Sibling Rivalry – Getting Along with the Treasure Box Method.

imageMy littles ones has the most remarkable relationship with each other. When one of them is away or out and about they will be constantly asking about each other. They simply seem inseparable! Yet when they are together they have this really sweet yet amazing bond that occassionally ends up having sibling rivalry.

At times, everything they touch seems to end up in screams, cries and fights but sometimes they somehow get to work it out and play along and enjoy the essence of playing with each other. It is never a pleasant sight when things don’t go the way they wished and ended up in tears.

Hence, i resorted in searching for ways/methods that i can teach them about family importance and kindness resolutions. I basically tried everything from being stern, to being nice until i was pretty much lost and desperate for an effective solution. Parenting is never easy but i believe that it is one of the most fulfilling job that anyone can have.


Then, i discovered an amazing idea … it is the Treasure Box method. Every morning, i will explain to both my children how important it is to be nice to each other and the benefits of having each other to play with and to be able to do things with. Then, i take out THE TREASURE BOX.

My main aim and objective for The Treasure Box method is to allow both my children to understand and encourage the fundamental fact of their successful and fun moments together. It is a positive approach that i feel encourages better behaviour in a fun way.

How does it work? Easy. I just acknowledge and write down all the cooperative moments of them playing and working together and fill it up in the treasure box.


At the end of the evening, they look forward to opening The Treasure Box with me while i read back to them the little things they have done together. I acknowledged the not so pleasant feelings when they don’t as well but also explained to the both of them the benefits when they do.

These little message reminders in The Treasure Box are miracles that is designed to reinforce the ideas to the both of them that they are both happier and will be successful when they are kind to each other. Needless to say, i can also tell that they look pretty please with themselves upon reading and hearing me acknowledging their positive little messages i have written for them when i read it out loud at the end of the evening.

Now both my children tries their very best to work together in achieving the simple goal of filling up The Treasure Box with “nice things they do together and for each other”. 🙂


*heRe’s a photo of the children visiting sweet little mochi the shih tzu together*



  1. Very good idea for the kids to bond. I never got along well with my sister (although it’s okay now that we’re both adults and quite old) but I’m still not super close to her. It’s part of our childhood I reckon, but thing like these would have helped a lot.

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