Melvita Nectar de Miels Review

A couple weeks back i was invited to attend an event introducing

Melvita’s secret garden

for the latest launch of the range 

Nectar De Miels. 


The event was educational yet inspiring as it was conducted with the mission to save the earth incorporating it along with Earth Month!



The launch of Nectar De Miels, the New Body Care line from Melvita is enriched with organic Thyme Honey to rescue even the driest and most sensitive skin. The Nectar de Miels formula is known to relieve, repair and revitalise with its easy to absorb smooth yet soothing texture sinking immediately into the skin.


Thyme honey is known to be the star ingredient in the Nectar de Miels range. It’s parented complex contains 3 organic honeys known as thyme, orange blossom and acacia, which protect, repairs and revitalises. Soline is an active ingredient derived from sunflower oil, which softens the skin, helping prevent moisture loss and while strengthening the skin barrier. Some interesting facts: before the invention of antibiotics, thyme oil was often used as antiseptic properties. Today, thyme honey is the subject of cutting-edge medical research, which has shown that this plant has powerful benefits.



The Comforting Balm (175ml, RM138) offers a concentrate of nourishing care for the driest and most sensitive skin. Its rich, smooth, enveloping texture provides an instant soothing effect. Immediately, skin feels incredibly soft – a sensation enhanced by the balm’s delicate floral and delicious scents. The comforting balm is thicker in texture, acts like a natural, soothing “dressing” with a supreme nourishment for extra dry and extra sensitive skin. I used it before going to bed, smoothing it over my skin and paying extra attention especially to those rough areas such as elbows and ankles.

Comforting Creamy Milk (200ml, RM115) It provides an intense nourishment from the rich fluid body milk texture with supreme comfort leaving skin as soft as velvet. Using it in the morning, i applied it all over the body gently massaging into my skin until completely absorbed.

Comforting Hand Cream (75ml, RM73) (30ml, RM36) It’s the richest of all Melvita hand creams. Applying it whenever necessary to the back of clean and dry hands.


Nectar de Miels has certainly made and changed the way my skin feels upon using it for only ONE WEEK! I am amazed by how easily it absorbs into my skin while protecting, revitalising and moisturising it… leaving a sweet yet warm floral and delicious note of lingering scent on my body. I love it! It smells wonderful and it makes my skin feels amazingly soft and supple throughout both day and night.

I would highly recommend it especially for those who have sensitive skin to give Melvita, Nectar de Miels a go. Another big plus points is Melvita products contain NO paraffin, paraben, silicone and no synthetic fragrances or colourings amongst other chemicals. In fact, Ecocert France has certified Melvita products organic using only organic honey and other natural organic ingredients!

To find out more information, please visit

Melvita Malaysia Website or Melvita Malaysia Facebook Page



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