The Wonders of Oxybright Beaute Beverage

Late last year i learnt about Iviora Malaysia and tried their Moringa BioEnzymes which helped boost my digestive health for the better. This year, the company launched a new formulation from France known as the Oxybright Beaute Beverage. It is known to be a perfect skin oxygen booster with ingredients such as white fungus, hydrolysed marine collagen, rose petal extract and astaxanthin micro alga. A drink packed into one sachet to enhance and maintain your youth and beauty.

The amazing formulation from France was created with the with perfect combination of Astaxanthin (Haematiciccus Pluvialis), Rose petal extract, hydrolyzed marine peptides (small molecule size of collagen), white fungus and mixed berries base on 5 unique elements (Improve, Protect, Maintain, Minimise and Rejuvenate).

It is known to be a perfect skin oxygen and natural anti-oxidants booster and its effectively in improving skin tone and brightening the skin. It also effectively protects the sub grin UV damages and help in maintain youthful and healthy skin , while preventing age and dark spots, minimise wrinkles, fine lines and acne.


What is Astaxanthin? It is a powerful antioxidants that provide greater health benefits with broad health implications for human body especially in promoting healthy skin, eye and strengthening the immune system. It is 6000x stronger than vitamin C, 40x stronger than beta-carotene, 800x stronger than coQ10, 17x more potent than grape seed extract, 550x stronger than vitamin E, 550x stronger than green tea catching and 75x stronger than alpha lipoic acid.

Upon learning so much about the product. I was extremely amazed and excited to try upon receiving my first box.


It is easy to make as i mix 1 sachet in 150ml room temperature water.


The colour looks purplish pink as it is signifies the pure super berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, elderberries) that are being used to create this awesome formulation.


The mixture mixes easily blending into the water as i stir it in.


It tasted a little sweet with a slight sourish after taste (like how usually berries will leave you with a slight hint of rose). I personally find it very pleasant and not hard but incredibly nice to drink.


within 10 seconds..


within 6 seconds..


within 2 seconds..


and i was done. I loved the taste. I love what it does for my skin and i find it extremely refreshing!


I don’t have perfect skin to begin with and do have my fair share of age spots, dark spots, fine lines (as age is catching up) hence, upon consuming the product for a week (2x a day before meal time and before heading to bed) i did notice slight improvement on the pigmented area and fine lines. However, for better results, i believe a couple more boxes would definitely do the trick. I loved the fact that this amazing product doesn’t only make me look good on the outside but it also makes me feel good on the inside packed with all the boosters required to repair, rejuvenate and enhance internally and externally.

Iviora Oxybright Beaute Beverage priced at RM196 is known to also binds in the moisture and enhances skin hydration level for a greater absorption into skin with small molecule collagen peptides and enhancing in replenishing while promoting collagen production within the body rather than replacing absent collagen. A reason why i also noticed my face tends to be slightly more firmer and fuller at my cheeks (thanks to the collagen production) ONLY after ONE WEEK of consumption.

To place an order you can go through their website at Iviora 🙂

If you would like to learn more about the Oxybright Beaute Beverage or other products they carry, you can visit their website at Iviora or Facebook page at Iviora Malaysia

*Stay Beautiful Always, Inside and Out*



  1. I love your glass. I’ve been looking for something like that (one inner “glass” suspended in an outer glass – transparent) and I saw it once at BIG (I think) but it was over RM 200 for 2 so I thought it was too expensive.

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