A Little About The Mizz Eve

Ni Hao! (Hello!) I am Eve if you ask my friends, “Baby/B” if you ask my husband. Mommy if you ask my little girl and boy.


I am the creator of mrsandmomma.wordpress.com. I started this website because I wanted to write about the things I love and enjoy most in life, a journal of little memories as i etched through my journey of being a Mom and being a Wife. God has truly blessed me with an amazing little family. I’ve never felt more fulfilled.

My Husband and I met through SALSA (a passionate dance which had brought us united as one), We fell in love and were married and 2 years after that our sweet girl was born on Xmas Eve…Another 2 years after that i had my precious son.  Being a Mother and a Wife has brought more love, happiness and occasionally challenges and frustration into my life than I ever could have imagined.

Today, being a mom of two, i try to live with a crafty journey of motherhood while holding on to every mom’s advice and words to get me through both days and nights. Non the less, i have also learned a few tips and tricks of my own trying and learning to be ‘the ideal mom’ to my kids (and not to forget the ideal wife material to the husband as well).

While there are so many inspirations in life i just love, this blog will be altered and focused on my greater passions with various aspects embarking my journey through motherhood.


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