100th blog post celebration – Blueberry Greek Yogurt Tart Recipe.

I can’t believe it! Today marks my 100th blog post. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m overjoyed..

I’m excited..

I can’t believe it!!!!

And i’m totally up for a celebration!

imageSo i made a cake. Okay perhaps its not exactly called a cake.. It’s a healthier version of a cake called tart. ๐Ÿ˜› (no cream, sugar or flour involved)

And it taste pretty delicious that i’m sharing the recipe with all of you lovelies. I swear it’s so easy to make that you probablyย can even make it with your eyes close… (hahaha.. okay, probably not with your eyes closed closed.. but you get my drift!)


Blueberry Greek Yogurt Tart

1/2 ย cup roasted cashew nuts

1/2 cup roasted macademia nuts

1/2 cup roasted almond nuts

150g dried cranberries

1 cup of greek yogurt

2 packets of blueberries.


  1. Soak cranberries in warm water for 10 min. Or until soften. Drain and set aside.
  2. Pulse roasted cashew, almond and macadamia nuts in food processor, add the cranberries in and pulse/blend until mixture comes together. Do not over mix as the nuts will release oils.
  3. Line a 9 inch cake pan with baking paper (spray cooking spray to hold). Press crust at the bottom of pan. Freeze for 1 hour. Remove from freezer and peel of crust. Set on a large plate.
  4. Spread Greek Yogurt (i love this.. so i added ALOT .. and i mean ALOT of it)
  5. Layer the blueberries on top from the side to the middle.

*see i told you it’s really easy! You can even choose various toppings to add.. such as mangos, strawberries, peaches.. etc.ย 

imageHope you enjoy making and eating the cake as much as i do! Have a pleasant day everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. Well congratulations on your 100 th post! I happen to love this recipe! I am going snow storm shopping right now and getting the ingredients. The family will be thrilled to eat this delicious and healthy recipe! Can’t wait to read your 200th post!

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