3M Water Filter, My Life Saver!

Water is an important element of our daily lives and for years i could never decide on which water filter system is good and suitable for my home. Knowing very little about filtered water system, i did my fair share of research. From days, to months and yet i could never decide. I did however know for a fact that i desperately needed to get a water filter system fixed upon seeing THIS when my children had a bath.
image I swear.. you can imagine the horrendous look on my face when i saw how filthy the water is! I immediately sent a photo to my husband and girlfriend neighbour to rant all about it as well as made a complaint to the management office!

Let me elaborate further… it wasn’t exactly this bad when i moved into this building. However, over the past few months as construction is happening nearby i noticed the water has gradually changed its colour as well. Needless to say, i was freaking out almost everyday once i noticed it!

Upon getting the plumber to check, i have decided to install 3 water filter system under 3M in my current home… Models AP902, DWS2500T-CN, CTM-01 (yes i became really paranoid about how filthy and disgusting the water i was using to bath, wash, cook and drink is!)




On the day of installation, I was totally looking forward to having cleaner, clearer and better tasting water for my family!

3M is known to have over 75 years of experience in filtration technology. It is a reputable brand that provides reliable performance yet extremely easy to use, saves energy, and totally easy to maintain as well. I immediately decided to have 3 of the models installed

Whole House Filtration System – AP902
image Drinking Water System with Dedicated Stylist Faucet – DWS2500T-CN

imageCountertop Drinking Water System – CTM-01


The process took about 2.5 hours to install and thankfully it doesn’t at all look ugly..

This is their latest product… The Counter Top Drinking System CTM-01. The design is slim, trendy and simple that doesn’t at all takes much space at all!


What amazes me is it is so easy to change its cartridge!


Immediately upon completion of installation, my water pressure seems to have improved tremendously to elaborate further… here is a comparison of water before and after to stress how severe my problem was.


It was totally disgusting!

For the model DWS2500T-CN, despite its clean water.. I love the clever yet stylish drinking faucet that changes from blue to red when its time to change the cartridge. It’s superior filtration allows you to drink right from its tap!


Even the Outdoor Filter – AP902 didn’t require much space and also looks really neat upon installation.


Upon completing all 3 installation of water filter in my home, i am rest assured my family is safe and have clean water all the time! I trust every drop of water from 3M water filters are giving me and my whole family a cleaner drinking water as well as whole house water usage. Now, running the water in my bathtub looks normal again all thanks to 3M water filer, my life saver!




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