Jerlynn’L Sharing Love through Everyday Living

I love it when i get invited to events. It gets ten fold better when i can bring my children with me!

imageIt was my first time hearing about Jerlynn’L also known to be the sister company of Shizens (known to be well known for their Cosmetics range of products.

Jerlynn’L on the contrary is known to be targeted towards children. Their concept is nature based using botanicals and natural ingredients safe enough for both the environment as well as our children.

imageI was utmost delighted to find out more about this brand especially with the ‘hoo and haa’s circulating in Facebook at the moment about Johnson’s admitting to having cancerous chemicals in their products. If you’re not aware.. you can read HeRe  for further information. Many momma’s i know have personally stopped using Johnson’s and pharmacy’s around my area are currently having Johnson’s products recalled back to the respective agents and factories as not many dares to purchase them.

imageJerlynn’L on the contrary embarks its virtuous journey in promoting proper skin care habits to children advocating preventive and regenerative benefits to restore their skin health. Their basic range of products includes Hair Wash, Hair Conditioner & Detangler, Bug No More, Daily Moisture Lotion and Body Wash.

Jerlynn’L also carries products to protect the skin from the sun and for our babies little bottom as well.


For the face they have, brightening cream as well as the basic body & face cream and Sunblock with SPF 30.

imageIt is believable that to sustain good skin health starts early on and with good skin care habits, skin should not be complicated but efficacious and safe. Hence, Prevent (for protective) Nurture (for maintenance) and Renew (for repairing) is utmost important and can be found in the products provided.

Its ingredients are carefully selected using earth – sourced ingredients to cater for children’s skin that requires different nourishments from adults skin.

During the product sharing event they shared a creative concept of sharing love through everyday living. Being an art lover i was extremely in love with the idea of DIY Soap Making, DIY Cotton Candy Making, and last but not least DIY Popcorn Making. Their concept was not only creative but it encourages bonding sessions with the children.


Here is us (me and the children) playing/making creative art using Play Doh like Soap. It is so amazing that soap itself can be created in such a manner whereby the children can use to create something that inspire them at the same time they can use it to wash their hands!


Both my young ones were very involve in the activity session we shared.


My son took a personal liking with their lotions which is made from natural botanicals which smells awesomely good.


As we continued on in creative art, i could see how much my children is enjoying themselves.


Needless to say, they weren’t the only ones. 😛


Next Joey Yeo, also known as the Brand Manager shared with us in detail about their newly launched products and allowing us to have a first hand experience in scooping up what looks like ice cream which in fact is an air freshener for the room.


I sincerely thought it was pretty cool and unique.


Being a MOM, Eucalyptus is no doubt one of my favourite scent. Did you know that Eucalyptus has amazing and wonderful health benefits which are well known to have a wide range of properties including anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial, stimulating, and other medicinal qualities.


It was pretty cool and challenging at the same time to scoop up a dollop of ice cream like freshner as it kept on falling apart.


When i finally was successful, i couldn’t help but i was gleeing from cheek to cheek. 😛


I had a wonderful time at the event and i am utmost grateful to be invited yet having to participate in learning a great deal about a wonderful brand and products that brings more good than harm to my little ones.


As you can see… we all had an amazing time especially the children!

If you’re a Momma who is looking for a new skin care range of products for your little ones you are in luck. For all my wonderful readers, you are entitle to get 20% off with the Voucher Below. 🙂 Hoping all have a pleasant experience in Jerlynn’L products just like me and my children. Do keep me posted on your experience by commenting below.

For further information about their products and prices you can check out their website at Jerlynn’L

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1 Comment

  1. I like the smell of eucalyptus too! It’s so refreshing…

    Surprisingly the real leaves don’t smell like much though. I fed them to koalas once in Western Australia and I thought they would smell like the eucalyptus in ointments. Haha.

    This looks like a fun event! 🙂

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