The Wonders of Four Cow Farm

When i was growing up, i never really thought much about skin care, chemicals, textures and such. All i ever care about was smelling good after applying my lotions/creams. The day changed when my kids came into this world. And boy~ everyday is a learning experience and skincare is most certainly one of it.

Have you ever wondered what goes into the bottles of lotion, oil and wash we pour onto the skins of our little ones on a daily basis? From washes to lotions to oils, most babies have their skins slathered with baby skincare products from the day they are born.

Today, skin care brings us to a whole new concept. We try to go for products as natural as possible, chemical free and fragrance free. We have learnt so much about how by protecting and using the right products for our skin preventing further skin complications in the future.

Recently, while searching for suitable skin care for my children (due to their sensitive skin situation) i was given an opportunity to have a collaboration with The Four Cow Farm.

imageFormulated by a Grandmother and Former Midwife who began making them for her own grandchildren. Every Four Cow Farm product is made from the purest and finest Premium Natural Food-Grade Ingredients, with No Additives, Texturisers or Fillers Used. It is known that they only use Extra-Virgin Cold-Pressed Quality Oils, and Only the Safest & Purest All-Natural Ingredients – Suitable for Newborns and Mums-to-Be. Every ingredients they use is carefully selected. Hence, these authentic products continue to be traditionally handmade from scratch in their 100% Green Energy Farm in Australia.

imageTheir products varies from Baby Lotion, Baby Wash, Baby Oil, Nappy Cream, Calendula Remedy and Tea Tree Remedy. Below, i have listed in detail the content and beneficial usage of each products.

BABY WASH – Traditionally Handcrafted 100% Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Pure Olive Oil Liquid Castile Soap. The Purest Natural Hair & Body Wash Available. Perfect for Baby Skin or Adults with Fine, Dry or Sensitive Skin. Wonderful on Face, Body or Hair. No Foaming Additives, Fragrances or Preservatives.

BABY LOTION – An Exquisite Blend of the Finest Top Quality Oils (Sweet Almond and Apricot Kernel) for Baby, Fine & Sensitive Skins. Most Expensive 100% Natural Preservative, and Highest Quality Olive-Derived Emulsifier. Gentlest for Daily Use on Baby or Sensitive Skins.

NAPPY CREAM – Gentlest Daily-Use Protective Cream Using Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Sunflower Seed & Castor Oils. Perfect for Protecting and Moisturising Baby’s Most Sensitive Area.

TEA TREE REMEDY – Rich Blend of Macadamia & Castor Oils (The Richest Oils for Protecting The Skin & Closest to the Skin’s Own Sebum), Infused with Anti-Bacterial and Anti- Fungal Organic Tea Tree Oil. Extremely Soothing Barrier Balm. Great for Bites, Rashes, Scrapes, Cold Sores, Cuts and Bruises. Apply to Affected Areas & Re-Apply Regularly.

CALENDULA REMEDY – The ONLY Hand-Infused Calendula Balm Made from Over 80% Organic Calendula-Infused Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Olive Oil. Perfect for Eczema & Dry Skin & Lips. Safe For Use on Dry Lips & Nursing Nipples. Place in Refrigerator for More Relief.

BABY OIL – Original Blend of the Richest Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Oils (Macadamia, Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel). Gentle & Perfect for Dry Skin or Massage. A Little Goes A Long Way!


Upon using these products, i began to notice and see the difference on my children’s skin. I no longer hear complaints of itchiness due to dryness from deep within their skin (my children used to have eczema) and i noticed that their skin seems more soft and supple.


The products instantly became popular hit within my family especially the Tea Tree Remedy which we uses it for almost everything including insect bites.


And did i mention, it naturally smells extremely soothing thanks to the natural and pure tea tree essential oil used in the remedy.

I would most certainly recommend this to newborns, children, soon to be mothers (pregnant) , breast feeding mothers, and those with sensitive and eczema skin.


To find out more about Four Cow Farm you can click their website Four Cow Farm or alternatively you can also purchase it from their closest Dealers to you Four Cow Farm Dealers.


Oh and guess what… 

For all my Malaysian readers, today is your lucky day! All you have to do is:

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  1. I would love to hear more about products review for babies especially in comparison. I know how hard it was when I enter motherhood and there was really not much reference except for information I can find online. It will truly be useful for mommies and daddies out there.

  2. I would like to know more about fitness and health as well as review on products. It will be great to have healthy recipe for busy parents.

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