designs i could have for that day. 

Needless to say, i fell in love with their popular design above the instant i saw it, but would prefer to have a bit of a tweak to it.


It took me a while to decide but her professionalism and soft spoken character made me extremely comfortable.

After a good 15-20 min of consultation, we managed to decide on a design that i would like.


This is me feeling all snuggly and comfortable while the manicurist and pedicurist continue on with the tough stuff of buffing, polishing and designing pretty designs on the nails.






After a good 2 hours and a half, my nails for both hands and feet looked pretty and dazzling.




To try out their services, feel free to make an appointment at the contact listed below :

De Nail Addict 57

Activo Plaza, B-F-13 BlockB,

Jalan PJU9/1 Damansara Avenue,

Bandar Sri Damansara


Opening hours

Tuesday- Saturday : 10:30am – 8pm

Sunday : 10:30am -7pm.


Goodbye Rambut Putih!

Argghhh~ rambut putih!!!!

What to do when you realize age is catching up and your hair is turning white?!?

I pulled out a total of 7 strands of white hair (probably there is alot more) while i was grooming myself early one day. Despite freaking out.. i know it is time to find the perfect dye!

I would have gone to the salon to do it usually, but with a baby it ain’t easy especially when it takes hours to get all glamour with the new colour.


Therefore, i decided to DIY! I’ve heard both bad and good reviews about Liese and decided to give it a go!


I chose dark chocolate (not so daring for bright colours la) unsure of what the outcome might turn out to be like.

My hair surprisingly has two tone before colouring it. Too much chemical adventure in the past i believe. >.<


And so i got started.

The directions on the box was rather straight forward and soon i started to look like this.


Banyak ‘funky’ when the foam lathers up.. not to mention the smell as well! eeeks*

Taa Daa…

IMG_3754 IMG_3757

For starters, the colour wasn’t too light/bright. It was evenly distributed making my hair now to be all one tone. Down side, i find that it is seriously drying to the hair.. now my ends feels so frizzy! >.<

But on the brighter note… No More white hair! Tee hee hee*