Dr Morita Mask Review

As my hectic schedule continues (you can read about it heRe..) , one of my favourite moments is to take a few minutes in a day to have a break. One of these moments includes self pampering sessions. This month, i have  discovered a new brand known as the Dr. Morita Mask.

imageBased on research, Dr.Morita is famed for its ultra-effective pharmaceutical grade facial masks, and has finally been introduced in Malaysia. The Dr. Morita brand has known to have extreme focused on research and development throughout a good 83 years of development. It has an extensive range of facial masks designed to bring out instantly visible effects on skin for hydrating, whitening, repairing, soothing, or anti-aging.
Originating from Taiwan and known in the region as one of the pioneers in facial mask, Dr. Morita owes much of it success to its research and development center in Japan. As a testimony to the brand’s success, Dr. Morita was awarded Best Facial Mask in 2008 and 2009 from the Watson pharmaceutical chain stores in Taiwan. It has also become a very popular brand in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and became the No. 1 facial sheet mask in less than 2 years. Hence, i was extremely excited to have learnt it is now available in Malaysia.

Dr. Morita complete range of products are now exclusively at Guardian pharmacy nationwide. Dr. Morita facial mask retails at RM22.90 whereas the Dr. Morita facial watery cream / sleeping mask is priced at RM39.90.

I tried Dr. Morita Face-Aid Kit and Dr.Morita Pearl Whitening Facial Mask.

imageDr. Morita Pearl Whitening Facial Mask contains unique ingredients such as Tranexamic Acid & Hyaluronic Acid imported from Japan + Pear Powder. Tranexamic Acid is a new generation of whitening ingredient to even out skin tone while giving the skin a luminous brightening effect. Pearl powder, helps to brighten up skin tone while diluting dullness on and under the skin. Hyluronic Acid is known to have an ultra moisturising factor to maintain hydration while locking its moisture on the skin leaving it supple, firm and smooth. To use, it was extremely easy.. upon cleansing the face, i apply the mask directly on my skin and left it on for a goof 10-15min. I then removed the mask and massaged the excess essence into my skin. I loved how my skin looks and feel after using the mask.



My personal favourite this month is the Dr. Morita Face-Aid Kit. It contains 3 different kind of mask.


Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Essence Facial Mask 

Narcissus Whitening Essence Ultra Slim Facial Maks 

Collagen Repair Essence Facial Mask. 

I love the fact that each mask focuses on different variation to enhance the skin.

imageHyaluronic Acid Moisture Essence Facial Mask provides basic yet effective functions of moisturising, whitening, repairing and firming.

imageNarcissus Whitening Essence Ultra Slim Facial Mask contains different effective ingredients from Ultra Slim Series to enhance and nourish skin. Product functions include moisturising, whining and pore refining.

imageCollagen Repair Essence Facial Mask contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptides and platinum known to be for repairing, rejuvenating, firming and anti-agin. It helps to smooth out dryness and fine lines to maintain youthful appearance.

My experience with Dr.Morita masks has been a pleasant experience. Not to mention, i am quite liking the results i see on my face upon using the masks. 😉




For further information do check out their Facebook Page DrMoritaMY and check out their Instagram @dr.moritamy  for further information.


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