Balancing life as a Working Mom

Chinese New Year started out with a big bang disaster this year. I have been completely prepared and extremely careful praying + pumping my children with vitamins making sure that their body immune system is high and mighty.. however completely neglected to practice them on myself.

imageChinese New Year is a day where we share the tradition to spend time with the family. This year we headed in to Singapore followed by heading back home to visit my parents before heading home. Unfortunately for me, i caught an horrible flu bug during my time in Singapore (first day of Chinese New Year). Needless to say, on such a big celebration (in asia) all the clinics we could think of was closed as it was a public holiday. Hence, i had no choice but to head to the Emergency Room at the Hospital to get a prescription of medication for myself. Mind you~ i waited a good 2 hours just to see the doctor!
I was given a 7 day course of Antibiotics due to a severe inflammation happening on my throat and some other medication to relief the pain and discomfort that comes along with it.

imageWith a list of things to do, relatives to visit and dinners to attend i caught the flu bug in between (while on the antibiotics). Today is almost 2 weeks i have been out (totally missing out the fun on Chinese New Year and Valentines Day) and yet i am not getting any better! Leaving me into resorting to Chinese herbal medication to get better (Once they are open after an extremely long Chinese new year break – which to some can last a good 10 days!).

imageBalancing life as a working mom is extra tough when sick. Juggling between the children, the festive season celebration, blogging, family and friends and the terrible flu is most certainly no fun at all. I realised working as a full time home minister (and yes Blogging to me is most certainly work that i strongly have passion about + a big bonus of personal developmental growth, confidence, network and finances that comes along with it) requires some Momma Balancing tips and tricks too! Here are my practices to Balancing my Life as a working mom.

Brainstorm – I often brainstorm the task for the day as well as what i have in mind to blog about and list them in my trusty calendar and note app in my mobile phone. My phone is my constant lifesaver which i carry around everywhere and have everything i have planned for written for the week down in the calendar. By nightfalls, i will have draft out a mini paragraph on what i have planned which it all interlinks back to my computer when i open it to write my post whenever it is due.

Sleep Time – What sleep time? No, i’m just kidding.. i do sleep and i’m taking extra long nap times (many thanks to the flu) but i realised that i have been taking a good 30 min before heading to bed to prepare/refine my blogpost and plans for the following day.

Social Media – Shoutouts are extremely important and most certainly makes a huge impact and difference in your page views for the day. Randomly pick an existing post or even a new post and have it scheduled at different timing to make a shoutout via social media to get the clicks up and away.

Have a Break – Sometimes i find there is never enough time in a day. Remember it is important to keep your health in check too ( and i often forget this step often too many times). Overworking one self can somehow affect our body immunity. Hence, it is equally as important to have a break.. head to the gym for a run, drink your favourite cup of tea, have a snack of fruit or even drink up on your glasses of water to keep yourself in check and listen to what your body needs and not constantly keeping the engine running.

Family – Never take Family for granted. Always remember you have someone that cares about you. I’m truly thankful to have a wonderful husband who takes care of me especially when i’m sick and sisters in law who is kind enough to help me babysit and entertained the kids whenever they are in town so i can catch up on some work and rest.


* this blog post written on the bed with a lemon sip on the right bed side table + hand sanitiser + room sanitiser + a box of kleenex tissues + yearning the thoughts to hug my kids in my arms again (haven’t hold them for a good 2 weeks now afraid of spreading the germs + virus to them)* 

imageAre you a working Mom/Dad? Feel free to share your thoughts on how YOU balance the Work and Home. 🙂 

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