A Mothers Post – Thankyou!

imageBeing a mom can sometimes be tough. It gets even tougher when both children are sick.

Since late last week my children were unfortunate to have caught a horrible inflammation on their throat. One thing lead to another and i had my fair share of cries, whines, tantrums, fights, fever, coughs, cold and exhaustion. Visitation to the doctors had the children a tad bit grumpy (who can blame them, they are already feeling uncomfortable from both the pain and lack of sleep). 

My nights were my days while my days were also my days… I sit in the dark sponging down both their fever and trying to soothe them to comfort whenever i hear them cough endlessly or when they toss and turn in discomfort. The thermometer were my BFF for a good few days where i will constantly reach for it every 5 minutes to check on both kids temperature (YES I AM A PARANOID MOMMA!)  It was indeed heartbreaking. I hate it when the children are sick. They get grumpy and i get grumpy. They cry, and i end up crying along with them.

As i stay beside their bed, soothing the both of them, i began to wonder how tough yet amazing our roles as Mothers are. The things we do, the accomplishments we achieve, our expectations and goals and how it revolves around the things that are most important to us, the changes and priorities we make for the better and for the ones we love. Mothers’ are simply beautiful both inside out, for the commitments and decisions we make for our children and love ones. (Well, okay.. not all mothers are like that.. but i would like to believe most my Momma readers are like that!). 

imageHence, this blog post is written to thank all Mothers out there who are extremely supportive to other Mothers who sometimes all we need is to hear those words from another mothers perspective, to share, to grow and to learn from (trust me, there are actually many Mothers out there who are extremely kind, thoughtful and helpful AND are more willing to share than criticise). 

imageAs i have grown into a Momma over the past few years, i have learnt and grown so much from supportive momma’s around the globe. If it’s not because of Mother’s who understand and think alike.. i would like to believe that we (or should i say.. i) wouldn’t be as rounded as i am today. Hence, ThankYOU to all you wonderful and supportive Mothers out there!

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I know i am a couple weeks early… BUT i would also like to take this opportunity in Wishing all Mothers out there a Very Happy Early Mother’s Day Celebration this year!



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  1. Yeah, I’m sure your kids appreciate all the sacrifices you’ve made for them! My mom has passed a few years ago and I’m glad I told her I appreciate everything she’s done for me.

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