Better Sleep Month

imageDid you know that May is known as *Better Sleep Month*?

If you know me, i am an extremely light sleeper by nature. Any little noise/sounds wakes me up both day and night. I definitely DO NOT sleep a good 8 hours per day but i do value my sleep and this month (since it is sleep month) i have teamed up with Casper to give you guys some tips on having better quality sleep. 🙂

There are various factors leading to the lack of quality of sleep in general. Here are some of the identified factors that mainly contributes to sleeping problem and ways to counter them.



Busy Mind








Not Tierd


Sunday Night Insomnia




As a young little girl~ i never did enjoyed the idea of napping. It somehow tends to mess up my sleeping mode at night, leading me to find it nearly impossible to fall asleep. As i grew older, i noticed that i tend to have migraines whenever i do managed to take a nap in the afternoon. As an adult and mother of two now, I have cultivated a sleeping routine whereby i sleep by 12:30am and wakes up at 6:15am daily. These tips mentioned above indeed helped me to gained better quality sleep. However, I am also a huge fan of dehumidifier + essential oils and i believe not only it makes the room smells nice, it also helps soothes and eases me to bed easily. I love infusing the aromatic scents of lavender + lemon + peppermint. As i do regularly exercise, it has also helped with improving the quality of sleep i get daily even though i don’t sleep a full 8 hours. Needless to say, consumption of caffeine is a NO NO NO… 5 hours before bedtime for me. 😛


Do you have any sleeping tips to share? Would love to hear your thoughts on this. 🙂

ALSO, do check out Casper for further tips on quality sleeping.

You can check their Facebook Page , Instagram and Pinterest as well.



  1. This are some great tips. I personally do not have sleeping problems but I do agree that your tips would help those who have problems sleeping

  2. this is a great post.. I do have a lot of sleep problems.. huhuh.. too much stress… I wish I can over come it…will try those tips you gave… if not can borrow your puppy or not… LOL

  3. I am a light sleeper too and always do not get a stretch of sleep. I do nap some afternoons if I am at home. I need it to refresh my mind.

  4. I’m a person who loves to sleep. I have all the symptoms that you stated. I think i need some plan to get back my sleeping time. Thanks for the post

  5. Wow super informative about sleep! Sometimes even I am very tired but my mind seems quite awake in the middle of night, gonna do some research through Casper.

  6. hey yo light sleeper! I’m light sleeper as well, totally understand your pain. I would like my room to be in complete darkness, will cover every hole in the room to make sure there is no light. lol.

  7. Sleeping is very important for health as it’s very tired next day of lack of sleep. Really thankful for sharing such awesome sharing about sleeping tips. ^.^

  8. useful tips but i’ve been so stressed out lately & overworked i dont think i have problems sleeping anymore. waking up is!

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