Mother Daughter Bonding with 100% Pure Nail Polishes

imageHaving a baby girl is truly a blessing. I believe it is every mother’s dream to have a baby girl. A little girl to play dress up with, to share little secrets with, to explore, learn and grow together side by side as a mother and daughter. When my little girl was born, she changed my world. Her presence did nothing less but enlightened me as a mother.

I believe in building a close relationship with my children. Nothing beats sharing and having bonding sessions with them.


My daughter is like a mini me. We are so alike in many ways. We like the same things. We share the same interest and we LOVE being together doing girly stuff.

*Which mother wouldn’t enjoy spending quality bonding time with their own daughter, right?*

Being a Mother, i would always try to provide the best as i can for my children. A couple of weeks back, i found the brand 100% Pure and ever since i have been obsessed with the products available by them. You can read my review on some of my favourite products i have tried Aqua Boost Hydrating Mask and As Easy As 123 Natural Makeup Glow

Recently, i decided to try their latest range of CREAMY Nail Polishes with my little girl.


100% Pure Nail Polishes are famous for their “10-free”

free of formaldehyde

free of toluene

free of DBP

free of camphor

free of formaldehyde resin

free of xylene

free of parabens

free of fragrances

free of phthalates

free of animal ingredients.


It is not easy to find nail polishes that are safe, especially for children. Being a rather paranoid momma, i am able to share with you today that i am comfortable, confident and believe that these nail polishes from 100% Pure are definitely safe enough compared to many other brands out there for children to use!


Needless to say, my little girl totally enjoy her nails being painted by her momma!


Our Bonding moments were filled with many funny faces and fun moments beautifying and pampering our nails!


*her smiles melts my heart all the time*


Then, it was her turn to paint for momma! 😛




We love our nails! Don’t you?



I was very amazed by the creamy texture and the intensity of its colours from the Nail Polishes. It was easy to apply, gliding it’s gorgeous colour along our nails.


We used the Full Nail Range from 100% Pure.

Horsetail Base Coat

Colours Used : Cloud, Soul Mate, Cherry Pop

Glass Top Coat 


Once the application was done ~ we pampered our hands and nails with the 100% Pure Eucalyptus Hand ButterCream.  A rich buttercream that moisturises, softens and deeply nourishes with anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants made with 100% natural ingredients and certified organic.


The hand cream became an instant favourite the day it arrived. I loved how it is made from all natural ingredients from herbs, organic oils and a variety of fruits. Applying each time after we washed our hands. 🙂


Even my little boy loves its natural scent from the hand cream and had some massaged into his palms as well.



 Now with Mother’s Day around the corner 100% Pure is running an amazing

Mother’s Day Special. 

Be the favorite child.


Celebrating Mother’s Day with 20% OFF of your favorite 100% PURE® products with the


from NOW until 10th May 2016.

Where to Buy? You can purchase it ONLINE over at 100% Pure

Learn More about 100% Pure Malaysia Loyalty Reward Program. For all orders, the customers can get 3% rebate in reward points that they can use to pay for their next purchase. There are also many more ways to earn points for more info you can click here: Loyalty Reward Program

Click the link and experience for yourself how amazing these 100% natural, 100% vegan products, cruelty free, gluten free and organic brand can nurture and transform your beauty regimen today!



  1. Totally agree that girls are so much fun!!! My daughter does ask for her nails to be polished too, but we can only do it during the school holidays. great to know that 100% pure creamy nail polish is safe for kids too!

  2. How sweet… you all have such great bonding… however, enjoy it while it last…the nail polish looks amazing too and it’s not easy finding one that suits our kids

  3. The girls love doing this too, especially the younger one. I got her one of those DIY bangles and also a DIY fingernail kit once. It’s a fun thing to do together, but probably different for me since I don’t do my nails. That’s not to say I’ve never painted my nails before, I actually did when I was 15/16, did it in all sorts of shocking colors from green to black. I’ve never done it as an adult though, although I’ve been do manicures as part of a massage package in Bali before.

  4. They look like they have clear polishes?! OMG i’ve been searching high and low for these because I want to mix them with minerals. Thank goodness I came across your post!

  5. It looks like you and your daughter had the loveliest time! I let my baby niece put nail polish from me all the time because she loves doing it, but we always use the kiddie version from Toys R Us, These ones seem like a nice substitute, I especially really like the nude pink shade! (Except I would probably have to clean up my nails a lot afterwards if we use these, because my niece still has baby fingers after all!).

  6. Your daughter really look like you. Pure products really good and it suitable for our skin . I like the nail polish color.

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