A new member 🐶

This year Easter falls on a very special day. A day that brings us much joy and happiness to the family.


Meet Mochi (our very new member to the family, a shih tzu puppy)


*excuse my tear stains on my eyes.. i was overjoyed that my adopted momma is finally bringing me home but a little nervous as it was my first car ride* 

Born on the 8th of February 2016 (on Chinese New Year day) she somehow was fated to be apart of our lives. It has been a couple of months that i have considered if it would be a good idea to have a pet dog and which breed i should be looking at. My daughter adores dogs (just like her momma). However,  I didn’t want to get a dog because it’s cute and realising later on that it doesn’t fit the family in terms of character and temperament. As a breeder’s daughter, i do know my breeds rather well and did my fare share in understanding and taking care of the little ones once upon a time ago.

I spent many long months of days and night thinking and considering all factors. It was simply a mere coincidence that this sweetheart crawled into our hearts and the moment i saw her with my children we (my breeder friend and i) simply knew she was the one.


Mochi is a sweet little young thing that is extremely calm and gentle in her actions from the way she walks, to the way she eats, to the way she plays, to the way she interacts with people. My son (being afraid of all dogs) had an amazing chemistry ONLY with her. That particular moment when i saw them both interacting was simply priceless.



On Easter Day (27th March 2016), she was ready to come home with us and she had so much love and attention from the family. She was simply the little Star Sparkling our lives.


We are truly thankful that god has allowed us to be her adoptive parents and being apart of her life since she was 2 weeks old. Watching her grow days by days to week by week, has most certainly created that special bond and familiarity for her as well as us. It has most certainly created a special bond for her to adapt to our family. The process of her being home with us became extremely easy as she has been so used to seeing and sniffing us over the past few weeks.






Hence, by night fall.. she pretty much fell asleep like a baby without any cries or drama.


*My very first photo with my adopted Daddy and i love him very very much!




  1. Awwww, hi there little sweetie! I believe your momma is taking really good care of you. And your gor gor and che che must be treating you like their most precious playmate ever! 🙂

  2. awwwww…… sooo cute… and I love that you took the time to bond with her before you brought her back home, it makes her parting with her mom and the people she knows much easier and smoother… and she already knows you when you brought her back…. great job fur kid mom

  3. congratulations for having a puppy! i am a dog person too and I can imagine how much joy it can bring to family. looking forward for most posts about her 😉

  4. Oh, she so adorable and cute. Tiny little paw and she look so innocent. I want to adopt one but My apartment did not allow me to do it. I like her new home too.

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