10 Ways to Get Out that MOM FUNK!

imageMonday. Are you having Monday Mom Funk?

Lets face it! Being a momma is not exactly an easy task and occasionally we do fall into that category where we feel completely overwhelmed by everything that is happening around us both physically and psychologically. Some calls it Stress, Depression and some even calls it the MOM Funk!

Today, here are some tips and tricks on ways to get out of the MOM Funk!

1) Breathe – Sounds simple enough and we do it everyday.. but the soothing action of breathing helps to calms those negativism building within us.

2) Prioritize – We are not robots and we can never do it all. I am a huge failure in this category where i am one of those moms who would do everything in my power to do it all. Reason being, well.. nobody does it better than yourself for your own children, right? After all.. i am their mother. Well… WRONG! Sometimes we need to take a breather and prioritize what is more important.. which also leads to the next tip…

3)Balance – A happy and healthy life is all about balance. When we learn to balance motherhood, duty, tasks, work we gained the best of the world, happiness!

4) Schedules – I believe in getting organized. Ever since i became a mom i had this mental problem where i am constantly having memory issues. It was when i realized my little problem i started to write every important details down in my journal and organizer. It has most certainly been a life saver!!!! Every single time my life starts to get out of hand or when i just can’t remember, i will look back at my schedule. Trust me.. it helps a lot! When you are organized, you’ll feel better and productive.

5) Multi-task – If you are horrible at this.. don’t do it! However, my personality and characteristics likes to get things done quick yet effectively. This saves time and i am able to proceed with my following task for the day that little faster. Having said so, whats really important is quantity over quality. 🙂

6) Music – I turn to music whenever i need a break. Listening to a soothing tune changes the mood instantly. I used to be a momma that screams and yells ever so hastily when i was in that mom funk foul mood.. with the music tuned up.. this has never happened again!

7) Tea/Coffee/Ice-Cream – Sometimes when overwhelmed, i like to have distractions. This means i call up my girlfriends for tea/coffee/ice-cream to catch up, chat, laugh and cry…okay, perhaps not the crying part. Basically, having someone there who understands and that can talk to you, eases the frustrating yet overwhelmed heart.

8) Love – It’s easy to see the behaviors/attitudes in our kids that drives us up the wall. But if we actively looked for the things that we love about them our perspective would be different.

9) Play – Go crazy, Move that body.. jump around like nobody is watching. Alternatively, you can go to the gym to get that adrenaline pumping. After 10 mins you’ll start to feel loosened up and naturally, it helps with the mood as well.

10) Dress up & Make up – I swear this does wonders! Some days, i totally feel nothing but gloom. Needless to say, dressing up is the last thing i want to do but its during these MOM FUNK days that we should be dressing up the most. As we paint the face with a little glam while heading on out looking fabulously gorgeous on the outside will channel that positive energy and strength on the inside as well.

Challenge : Do you know anyone having a MOM Funk Day or would benefit from this article? Feel free to share this with them. 🙂


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