Better Sleep Month

imageDid you know that May is known as *Better Sleep Month*?

If you know me, i am an extremely light sleeper by nature. Any little noise/sounds wakes me up both day and night. I definitely DO NOT sleep a good 8 hours per day but i do value my sleep and this month (since it is sleep month) i have teamed up with Casper to give you guys some tips on having better quality sleep. 🙂

There are various factors leading to the lack of quality of sleep in general. Here are some of the identified factors that mainly contributes to sleeping problem and ways to counter them.



Busy Mind








Not Tierd


Sunday Night Insomnia




As a young little girl~ i never did enjoyed the idea of napping. It somehow tends to mess up my sleeping mode at night, leading me to find it nearly impossible to fall asleep. As i grew older, i noticed that i tend to have migraines whenever i do managed to take a nap in the afternoon. As an adult and mother of two now, I have cultivated a sleeping routine whereby i sleep by 12:30am and wakes up at 6:15am daily. These tips mentioned above indeed helped me to gained better quality sleep. However, I am also a huge fan of dehumidifier + essential oils and i believe not only it makes the room smells nice, it also helps soothes and eases me to bed easily. I love infusing the aromatic scents of lavender + lemon + peppermint. As i do regularly exercise, it has also helped with improving the quality of sleep i get daily even though i don’t sleep a full 8 hours. Needless to say, consumption of caffeine is a NO NO NO… 5 hours before bedtime for me. 😛


Do you have any sleeping tips to share? Would love to hear your thoughts on this. 🙂

ALSO, do check out Casper for further tips on quality sleeping.

You can check their Facebook Page , Instagram and Pinterest as well.


Dr Morita Mask Review

As my hectic schedule continues (you can read about it heRe..) , one of my favourite moments is to take a few minutes in a day to have a break. One of these moments includes self pampering sessions. This month, i have  discovered a new brand known as the Dr. Morita Mask.

imageBased on research, Dr.Morita is famed for its ultra-effective pharmaceutical grade facial masks, and has finally been introduced in Malaysia. The Dr. Morita brand has known to have extreme focused on research and development throughout a good 83 years of development. It has an extensive range of facial masks designed to bring out instantly visible effects on skin for hydrating, whitening, repairing, soothing, or anti-aging.
Originating from Taiwan and known in the region as one of the pioneers in facial mask, Dr. Morita owes much of it success to its research and development center in Japan. As a testimony to the brand’s success, Dr. Morita was awarded Best Facial Mask in 2008 and 2009 from the Watson pharmaceutical chain stores in Taiwan. It has also become a very popular brand in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and became the No. 1 facial sheet mask in less than 2 years. Hence, i was extremely excited to have learnt it is now available in Malaysia.

Dr. Morita complete range of products are now exclusively at Guardian pharmacy nationwide. Dr. Morita facial mask retails at RM22.90 whereas the Dr. Morita facial watery cream / sleeping mask is priced at RM39.90.

I tried Dr. Morita Face-Aid Kit and Dr.Morita Pearl Whitening Facial Mask.

imageDr. Morita Pearl Whitening Facial Mask contains unique ingredients such as Tranexamic Acid & Hyaluronic Acid imported from Japan + Pear Powder. Tranexamic Acid is a new generation of whitening ingredient to even out skin tone while giving the skin a luminous brightening effect. Pearl powder, helps to brighten up skin tone while diluting dullness on and under the skin. Hyluronic Acid is known to have an ultra moisturising factor to maintain hydration while locking its moisture on the skin leaving it supple, firm and smooth. To use, it was extremely easy.. upon cleansing the face, i apply the mask directly on my skin and left it on for a goof 10-15min. I then removed the mask and massaged the excess essence into my skin. I loved how my skin looks and feel after using the mask.



My personal favourite this month is the Dr. Morita Face-Aid Kit. It contains 3 different kind of mask.


Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Essence Facial Mask 

Narcissus Whitening Essence Ultra Slim Facial Maks 

Collagen Repair Essence Facial Mask. 

I love the fact that each mask focuses on different variation to enhance the skin.

imageHyaluronic Acid Moisture Essence Facial Mask provides basic yet effective functions of moisturising, whitening, repairing and firming.

imageNarcissus Whitening Essence Ultra Slim Facial Mask contains different effective ingredients from Ultra Slim Series to enhance and nourish skin. Product functions include moisturising, whining and pore refining.

imageCollagen Repair Essence Facial Mask contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptides and platinum known to be for repairing, rejuvenating, firming and anti-agin. It helps to smooth out dryness and fine lines to maintain youthful appearance.

My experience with Dr.Morita masks has been a pleasant experience. Not to mention, i am quite liking the results i see on my face upon using the masks. 😉




For further information do check out their Facebook Page DrMoritaMY and check out their Instagram @dr.moritamy  for further information.

chasing time…


These days i have been rather busy simply because i have been chasing time

The picture above probably doesn’t justify it, thats because thats me taking a 2 min break just before i head out to pick the kids up yesterday afternoon. 😛

I started this year with a new resolution with the mission to learn something new. With that in mind, i decided to take up a language class ~ Japanese Language. To be truthfully honest, i was inspired by my husband and close friends around me who constantly converse in Japanese while i play the guessing game in self translating those sentences and pretending that i think i kinda get the conversation. I envied them that they converse the language so easily and well. Hence, i decided to take up the challenge and gave myself a mission to be able to read and converse in Japanese before my next trip to Japan.


*here’s me graduating my beginners 1*

14 weeks down the road~ things are getting tougher and i am being challenged after each lesson. YET~ I love my classes and i have an amazing sensei (my teacher) that has amazing patience towards his students. Much thanks to my post pregnancy brain from my 2 pregnancies, somehow my memory/alertness has been compromised quite a fair bit. 😦 However, i am truly glad to say that i am confident and thankful to have such amazingly patient sensei to guide and teach me the language even though i am struggling at times.


*my sensei and fellow supportive classmates*

Besides constantly doing revision, homework, translation and more reading… I started on the BBG (Body Bikini Guide) Programme. If you haven’t already heard about it.. you should indeed google it up and get yourself a copy to try it! Alternatively, you can always download it from the App Store (Sweat with Kayla). The programme although takes 28 minutes to workout at the comfort of my own home, i am so exhausted after one session of workout. Mind you, it is actually almost a daily affair kinda lifestyle. Monday to Saturday consists of a variation of workouts from using your own body weight to improving your strength and endurance. Sunday is however the NO WORKOUT DAY.






Having a new lifestyle and mission to achieve THE TO DIE FOR BIKINI BODY, i started watching my food and consuming minimal carbs (mostly consuming carbs ONLY in the mornings and/or afternoons) and loading my body with clean, healthy, nutritional food. My choices mostly includes protein (chicken, fish, meat, and seafood). I don’t count my calories but i practice the simple belief of…

Carbs = Energy / Fats (if not burn)

Protein = Muscle

Moving on, I have been rather overwhelmed with work as well. I am thankful that to have known many wonderful people and readers who constantly shares and support my work here. I love this world. The fact that i am able to share my thoughts and reviews. Life as a momma blogger is truly a blessing thanks to all of you. I have many product reviews lined up and i am dying to share them all! 🙂 Below are some of my personal reviews if you haven’t already read about it…

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Kids. My kids. My husband. My fur baby. My family are my everything. Being a momma is a 24/7 role and sometimes there are those days whereby the kids are simply unwell and no medicine or comforting words will work to cheer them up BUT their momma (NOT EVEN THEIR DADDY)! AND the past couple of weeks, my children has been rather unwell thanks to the unpredictable weather and haze. My husband and i share an amazing bond, a bond that i don’t see my own parents have. AND i am truly bless and thankful to have such a wonderful, understanding, patient, supportive husband in my life. ALSO, my adopted fur kid contributes in making my life a little more balance. I swear, its something about stroking and grooming her that is really therapeutic to me. *I actually enjoy it so much that i groom her twice a day* 





While i juggle my roles of being a momma, a blogger, a student, a wife, and going through a healthier lifestyle change i am simply chasing time thanks to all the goodness and positive vibes that is happening around me. I believe in balance and i try my very best to practice the essence of having a balance lifestyle in everything i do. While counting my blessings in my achievements thus far, i believe there would be many more to come throughout this wonderful year ahead. Much thanks once again to my wonderful readers, clients, friends and supporters whom constantly visit my blog, leave comments and send me personal emails. Much love to all~  🙂


Ecover Zero Review


I have always been fond of products that are known to be natural, eco friendly and effective. Recently, i tried a brand known as Ecover Zero.

Ecover is known to be one the largest green companies in Belgium that only produces household cleaning products that derived from plants and minerals. The products are dermatologically tested and it is recommended to be be used by people with sensitive skin AND it is safe enough to use for babies as well. Very often, people find it difficult to breath after using the harsh cleaning detergent, it is not only uncomfortable but it is also dangerous as it could lead to lung infection after using it for a long period of time.

In Malaysia there are 2 range of products from Ecover.
Ecover Normal Range – ( Bathroom cleaner, Dish detergent, Kitchen cleaner and Laundry detergent)
Ecover Zero Range – ( Dish Detergent and Laundry Detergent Only).

I tried the Ecover Zero Range.

Ecover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Liquid 

Ecover Zero Fabric Conditioner 

Ecover Zero Washing-up Liquid 

The differences between Ecover Normal Range and Ecover Zero Range are that Ecover Zero does not contain any fragrance and colouring. It is also tested by UK Allergy. 


Known to be the pioneer in green science for over 30 years, Ecover has managed to bring nature on our side while creating effective detergents which allows our laundry to be done effectively with powerful formulation and yet gentle on the fabrics. Its gentle formula keeps the fabrics soft, fresh and easy to iron – for comfy clothes. What i love most about this range is that it is created with plant and mineral based ingredients which are effective, while reducing pollution PLUS it contains no colouring, fragrance or enzymes to ensure that it is not harmful towards our skin. 


Ecover Zero Non-Bio Laundry Detergent 1500ml RM54.90

I was utmost amazed at how luxuriously soft and fresh my clothes and towels were upon using the Fabric Conditioner. It softens clothes effectively while caring for sensitive skin. This is extremely important for me and my family. Ever since i have children, i have learnt that their tiny body and skin are not the same as adults. What we may feel alright with, may not be for them. Hence, i went through much trial and error and have always had a hard time finding the right kind of products to use for my children. Now that i have found Ecover Zero Range, i can be sure to say that i am at ease knowing that i am using products that are safe on the clothes they wear.


Ecover Zero Fabric Conditioner 750ml RM23.90

The washing up liquid does amazing wonders by cutting through grease and grime while caring for sensitive skin. It effectively washes up the dishes, cutlery and glassware leaving it sparkling clean. It doesn’t generate excessive bubbles but with one squeeze it was enough for me to wash the whole sink full of dirty dishes. I was rather amused at its clever formulation to tackle grease and grime , leaving the pots and pans spotless while the dishes are squeaky clean.


Ecover Zero Dish Liquid 750ml RM19.90

I personally would recommend this for those who have sensitive skin or babies in the house. I am really glad that Ecover has created such an amazing formulation. For me, what is most important is that it is gentle enough for my family and yet effective enough for me to get things done. These products does just that!

To purchase, you can find them over at Village Grocer or via Online for promotional price while stock last over at Ecover. 

*the cleaning ingredients for both Ecover Normal and Ecover Zero does not contain phosphate as well as harmful chemicals*

Dutch Lady & Mom, Step by Step Together

I love attending events! Especially events whereby it brings mothers together creating a support group. Recently, I was invited to attend Dutch Lady Step by Step Nutrition & Nurturing Guidance ~ working hand in hand together to provide support to children’s development.

It was one of the most fulfilling event that i have been in a while. An event whereby

Paediatric expert – Dr.Yong Junina Fadzil

TV host, actress, and mother – Scha Alyahya and

3 other amazing blogger mothers

get together to share their experience, story, expertise and beliefs to other amazing mothers creating a special nurturing bond supportive group and nurturing guidance, tailored nutrition to support a child’s overall development from 1 to over 6 years old.


It is a known fact that it is extremely important for mothers to understand that their nurturing guidance and their growing up milk’s nutrition needs to go hand in hand to ensure the progressive development of a child.

imageDutch Lady 4-step Nutri-Plan with 5X DHA is a nutrition programme for children 1 to 6 years of age that continuously supports a child’s  developmental milestones and learning. When nutritional needs are well taken care of, it is a humble fact that mothers can focus on guiding their children to achieve foundation milestones that will help shape their future development and learning achievements at school, in the family and life as a whole.

In general children goes through 4 different developmental journey at a young age. Dutch Lady 4-step Nutri Plan with 5X DHA offers total nutrition programme, formulated with tailored nutrients to support each milestone, and mothers are encouraged to guide their children accordingly to the milestone.





imageCurious : At age 1 to 2, children are most curious at this stage. They are eager to learn more about the world and they start to observe and reacts by grasping, pointing and playing. It is important that during this stage visionary activities are practiced. Brain development is also important during this phases they start to learn and remember what they see in their surrondings. During this stage Dutch Lady formulated milk focuses on nutrients that also helps to enhance their specific nurturing needs such as Inositol, Taurine, and Vitamin A to support their visual development as well.

Suggested Activities : 

Guide them on how to match colours and shapes

Play hide and seek with them


*image above shows children playing matching games*

imageExplore : At ages 2-4, children become more active and start exploring their surroundings. They begin to understand and development are through touching and tasting. It is during this stage that their natural body resistance are challenged. Hence, Dutch Lady focuses on building their immunity and prevent them from falling ill with nutritional ingredient such as  Selenium and Zinc. During this stage, brain development are enhanced as well as they begin to apply what they have learnt from their surroundings.

Suggested Activities : 

Discover nature together in the park or your own garden

Sensory play activities such a dough play is awesome as well.



*images above shows children interacting and exploring about little cute chicks and cute fluffy rabbits*


Create : At ages 4-6, children become more creative and imaginative. They begin to use creativity as a form of problem solving, which requires adaptability and flexibility of thought. Nutrients such as Tyrosine, Choline, and Vitamin D helps to support flexible thinking in their brain function. During this stage children progresses to enhance their skills in learning, memorising and making connections.

Suggested Activities : 

Using recycle material to create objects

Toy building blocks play

Colour painting


*image above shows children playing with blocks enhancing their creative thinking*


Learn : At age 6 years and above, focus and good memory skills are important for children at school. They begin to learn important social and verbal skills and require focus and memory skills to help them learn. Magnesium is an important nutrient to support a child’s memory.

Suggested Activities :

Memory and concertration games

Crossword puzzle or picture puzzles

Create a challenge by setting a timer for a particular task for the child to work to ‘beat’


*image above shows children learning and practicing simple mathematics to challenge themselves* 


I had an amazing time during this event learning and sharing great tips, advice and meeting new awesome mothers. Thank you Dutch Lady Malaysia for organising and inviting me to such an informative, fulfilling yet successful event.

For more information on Dutch Lady Nutri Plan with 5X DHA supports a child’s developmental milestones, and Dutch Lady Nilai Bijak campaign, please click the link for further information.