KL City Dentist Review

Are you one of those who is afraid of the Dentist?

As a little girl, i have been blessed with rather straight teeth. Oral hygiene is something i have learnt from a very young age as well. I remember when i was a little girl ( around 6-7 years old of age ) i had my first visit to the dentist in UK. (My family were there to pursue education and i was blessed to have had the opportunity to had a chance to study there for 4 years for my early education.) My very first experience to the dentist was the most pleasant experience i have ever had. I was taught proper ways to maintain my teeth, and the importance of oral health.

Ever since then (Thanks to my good experience) I never really feared going to the dentist!

When i came back to Malaysia and had to continue my education, in a school in Penang i was extremely lucky as i had a dentist within the school compound (Mind you, this is a public school and not a private or International School). I visited her (the dentist, which unfortunately i can’t remember her name) probably 3-4 times in a year as i liked to have my teeth polished with that familiar strawberry flavoured after taste in my mouth. 🙂

To find a good Dentist can be rather daunting. I often hear people’s comments and fears about going to the dentist being afraid of pain and sensitivity or the fear that it MIGHT be painful. However, i strongly feel and believe that to adopt a good healthy oral hygiene is important and should start from young. It is important to bring the children to a good dentist to have a pleasant first hand experience with them so that in the future they would know the importance of going to the dentist as well as basic oral health care at home.

Hence, today i’m sharing with you my first hand experience over at KL City Dentist. A Dentist that i can honestly say i have full confidence over in bringing my family for regular check ups and maintenance.




The view of this place is amazingly beautiful and the coziness of its environment is utmost comfortable.. allowing each patient to feel less nervous.



Over at this Clinic there are 3 Doctors that specialises in various aspects of Dentistry.

Dr.Mong Xeng Tien 

Dr.Tan Huann Lan

Dr. Su Kien Looi 

My Doctor for the day was the VERY HANDSOME Dr. Mong Xeng Tien. A professional Dentist with extremely gentle hands.


As i entered the room, it was breath taking and beautiful. The 360 view of KL City was very calming and relaxing unlike the usual 4 walls concept of a normal clinic.


This is their room 2. Which also has a beautiful breath taking interior design.


My consultation with Dr. Mong was extremely pleasant. He explained to me his expertise to make me understand and that i am in complete good hands. He was extremely professional and knowledgable in oral health.

As he checked my teeth, he also suggested that i had an x-ray to make sure my old fillings were all intact and doesn’t have anything hidden inside or in between them.


I gladly opened my mouth as he used his magic hands to work his magic for my teeth. Checking to see what was required to be treated one by one.


It was completely relaxing as the clinic is equipped with the latest technology and equipments. At one point, the screen in front of me changed to YouTube Channel with Michael Buble singing one of his hits. This definitely makes the whole experience of going to KL City Dentist that much more pleasant as it wasn’t boring or nerve wrecking at all as my attention was mainly diverted to the YouTube Channel playing in front of me.


This is the X-ray of my teeth. He explained to me that all was in perfectly good condition. 🙂


He then started doing his magic of cleaning, scaling and polishing.


Here are the before and after photos of his my teeth.

Before (Upper) with the yucky stains!

EVE YEO-2016-02-26 101514 before

Before (Lower) which requires basic scaling.

EVE YEO-2016-02-26 101531 before

After (Upper)

EVE YEO-2016-02-26 105057 after

After (Lower)

EVE YEO-2016-02-26 105142 after

If you in Kuala Lumpur and are looking for a gentle Dentist Doctor to go to with the latest equipped technology, equipments and yet comfortable experience. I would highly recommend you to see Dr. Mong Xeng Tien. He is by far one of the gentlest dentist doctor i met thus far. My experience with him was not painful at all. I would highly recommend him as a dentist for you to bring your children as well as basic oral health and hygiene check up should most definitely start and practice from a young age.

To make an appointment please refer to the below details :

7-03, Level 7

Menara HSC

187, Jalan Ampang

50450 Kuala Lumpur

T : 603- 2181 5792

E : info@klcitydentists.com




  1. Very nice scenery, but I guess I might be too scare to enjoy the view. The dentist seems pretty friendly and so does the environment, might be able to ease my phobia of going to dentist.

  2. LOL a dentistry that doesn’t look like a clinic 😀 looks like a lounge or cafe to me 😀 staffed with sharp looking dentists too. i will tell my KL friends about this. going to a dentist won’t be so daunting anymore.

  3. I absolutely agree.. Dr Mong is a very gentle and dedicated dentist.. he can make our fears go away and we can get our nice clean teeth… my daughter forgot her fear of dentist after seeing him.. and she wants to do more cleaning and polishing with the handsome and kind doctor..

  4. I am not very happy with my current dentist. Might consider visiting KL City Dentist and see if this place can replace my current dentist. Place is also very near to my home but of course, it is a high traffic area hehe.

  5. This looks like a beautiful dental center! 🙂

    I go every other month too, to another place in Bangsar for Invisalign. I never took care of my teeth prior too, it was just school “dentists” and nothing else. I found out that there were so many things wrong, from the way I flossed to my bite so I fixed it. I highly recommend going to a dentist like this one for every adult. It really helps.

  6. This place sure looks a lot more welcoming than the old dentist clinics. Your teeth look so good after scaling and polishing. I should really get myself an appointment

  7. Cool, thanks for sharing such a detailed experience! Needed to get my teeth done soon but was wondering where to go.

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