What to Expect – 3-5 Years Old Preschoolers *My Version*

Preschoolers can be rather challenging at times. Despite all my educational years, i have never learnt as much as i have today just by being at home with my children. Being a full time housewife i have developed into a rather unique individuals with various attributes and skills. Acquiring these various skills as a mom has most definitely given me a fair share of daily benefits in my everyday lifestyle. It is however probably one to the utmost challenging post/occupation i have ever worked as… yet its the most worthy and rewarding job in the market anyone can find today.

Having little juniors in the house (not one but 2!) i have learnt i am required to master various skills as to become an interpreter, cheerleader, multi-tasker/manager, stylist, judge, chef, instructor, counsellor, driver and more (who says being a mom is easy,right?). Whether you have 1, 2, 3 or 4 toddlers in the house.. here are 3 scenarios of what to expect from a 3-5 years old preschoolers based on my personal experience that happened to me today!



*Boy walks over to the fridge and points*

3 Years Old : I want to eat yoooyipop! 

Me : You want what? yoooyipop?  What is yoooyipop??? 

3 Years Old : yesh.. i want to eat yoooyipop pishh. 

Me : Darling, it’s not called yoooyipop.. it’s called LOLLLLLLIIIIIII POP. Can you try to say it with me?


*and the conversation goes on and on and on… on how to pronounce the word lollypop as to yoooyipop! *

imageIt is understandable that as they grows up they will eventually get their speech right and as a mom, i would do my best to be apart of their journey in guiding them to understand the world a little better for as long as i can. Speaking to a 3 years old although may seem challenging at times but most of the time we forget that they actually do understand even though their speech may be a little slower. I try to keep phrases short and repeat as often as possible, be it a pronunciation or a situation of what is right and what is wrong. While doing so, i often watch their gestures and tone of voice to see if they are frustrated or in the mood to learn something new during the moment of time. It takes a couple of tries before they will finally get the idea and most definitely it will be more than one scenario whereby you will have to trot out your interpreting talents during this phase of their life… But when they do finally get it.. you’ll be pretty much over the moon.

imageScenario 2 : ALL THE NEVERENDING WHY’S…

*while watching TV*

5 Years old : Mommy, what happened? Why the policeman catch the boy?

Me : Ohh, because the boy did something bad.

5 Years Old : But why? Mummy Tell me why?

Me : He took something without asking and that is wrong because it is not his, correct?

5 Years Old : Yes. But why?

*Me thinking hard to come up with a good answer…..but don’t know what to say*

5 Years Old : Mummy.. answer me? Why?

Me : Lets watch and see..

*5 mins later*

5 Years Old : I think the boy should ask permission.. thats why the policeman catch him. I want to be a Policeman!

Me : BINGO!… I think so too…WOW… you’re so smart! 🙂

imageJust as they’ll ask a million questions, they will also want to tell you a million things about their thoughts and passion (even though they might not seem realistic at the point in time..the idea of them opening up should be cherished, don’t you agree?). Sometimes, when thinking out of the box allows them to comprehend little things in their own little mind. Occasionally, i would also take the scenario and turn it into a learning experience for them to understand life a little easier. AND when they do understand, i become their number 1 cheerleader! 😛


*everyday we start the day with the usual routine would be 6:45am in the morning.. both kids walks over to my room*

3 and 5 years old : Mommy wake up.

Me : Okay, i’m up (sleepily i get myself out of bed… feed them their vitamins.. head to the washroom to brush their teeth and bath them)

3 and 5 years old : Mommy i want breakfast 

*after breakfast its TV time while mommy squeeze in another 10-20 mins nap if lucky!*
imageI am one of those moms who tries to keep everything in control. Everything should be packed accordingly such as water bottle, tissue papers, books, sweaters before we head out to the shopping mall down to washing their hands before and after their food to drinking a sip of water right before they hit the sack in the evening. This is me, being the kind of multi-tasker and micromanager of the house. In other words, it is me being the horrible boss who keeps tabs on every single thing around the house. BUT.. it is all worth it.. for the convenience, for the sanity of myself as well as the happiness of the family. Sometimes, certain things runs well with routine and proper management to avoid unpleasant surprises. Hence, my children wakes up pretty early everyday but they also sleep as early as 8pm. No doubt with these practiced routine over the years, our daily lives naturally comes in place without the hiccups and unnecessary screams and tantrums.

How do you handle your little angels?



  1. Yes, I am going through this now with my 4 year old niece. She even get’s annoyed when she’s trying to speak her mind, if I don’t understand. The one thing about this age group is never a dull moment in the house.

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