Life Fixes : Keeping it all together.

Between appointments, family time, house chores, conferences and visits to the supermarket its no wonder parents can feel time is never enough in the day. The pressure is on when the family is counting on you to whip through your chores and duties for the day. While tripping over toys my children just played and writing this blog post i wonder how did i somehow manage to keep it all together for the past couple of years~ being a wife and a mother. I remembered how daunting it was for me at the very early age of motherhood.

imageToday, every morning….the moment i open my eyes my mental strength and physical body naturally turns on its Wife and MOM mode automatic switch. As years passes by~ it naturally gets easier.

Here are 5 Life Fixes for keeping it all together i have adapted over the years.

imageDeclutter – i hate clutter (but thats because i am a clean and neat freak in general). Before heading to bed every night, i have a habit of making sure all the mess around the house (mind you with young children in the house be it toys, books or even food crumbs are unavoidable) i just got to have it all kept and cleaned. By doing so, the next morning i wake up with a ease of heart.

Organising – I have a mental organisational planner based on certain routines that i have prepared on a daily basis. This i usually have them applied on my children – to prep them for an enjoyable day ahead in school or a weekend of fun time at home or out. Initially, i write everything down.. but gradually, it became a mental habit in keeping tabs on my daily tasks and routine. I try to have my errands all prepared and done up in advance every beginning of the week – such as grocery shopping, planned appointments and meetings. By having an organised mind, your mission and vision is definitely much clearer for the day. TIPS : You can also go classic and have a note pad writing your organising and motivational goals for the day with a colourful pen to keep yourself on track to get used to the idea at first. 

Meal Plans – I like to cook and i cook almost everyday for my children. Being a Savvy Shopper and a Creative Cook helps me prepare my meals planned out in advance on what i need to buy and prepare for them during the week. Having a Meal plan up certainly helps for knowing exactly what ingredients you need and not having to run to the store for a last minute stock up to the list.

imageDelegate – I love delegation! By including in the kids chore chart with the chores you want them to learn, and to take care of: making their beds, getting dressed, brushing their teeth they learn responsibility and the importance of boosting their confidence in being reliable in the parents eye. Filling up the chart with activities they can manage and be rewarded at the end of the day with stickers/allowance has given my kids something to look forward to every night.

imageSmile – I like to smile in general. Smiling is the key to making everyone around you at ease. When you smile at someone, they usually will smile back. It’s a simple gesture of acknowledgement and it effectively changes the mood for the better. I smile to my children everyday and in return they smile back and during that moment.. we share that special magical bond. Smiling creates harmony which leads to a soothing soul and naturally that enhances our mood to be happy.




  1. Great post! I have an 11 and 6-years-old and have done all five… well, maybe not the last as often as the other four but I try 🙂 I am always in thought and can’t think and smile at the same time.

  2. Clutter is the hardest for me. I love your organized bins! I don’t even know where half the stuff comes from in the house. I love the last one – always remember to smile. These are some of the best years.

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