Valentines Day ~ A special Day just for Friends + Family & Daddy.

Valentines Day is a day known for us to celebrate the purpose of life. To share and express our love to our love ones (and not only to our sweethearts) but friends and family as well. Nobody dislikes to be cherished, to be appreciated.. and humans being humans, we often forget to express to the people we love how much we care and how precious they are to us. Hence, Valentines Day is a great opportunity for us to reach out to them people whom we care so dearly about and celebrate how glad we are to have them in our lives.

imageHere are some alternative gift ideas that is meaningful yet doesn’t cost a bombshell for the pocket for your friends and family.

  1. Write a letter/postcard. Every year, i have a special list of friends around the world that i would send a letter/postcard to them during this day. I would express my thanks to them for being apart of their life. Its the best gift to be receiving a letter where it shares how grateful you are in treasuring the friendship/love.
  2. Bake a cake/cookie. I enjoy baking at times and when i do have the time my children will bake along with me. It is such a blessing to have made something together and sharing it with the people we love.
  3. V-Day Drink in a bottle. I often work in the kitchen and creating something healthy is one of the little motherhood wonders i enjoy. V-Day Drink is a drink i make in a bottle where i decorate its exterior with some hearts and pretty cursive romantic wordings and give it to the ones i care about. Some of my neighbours love receiving these little gifts and i feel awesome making them!
  4. Video. Record a personalized video for that special someone and send it to them expressing to them how important they are to you and thankful you are in having them in your life. It doesn’t have to be a professionally done.. after all, its the rough edges that makes it that much more meaningful.
  5. Coffee + Cake + A photo. These days, with technology not many develop photos much. Take this opportunity to print your favourite photo of you and that favourite person to give him/her on this meaningful day. I like to add a little lovey dovey note at the back to just to have it that tad bit more meaningful.

imageTruth is, i am quite a hopelessly romantic kind of person. I enjoy and love feeling and making my other half felling all butterflies in the tummy.. being all dressed up and looking fabulous for the night.. to have been showered or to shower my other half with endless mushy-ness, Love letters, Poetry, Flowers, Chocolates, Fine Dining… you name it! I am quite a hardcore lover for Romance! However, when you have a family of your own Valentines Day is different. It is no longer just the two. It is so much more than that! To me, it is 3x more special to have the day celebrating with your own little creations and partner for life expressing and teaching the little ones the appreciation of love.

imageHere are some alternative gift ideas that you can spend Valentines day as family (your children+life partner)

  1. Spread the love. Let your kids make daddy a simple breakfast (the little ones can spread some butter or avocado on toast and pour daddy a glass of juice).
  2. Make a DIY Card. Having the children get together in doing a little project for daddy while mommy can write a little poetry as a note inside.
  3. Decorations. Make a big banner and some heart shaped cut outs and have the little ones decorate the house for a big daddy surprise when he comes home!
  4. Indoor Picnic + Chocolate +Flowers. Have them children give your partner chocolates and flowers while you make cute little love sandwiches, heart shaped fruit platter, salads and enjoy them over picnic while listening to love songs.
  5. Love Notes. Write little love notes “10 reasons why we love you Daddy” and hide them under daddy’s pillow for him to read just before he goes to bed.

Lets take this day to celebrate and express LOVE to those people whom we care about!




  1. Me too! I’m a little like you in that regards, I’m a hopeless romantic too. 🙂

    These are really good ideas, I like the idea of the V-Day drink. I’ll love to get one. Haha. It’ll be such a unique gift/bottle eh?

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