The truth about Having a Boy and a Girl

imageHaving a boy and a girl is a dream come true to many.. and thankfully i have been bless to be living in that dream. I wouldn’t say my life is perfect having these 2 little angels but it most certainly has brought me much joy, crazy, chaos, messy yet glorious life having them by my side. Truth is life is beautifully twisted when your children are just under two years apart. Here are some eyebrow raising facts about raising one of each..


  1. They play, fight, scream, laugh, tease, annoy and cry at each other. This can be both a pretty and ugly sight. They can be fighting one minute and hugging and kissing the very next! (i totally don’t get it!) I often try to explain the idea of taking turns, being polite and manners.. but kids being kids.. mischief is in their blood.
  2. They often get mistaken as twins. My daughter being a tad bit on a smaller scale in size very often is mistaken to be the same age as her little brother. Non the less, her mom is also pretty petite in size as well.. so thats understandable to my context.
  3. They play with each others toys. This is inevitable! No matter how hard i try to explain cars is for boys and hello kitty is for girls.. i do sometime see my son playing with his sisters toys every now and then. Truthfully.. it drives me nuts!!! >.<
  4. They copy each other most of the time. It can be pretty irritating when one child say they don’t eat greens and the very next second you hear the second child say he doesn’t as well. (it drives me craaaazzzy at times!) But there can be good moments to it as well, for instance potty training was a bliss because my son follows his sister to the toilet for both big and small business*
  5. They share the same clothes. As mentioned earlier, my daughter is slightly on the smaller size, hence on some occasions they do share the same clothes and shoes as well. 😛


Do you have a boy and a girl, or perhaps going to have one?

I would say enjoy and embrace every little moment watching them grow side by side along with each other as these are simply just precious…well, in my context it’s forever going to be embarked etched in my heart. 



  1. Hi Eve, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, but this is the first time I’ve commented. It should NOT drive you nuts if your son plays with Hello Kitty, or a doll, because that way his brain will develop nuances of gender neutrality, imagination and breakdown of gender barriers. Allowing your children to play with toys that are not traditionally geared or marketed for their gender does not hurt them, it will, in fact, help them develop into kinder, gentler, and a more understand adult.

    Notice when someone goes up to an openly homosexual person and calls them names like “homo”, “f****t”, “tra**y” and other derogatory names? And maybe one day when your daughter grows up and she hears men saying the words “s**t”, “b***h”, “w***e” to them, even though they stood their ground and tried to fight for their right to be ? One of the reasons would be, growing up, certain people are given allowances and gender restrictions, being told “This is how a man is like,” instead of “We should all be equal, and everyone should respect each other”.

    By forestalling your daughter from playing with her brother’s toys you are probably giving her ideas of how women will only be allowed to play certain (very traditionally-chained) roles when they grow up like homemakers, bakers, shopkeepers, clerks, and secretaries. Whereas at this point of their brain and personality development you should not so much as restrict gameplay rather than encourage boundary-less play so they will grow up to understand that nothing is impossible, everything is possible, and that they could be anybody that they want to be when they grow up.

    P/S I noticed that there’s some very jarring grammatical error on your post. A tip – go to and install the extension into your web browser so it’ll fix your grammar as you type! Not everyone has perfect grammar and this will help you endlessly.
    P/P/S “well, in my context it’s forever going to be embarked in my heart”. Embark actually means to leave for a trip on a ship, airplane or vehicle. This sentence makes no sense.
    P/P/P/S Below are some links you can read up on to help you understand about gender toys and how they stunt a child’s growth.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Hello there Marney Spades!
      i am utmost grateful for your time in sharing with me your thoughts and comments over here. Sincerely, i really do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and i do agree with you in your belief about sharing toys and child development. It is my interest to learn and to have people like you who is willing to share i am sincerely grateful and open in exchanging ideas and thoughts. I am after all sharing my journey as a mother in training. 🙂

      As much as i admire western culture and love how open, direct and helpful they are.. I am not brought up in a western environment and needless to say, my parents too brought us up with certain traditions and cultural restrictions and belief. Naturally, i practice this as well (and i am not saying it is the right thing to do.. however i totally agree with you on how children should share their toys no matter what kind they are.. it’s just that old habits die hard. And i totally know and understand it is my problem which i need to change my side of mindset of things… which i am currently working on.)

      As for the tips on grammar.. i am most certainly going to download it. I’m a Malaysian and over here we don’t exactly practice proper English. Hence, at times i do mix Manglish + Singlish to my writing. >.<

      *ohh, and i have changed the words from embarked to etched. 🙂 makes more sense now, right?

      This post on the truth about having boys and girls was actually inspired by my children. I was watching them playing and i felt so much love, joy and so blessed to have them apart of my life, watching them grow.. understanding them and each other.. as well as the way they communicate and it just sparks up that feeling that i want to share in my blog. It written sincerely, from the bottom of my heart with no agenda or reasons to put my point through or to make a statement or any form. I was just being very genuine about my thoughts and i am glad you are so kind to be sharing your knowledge with me. I'm very thankful and grateful.

      Hopefully, i am lucky enough to meet you in person one day. I am sure i have a lot to learn from you. 🙂

      Thank you once again for the comment and sincerely i appreciate it. Love, Eve.

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