Emma5 Accessories + Giveaways!

Are you the kind of person who loves to buy little gifts for your love ones to show you care? Do you find cute stuff simply irresistible? You are going to love this post!

Recently, i came home with a huge surprise for my daughter.. A basket full of handmade, customised beautifully crafted hair accessories, clips, bookmarks and a variety of humorous yet meaningful cards.


Needless to say~ the little one couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear..


As a mom who also shares a passion for arts and craft, i show much appreciation and love to the work of other crafters. These beautiful pieces are customised pieces from Emma5.


I was completely at awe when i had the opportunity to meet up with the person behind Emma5, Yee Peng. A wonderful wife, a loving mother to her children, yet one of the kindest, honest speaking, sweetest and talented individual i have ever met…. And when asked about her story… this is what she had shared with me..


Her crafty talents are beyond astonishing. Calligraphy and Hand lettering is a talent that requires patience and creativity. She also transform normal looking Fabric Buttons turning them from a simple looking button into something creative, usable and beautiful.

Here are some of her collection she created based on specific themes.



These crafted cards are not just another ordinary card.. it is meaningful with creative hand lettering words that comes with a little gift along with it.


Imagine yourself receiving one of these cards and having use the little bookmark! Its most likely you will be thinking of the person who gave you the card and bookmark each time you look at it.

(meaningful to the max!…something you can use as well as keep as a meaningful reminder that someone actually cares)image

The hair clips and hair ties are made with imported quality materials and design giving you a washable, long lasting yet unique individual pieces.









Here are some of my personal favourites from the card selection i was given…


I Love this Big Time! A fabulous, meaningful and creative card just for Valentines Day…



And for the days when someone you care about is sick.. you have a special card just for that as well..


I had a huge grin on my face.. as i know exactly who i need to give this card to… (my daddy of course!)

I also love these cards with bookmarks.. it simply makes it 10x more personalised and meaningful, wouldn’t you agree?



Would you like to get your hands on one of these special customised pieces for a special occasion? Fear not! It’s possible that it could be done.


Personalised buttons to guests or decoration for that special event.

For further customised specification.. you can contact

Whatsapp : +6012 3963065

Email : emma5button@gmail.com

Website : http://www.emma5.co

Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook : Emma5button

For all my lovely readers~ i am giving out 8 of these random customised pieces (4 accessories + 4 Valentines Day Cards) to 4 Lucky Malaysian Winners.

All you have to do is :

  1. Follow Emma5button in Instagram Emma5button, Facebook Emma5button
  2. Follow MrsandMomma in Instagram (themizzeve) and Facebook Page (mrsandmomma)
  3. Comment below this blog post ‘I LOVE EMMA5’ and your email.

Wishing you all Best of Luck! 🙂 Closing Date 1st February 2016, 12pm. image



Sip My Jus

Have you ever tried to detox? Was it ever successful?

About 2 weeks ago, i was invited to participate to try a detox program which is known as Sip My Jus. The company, established back in 2014 ( with a UK flair ) provides opportunity to experience a juice detoxing and cleansing plan for those who may struggle to make it for themselves or lack the motivation. Sip My Juice comes with a personal touch where guidance is provided constantly with informative and passionate drive motivation… PLUS.. they provide personal delivery, right to your doorstep!

imageTheir motto “We are What We Absorbed” & “Detox and Cleansing from Within” has been an astonishing rave to many in the market with their Signature Customized Programs catered to individual needs.

Their Signature Customised Programs comes in 3Days, 5Days and 7 Days with respective goals and results.

image3LBS in 3Days : A great juice diet for first timers/when time is limited and need a quick refresh. Great before a special event – this is bound to have your skin glowing!

image5LBS in 5Days : During the week Juice Diet, leaving weekends to socialise. It’s condensed results leaves you feeling full of energy and ready for the weekend.

image7LBS in 7Days : The Ultimate 7- Day rich juice diet is known as the one to go to achieving the ultimate results giving the body what it truly deserves.

imageThe fresh raw fruits and vegetables are pressed using a cold press juicer that helps retain the highest level of nutrients and enzymes possible, providing with nutritional packed juice. All juices are has no preservatives nor additives and are un pasteurised, which means they must be refrigerated once defrosted and consume within 24 hours.

imageI had the 3Days program which made major transformation in the way i feel inside and out. I was very amazed that the juices made were extremely delicious. It was not hard to consume at all~ but made me look forward to the next bottle of consumption throughout my 3Days. Upon completing my 2nd Day, i noticed my skin had some breakouts (this is rather unusual for me – but i was glad as it shows and proves that the detoxification is actually working). I also noticed i no longer felt like a glutton (i usually will crave for all kinds of carbs/sweets and more). It is very interesting that upon completing my 3Day i had total control over my cravings and i can easily stop consuming my food when my body tells me i have had enough.

imageLike facial, we are advised to do so on a monthly basis… i would say detox is does just that… to cleanse our body internally on a monthly basis to give us that *glow, fresh, and amazing feeling* about ourself on the inside. I love the program so much that i highly recommend it if you haven’t already tried it!

imageMind you, i am totally looking forward in consuming more from Sip My Juice after the Chinese New Year indulgence just to have a thorough cleansing internally so my body absorbs better on the quality of food i consume. 😛


Now, you are able to enjoy awesome detox juices from SIP MY JUS as well. Just offer them my PROMO CODE : MRSANDMOMMA and enjoy at a very special discounted rate!

3Days – 13 (500ml) bottles is RM242 = NOW RM215 only

5Days – 20 (500ml) bottles + free (5x Apple Ginger Shot) is RM375 = NOW RM330 only

7Days -35 (500ml) bottles + free (SuperFood Powders) is RM650 = Now RM585 only. 

*i was extremely surprised at the price as outside 250ml cold press juices already cost almost RM20. SIP MY JUS however offers 500ml at a price much less than RM20* 

imageDo try it out and share with me how you feel about it!

For more details please refer to :

Facebook PageSipmy.jus or Email : sipmyjus@gmail.com

Life Fixes : Keeping it all together.

Between appointments, family time, house chores, conferences and visits to the supermarket its no wonder parents can feel time is never enough in the day. The pressure is on when the family is counting on you to whip through your chores and duties for the day. While tripping over toys my children just played and writing this blog post i wonder how did i somehow manage to keep it all together for the past couple of years~ being a wife and a mother. I remembered how daunting it was for me at the very early age of motherhood.

imageToday, every morning….the moment i open my eyes my mental strength and physical body naturally turns on its Wife and MOM mode automatic switch. As years passes by~ it naturally gets easier.

Here are 5 Life Fixes for keeping it all together i have adapted over the years.

imageDeclutter – i hate clutter (but thats because i am a clean and neat freak in general). Before heading to bed every night, i have a habit of making sure all the mess around the house (mind you with young children in the house be it toys, books or even food crumbs are unavoidable) i just got to have it all kept and cleaned. By doing so, the next morning i wake up with a ease of heart.

Organising – I have a mental organisational planner based on certain routines that i have prepared on a daily basis. This i usually have them applied on my children – to prep them for an enjoyable day ahead in school or a weekend of fun time at home or out. Initially, i write everything down.. but gradually, it became a mental habit in keeping tabs on my daily tasks and routine. I try to have my errands all prepared and done up in advance every beginning of the week – such as grocery shopping, planned appointments and meetings. By having an organised mind, your mission and vision is definitely much clearer for the day. TIPS : You can also go classic and have a note pad writing your organising and motivational goals for the day with a colourful pen to keep yourself on track to get used to the idea at first. 

Meal Plans – I like to cook and i cook almost everyday for my children. Being a Savvy Shopper and a Creative Cook helps me prepare my meals planned out in advance on what i need to buy and prepare for them during the week. Having a Meal plan up certainly helps for knowing exactly what ingredients you need and not having to run to the store for a last minute stock up to the list.

imageDelegate – I love delegation! By including in the kids chore chart with the chores you want them to learn, and to take care of: making their beds, getting dressed, brushing their teeth they learn responsibility and the importance of boosting their confidence in being reliable in the parents eye. Filling up the chart with activities they can manage and be rewarded at the end of the day with stickers/allowance has given my kids something to look forward to every night.

imageSmile – I like to smile in general. Smiling is the key to making everyone around you at ease. When you smile at someone, they usually will smile back. It’s a simple gesture of acknowledgement and it effectively changes the mood for the better. I smile to my children everyday and in return they smile back and during that moment.. we share that special magical bond. Smiling creates harmony which leads to a soothing soul and naturally that enhances our mood to be happy.


I Have Sweet Tooth Review

As a mommy blogger, i always do my best in finding and sharing what i believe is useful for my readers. My mission to share with all what inspires me and may be come of use/knowledge for my readers, has opened up various opportunities and learning process.


This January, i would like to introduce to you a fabulous home base baker known as I Have Sweet Tooth that bakes customized cakes ranging from French mousse cakes, butter icing cakes, fondant novelty cakes, home made cookies, cookies with design and piping, cake pops and more. These cakes comes with a list of flavours to choose from and mind you, they even make flavours such as oranges and pandan using the freshest ingredients and not artificial flavourings.

A little background about I Have Sweet Tooth…


Two young like minded professional ladies Marina M and Shio Wei was driven by passion. Shio Wei is a Malaysian Institute of Baking graduate while Marina is an alumna of Le Cordon Bleu International Bangkok, Thailand. What began as a burgeoning interest blossomed into a full-time career with Sweet Tooth officially opening its door in 2012.

Operated from a pork-free kitchen with halal ingredients only. They carefully select imported sources to be used in their baking. If and when liquor is involved, they even go the extra mile by preparing the cake in a separate kitchen.

imageMy children were overjoyed when we were given a Smash Cake to try. You can see from their faces as their smiles were constantly from ear to ear when they saw their favourite characters on the cakes.


imageI have to stress that their handwork is beautifully crafted yet extremely detailed and delicate in every angle. No doubt you can see how much effort is put into making a premium quality cake.




The cakes tasted delicious! Moist on the inside and coated with a layer of premium buttercream icing on the outside leaving me and the kids licking our fingers even before we started!


Price. As a cake lover, i have purchased a fair share of cakes in the past and i can honestly say for the quality of novelty cake that is made and customised, their prices are extremely affordable.

Cakes of 6” would start at RM 158

Cakes of 9” would start at RM 280

For further information and orders you can check out their links below :

Instagram – ihavesweettooth

Website: http://www.ihavesweettooth.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ihavesweettooth

Twitter: twitter.com/ihavesweettooth

Whatsapp :+6012-311-7713

Here are some of the other amazing customised premium quality novelty cakes they have previously made. I swear.. are indeed amazing with utmost satisfaction from their customers!

IMG_6518 IMG_6579 IMG_6583 IMG_6587 IMG_6613 IMG_6629 IMG_6640 IMG_6650 IMG_6694 IMG_6696

If you have an upcoming event or birthday! Get in touch with them for a quote! Mind you, they are offering a 3 tier customised wedding cake for a price of only RM800. For further information do check their website!

Thank you once again for the amazing yet beautifully crafted Smash Cake! we love it to bits 🙂


100th blog post celebration – Blueberry Greek Yogurt Tart Recipe.

I can’t believe it! Today marks my 100th blog post. 🙂

I’m overjoyed..

I’m excited..

I can’t believe it!!!!

And i’m totally up for a celebration!

imageSo i made a cake. Okay perhaps its not exactly called a cake.. It’s a healthier version of a cake called tart. 😛 (no cream, sugar or flour involved)

And it taste pretty delicious that i’m sharing the recipe with all of you lovelies. I swear it’s so easy to make that you probably can even make it with your eyes close… (hahaha.. okay, probably not with your eyes closed closed.. but you get my drift!)


Blueberry Greek Yogurt Tart

1/2  cup roasted cashew nuts

1/2 cup roasted macademia nuts

1/2 cup roasted almond nuts

150g dried cranberries

1 cup of greek yogurt

2 packets of blueberries.


  1. Soak cranberries in warm water for 10 min. Or until soften. Drain and set aside.
  2. Pulse roasted cashew, almond and macadamia nuts in food processor, add the cranberries in and pulse/blend until mixture comes together. Do not over mix as the nuts will release oils.
  3. Line a 9 inch cake pan with baking paper (spray cooking spray to hold). Press crust at the bottom of pan. Freeze for 1 hour. Remove from freezer and peel of crust. Set on a large plate.
  4. Spread Greek Yogurt (i love this.. so i added ALOT .. and i mean ALOT of it)
  5. Layer the blueberries on top from the side to the middle.

*see i told you it’s really easy! You can even choose various toppings to add.. such as mangos, strawberries, peaches.. etc. 

imageHope you enjoy making and eating the cake as much as i do! Have a pleasant day everyone! 🙂

Food Matters Delivery.

As apart of my resolution this year (you can read about it heRe) is to practice a healthy and balance living which naturally includes my lifestyle and the food i consume. I was recently given an opportunity to try Food Matters Delivery service which serves just what i needed.. healthy, delicious yet balance diet at affordable prices.

imageFood matters shares a mission to banish the negativity surrounding the concept of healthy eating and to make it accessible, affordable and absolutely delicious for everyone. Our society today moves at such fast pace that we usually opt for convenient options when it comes to lunch which are usually unfortunately high in calories, saturated fat, and not to mention, flat out bad for our body and energy draining.

What i love about food matters is it makes healthy eating simple – with just a click of a button, and your lunches are delivered right to your desk/home. Their food selections are nutritious options including healthy versions of tasty local dishes, unique fusion meals, mainstay Western and low-carb diet sensitive favourites.

Mind you, these meals are prepared and guided With American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA) certified nutritionist Alexandra Prabaharan’s crafted recipes, and a price point starting at RM10 per meal, for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, all while saving a substantial amount of time and money.


My experience with Food Matters was nothing but positive. I love it and would most certainly recommend it to those who would want a change in their lifestyle, food management, weight lost and to whom has interest to stay fit and healthy.

imageTo be honest, it was rather hard for me to choose from the menu as there were so many dishes i would want to try. In the end, it was narrowed down to 4 – Greek Salad with Couscous, Tom Yam Pasta with Tempeh, Lentil Salad with Curry Vinaigrette, Mushroom and Spinach Crustless Quiche with Salad.

imageTheir delivery service was spot on the dot and came exactly on time. What i love most about Food Matters is on top of each delivery boxes prints exactly how much calories, fats, protein and carbs that is in the food. That way, i can easily manage my calorie intake and i know for a fact that i most certainly will not over eat my meals. However, personally i would have preferred the food to be packed in a plastic box (but thats just me, being paranoid that the food might spill out due to unforeseen reasons).

Tom Yam Pasta with Tempeh


Lentil Salad with Curry Vinaigretteimage

Mushroom and Spinach Crustless Quiche with Salad.image

Greek Salad with Couscousimage

Don’t these food looks enticing to you? Despite them being colourful, they were surprisingly delicious as well.

Food Matters Delivery comes in various packages available starting from affordable prices of RM56 to RM200 per month.

Once a week (4 Meals) – RM56/mth

Twice Weekly (8 Meals) – RM104/mth

Light (12 Meals) – RM144/mth

Moderate (16 Meals) – RM176/mth

Complete (20 Meals) – RM200/mth

imageWait no more! Order now and get a chance to get 10% of the first month’s subscription with the Promo code : NEWYRNEWU

For further information, do check out their website at Food Matters or Facebook Food Matters FB and start on living a healthier lifestyle beginning with the food choices you make! 🙂

10 Ways to Get Out that MOM FUNK!

imageMonday. Are you having Monday Mom Funk?

Lets face it! Being a momma is not exactly an easy task and occasionally we do fall into that category where we feel completely overwhelmed by everything that is happening around us both physically and psychologically. Some calls it Stress, Depression and some even calls it the MOM Funk!

Today, here are some tips and tricks on ways to get out of the MOM Funk!

1) Breathe – Sounds simple enough and we do it everyday.. but the soothing action of breathing helps to calms those negativism building within us.

2) Prioritize – We are not robots and we can never do it all. I am a huge failure in this category where i am one of those moms who would do everything in my power to do it all. Reason being, well.. nobody does it better than yourself for your own children, right? After all.. i am their mother. Well… WRONG! Sometimes we need to take a breather and prioritize what is more important.. which also leads to the next tip…

3)Balance – A happy and healthy life is all about balance. When we learn to balance motherhood, duty, tasks, work we gained the best of the world, happiness!

4) Schedules – I believe in getting organized. Ever since i became a mom i had this mental problem where i am constantly having memory issues. It was when i realized my little problem i started to write every important details down in my journal and organizer. It has most certainly been a life saver!!!! Every single time my life starts to get out of hand or when i just can’t remember, i will look back at my schedule. Trust me.. it helps a lot! When you are organized, you’ll feel better and productive.

5) Multi-task – If you are horrible at this.. don’t do it! However, my personality and characteristics likes to get things done quick yet effectively. This saves time and i am able to proceed with my following task for the day that little faster. Having said so, whats really important is quantity over quality. 🙂

6) Music – I turn to music whenever i need a break. Listening to a soothing tune changes the mood instantly. I used to be a momma that screams and yells ever so hastily when i was in that mom funk foul mood.. with the music tuned up.. this has never happened again!

7) Tea/Coffee/Ice-Cream – Sometimes when overwhelmed, i like to have distractions. This means i call up my girlfriends for tea/coffee/ice-cream to catch up, chat, laugh and cry…okay, perhaps not the crying part. Basically, having someone there who understands and that can talk to you, eases the frustrating yet overwhelmed heart.

8) Love – It’s easy to see the behaviors/attitudes in our kids that drives us up the wall. But if we actively looked for the things that we love about them our perspective would be different.

9) Play – Go crazy, Move that body.. jump around like nobody is watching. Alternatively, you can go to the gym to get that adrenaline pumping. After 10 mins you’ll start to feel loosened up and naturally, it helps with the mood as well.

10) Dress up & Make up – I swear this does wonders! Some days, i totally feel nothing but gloom. Needless to say, dressing up is the last thing i want to do but its during these MOM FUNK days that we should be dressing up the most. As we paint the face with a little glam while heading on out looking fabulously gorgeous on the outside will channel that positive energy and strength on the inside as well.

Challenge : Do you know anyone having a MOM Funk Day or would benefit from this article? Feel free to share this with them. 🙂

My Top 10 immune system boosting foods

Every year as we approach the Chinese New Year season, just about everyone i know is either sick, going to be sick or is trying not to be sick. We blame it on bad weather (strong cold breezy wind one min and the next the glaring hot sun is killing us softly with its heat). 

While some of us do get sick, others who doesn’t seems to have the random luck.. you can increase your family’s odds by fuelling up on some superfood that primes the body to fight for your immunity.

We are all aware that a balance diet is important and nothing pains a parent more but to see their child catching an infectious disease. While i do my best to take care of the family’s nutritional needs i believe in including food that contains nutrients to boosting the immune system be it the Western or the Asian approach.

Here are my top 10 favourite Power food that helps me and my family with the immunity boosting.


Leafy Greens 

I have and will always be a vegetable lover. It is loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins essentials to help boost our immunity. Consuming vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes and any other leafy greens helps us to combat any form of infections naturally. Although it may be challenging, i believe kids especially should be persuaded to consume all vegetables as they work to strengthen the body’s immune system.


Protein Food

“To build immunity in kids give them macronutrients like proteins including milk protein, ovo protein as eggs and animal protein,” advises Dr. S Yamuna, Chennai-based consultant paediatrician. Alternatively, for vegetarians, there are also a general list of high protein vegetables such as tofu, beans, chickpea and more that also contains a great source of protein.



As we already know, yogurt strengthens the intestinal tract and prevents gastrointestinal illnesses. Filled with probiotics of good bacteria, it helps to combat the bad bacteria in the body to prevent stomach infections. For the kids any myself, instead of ice-cream… yogurt is our favourite must haves as a snack or upon completion of our meal (like a dessert.. with a couple of favourite fruits dressed on top)


Garlic + Ginger + Onions 

It is fairly common in asian cooking to include these power packed immunity booster in many of our dishes. Did you know it is known to have antiviral and antibacterial properties that has active compounds to promote the immune system. It is known to helps prevent cancer, aids digestions and aids gastritis at bay. Furthermore, it is also known to help combat cold and flu symptoms.



One of my favourite yet fastest/easiest snack where i usually use as a topping to our yogurt or a little something for the mouth while watching the movies. A handful of nuts is usually practiced as the on the go kind of food/snack to have to munch at odd hours. It is known to contain a whole lot of proteins, minerals, and vitamins and they are also rich in antioxidants such as omega fatty acids, zinc, and Vitamin E.



This is probably one of my children’s top favourite to have with their rice/porridge. It’s soft and easy to chew plus it helps build immune system and it is known to do amazing wonders to our working brain. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids as well as other healthy fats, a must to increase the activity levels of body cells. Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are usually our favourite options. 🙂



Who doesn’t like fruits? My kids are simply fanatics when i offer them a fruit. Its sweet, high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. I have yet to come across a child that doesn’t eat fruits willingly. There are some with exquisite taste which accepts only a limited kind of fruits but apples, bananas, mangoes, berries, peaches, melons, grapes and more all does the miracle wonder of having many hidden benefits that helps aids with the immunity. It is known that the deeper the colour of the fruit the better benefits it brings. So whether the child only likes a particular fruit, it doesn’t really matter so long as they do consume some.



It contains many antibacterial properties and antioxidants that transform itself into a powerful immunity booster yet so easy to consume. You can drink it with warm water, spread it on your toast, oatmeal or even yogurt. Sometimes, i stir it into my lemon tea to help soothe sore throats and improve digestions.


Root Vegetables

According to Chinese theory root vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots and potatoes are good to improve the immune strengthening while it works on specific respiratory system. I usually make soup broths with these and include them into my children’s meal (usually with noodles, pasta or even to drink the soup itself with rice). 



It is not hard to adhere wholegrain into our asian family lifestyle as we already consume rice on a regular basis. However, wholegrain rice is always preferred as known to be high in fibre and better nutritional intake for the body. Children needs at least 2 to 3 servings of whole grain foods per day (at least half of their grain servings should be whole grain if possible). For school-aged children, one whole-grain serving equals a slice of whole-grain bread, 1 cup of ready-to-eat whole-grain cereal, or 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice or whole-wheat pasta.


3M Water Filter, My Life Saver!

Water is an important element of our daily lives and for years i could never decide on which water filter system is good and suitable for my home. Knowing very little about filtered water system, i did my fair share of research. From days, to months and yet i could never decide. I did however know for a fact that i desperately needed to get a water filter system fixed upon seeing THIS when my children had a bath.
image I swear.. you can imagine the horrendous look on my face when i saw how filthy the water is! I immediately sent a photo to my husband and girlfriend neighbour to rant all about it as well as made a complaint to the management office!

Let me elaborate further… it wasn’t exactly this bad when i moved into this building. However, over the past few months as construction is happening nearby i noticed the water has gradually changed its colour as well. Needless to say, i was freaking out almost everyday once i noticed it!

Upon getting the plumber to check, i have decided to install 3 water filter system under 3M in my current home… Models AP902, DWS2500T-CN, CTM-01 (yes i became really paranoid about how filthy and disgusting the water i was using to bath, wash, cook and drink is!)




On the day of installation, I was totally looking forward to having cleaner, clearer and better tasting water for my family!

3M is known to have over 75 years of experience in filtration technology. It is a reputable brand that provides reliable performance yet extremely easy to use, saves energy, and totally easy to maintain as well. I immediately decided to have 3 of the models installed

Whole House Filtration System – AP902
image Drinking Water System with Dedicated Stylist Faucet – DWS2500T-CN

imageCountertop Drinking Water System – CTM-01


The process took about 2.5 hours to install and thankfully it doesn’t at all look ugly..

This is their latest product… The Counter Top Drinking System CTM-01. The design is slim, trendy and simple that doesn’t at all takes much space at all!


What amazes me is it is so easy to change its cartridge!


Immediately upon completion of installation, my water pressure seems to have improved tremendously to elaborate further… here is a comparison of water before and after to stress how severe my problem was.


It was totally disgusting!

For the model DWS2500T-CN, despite its clean water.. I love the clever yet stylish drinking faucet that changes from blue to red when its time to change the cartridge. It’s superior filtration allows you to drink right from its tap!


Even the Outdoor Filter – AP902 didn’t require much space and also looks really neat upon installation.


Upon completing all 3 installation of water filter in my home, i am rest assured my family is safe and have clean water all the time! I trust every drop of water from 3M water filters are giving me and my whole family a cleaner drinking water as well as whole house water usage. Now, running the water in my bathtub looks normal again all thanks to 3M water filer, my life saver!


5 Ways to Make 2016 My Year!

imageJanuary. I love January.

As the year begins, i reflected on my achievements, reset and recreated some new resolutions (you can read all about it heRe!) As we approach mid of January, i am completely motivated to get my groove on in achieving my resolutions within the next 12 months ahead. A good way to do so is to have a goal and get yourself a planner to write down all our little missions and schedules.


If you don’t already have a planner, I would highly recommend you to download a FREE copy at this link Framed Planner! it’s totally pretty i assure you and you can frame it up on leave it on your work desk to keep you motivated throughout the year!

This year, i am most certainly sure it is going to be that extra awesome! 5 Ways to Make 2016 My Year…

Eat Clean. Stay Clean. Health is extremely important and exercise alone is never going to be enough to change the root cause of it. Food. What we eat leads us to how we feel. To practice a healthy diet is just as important as adhering to a healthy lifestyle making us feel and look good on both inside and outside. This year, i’m taking up the 15 days challenge whereby every month i will stick to my Eat Clean, Stay Clean diet for at least 15 days in a row.

Learning Something New. One of my resolutions is to be a little kinder to myself. To have me achieve my goal in this is by learning something new be it a skill, a language, recipe, or even a talent. At the end of each day, to remind myself i write in my journal my accomplishments for that particular day and boy even after a week reading back~ it does make me feel really good about myself! image

Family. Living in a fast pace society we sometimes forget and neglect the ones we love. Although i am a full time housewife i do (like every other normal housewives) wants what is best for the family. Spending quality fun moments together be it at home or even when we are out. To be able to teach and guide my children better and to learn the art of the Orange Rhino.


The Orange Rhino. This is a book i bought and read which until today i still am struggling to practice. In this book, it teachers parents to not yell at the kids and instead to practice a more healthier method of communication. (Sounds like a mission impossible to me… but i am trying to prove myself wrong). On days when i succeed.. i most definitely do feel proud of myself. But on the days when i forget i am back to square one! No doubt this book has certainly keep me on my toes on adhering to a better approach of communicating with my children. And hopefully.. just hopefully.. i pray that i am able to achieve my 30 day challenge of No-yelling!

Being apart of something Special. I’m also starting my 2016 with something rather different. It is my first time participating yet i’m looking forward in sharing with my readers here. For every month, i will be participating in a monthly blog hop. A monthly blog hop is where like minded bloggers from around the globe in a wide range of industries, with different expertise, culture and knowledge from various spectrum of the world gather together and blog one or two topics while linking them to be apart of each other. Because of this awesome community, it is an utmost honourable opportunity for me to have known some wonderful people around the globe at the comfort of my own home.

For JAN Blog Hop List includes the below :

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My Dysautonomia
Aileen Clark
Aileen Cooks

Do check them out as i did a thing or two from each and every one of them! 🙂 Have a fabulous day ahead and thank you for reading! 🙂