Sip My Jus

Have you ever tried to detox? Was it ever successful?

About 2 weeks ago, i was invited to participate to try a detox program which is known as Sip My Jus. The company, established back in 2014 ( with a UK flair ) provides opportunity to experience a juice detoxing and cleansing plan for those who may struggle to make it for themselves or lack the motivation. Sip My Juice comes with a personal touch where guidance is provided constantly with informative and passionate drive motivation… PLUS.. they provide personal delivery, right to your doorstep!

imageTheir motto “We are What We Absorbed” & “Detox and Cleansing from Within” has been an astonishing rave to many in the market with their Signature Customized Programs catered to individual needs.

Their Signature Customised Programs comes in 3Days, 5Days and 7 Days with respective goals and results.

image3LBS in 3Days : A great juice diet for first timers/when time is limited and need a quick refresh. Great before a special event – this is bound to have your skin glowing!

image5LBS in 5Days : During the week Juice Diet, leaving weekends to socialise. It’s condensed results leaves you feeling full of energy and ready for the weekend.

image7LBS in 7Days : The Ultimate 7- Day rich juice diet is known as the one to go to achieving the ultimate results giving the body what it truly deserves.

imageThe fresh raw fruits and vegetables are pressed using a cold press juicer that helps retain the highest level of nutrients and enzymes possible, providing with nutritional packed juice. All juices are has no preservatives nor additives and are un pasteurised, which means they must be refrigerated once defrosted and consume within 24 hours.

imageI had the 3Days program which made major transformation in the way i feel inside and out. I was very amazed that the juices made were extremely delicious. It was not hard to consume at all~ but made me look forward to the next bottle of consumption throughout my 3Days. Upon completing my 2nd Day, i noticed my skin had some breakouts (this is rather unusual for me – but i was glad as it shows and proves that the detoxification is actually working). I also noticed i no longer felt like a glutton (i usually will crave for all kinds of carbs/sweets and more). It is very interesting that upon completing my 3Day i had total control over my cravings and i can easily stop consuming my food when my body tells me i have had enough.

imageLike facial, we are advised to do so on a monthly basis… i would say detox is does just that… to cleanse our body internally on a monthly basis to give us that *glow, fresh, and amazing feeling* about ourself on the inside. I love the program so much that i highly recommend it if you haven’t already tried it!

imageMind you, i am totally looking forward in consuming more from Sip My Juice after the Chinese New Year indulgence just to have a thorough cleansing internally so my body absorbs better on the quality of food i consume. 😛


Now, you are able to enjoy awesome detox juices from SIP MY JUS as well. Just offer them my PROMO CODE : MRSANDMOMMA and enjoy at a very special discounted rate!

3Days – 13 (500ml) bottles is RM242 = NOW RM215 only

5Days – 20 (500ml) bottles + free (5x Apple Ginger Shot) is RM375 = NOW RM330 only

7Days -35 (500ml) bottles + free (SuperFood Powders) is RM650 = Now RM585 only. 

*i was extremely surprised at the price as outside 250ml cold press juices already cost almost RM20. SIP MY JUS however offers 500ml at a price much less than RM20* 

imageDo try it out and share with me how you feel about it!

For more details please refer to :

Facebook PageSipmy.jus or Email :


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