Organizing Tips and Tricks for Bags on the Go!


As a full time mom on the go, i like to have things all planned neat and ready for the road… Be it to head out to pick up the kids from school, or to head out for shopping, meetings or even a trip out of the city for a holiday. I hate the fact when i dig my bag and i can’t find the things i want/need hence i realised one day that by taking that extra couple of minutes to organising my bag actually makes so much of a difference in saving time and hassle especially when we are in a rush to do something important.

Here are some of my favorite tips and ideas that i find useful for just to have the bag a tad bit more organise to make that much of a difference especially in a rush!

  • Keep headphones and charger cords neat and tidy in a glasses case.


  • Get a bag organizer.. usually these comes with various compartments for you to keep your things.


  • When i am carrying a bigger bag for a trip, i like to keep my small essentials in little pouches (it can be coloured or various patterned designs) so i am able to grab the things i need in a jiffy when i need them.


  • Transform your kids lunch bag into a kids activity bag on the go by storing their favourite toys to keep them occupy during your trip out of town.



  • A must have of mine is hand sanitiser. I like to get those where it comes with a silicon rubber case whereby it can easily be hung on the bag. Saves space and easily accessible too!


  • When heading off for a holiday, I like to bring along some basic medication just in case of an emergency. It would be the basic essentials that my little ones may need. I like to have it properly organised in a small bag followed by having it kept in my luggage.


How about you? Do you have any little tips and tricks on how you get your bag organised for moments on the go? Feel free to share. Would love to hear about it! 🙂


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