New Year, New Resolutions

imageIt is that time of year once again where we reflect on our past year and create a new list of resolutions to achieve and have our target set on the right path for 2016. Here are my top 5 resolutions in 2015 and for 2016.image2015 has been truly amazing for me and i have been truly blessed to have had such a smooth sailing year in almost every little thing i do. In 2015, i have started my blogging journey in sharing pointers from parenting, beauty, lifestyle down to food, fitness, travel and experiences. By having this blog and so many wonderful supporters from all around the globe is extremely awesome, and i’m truly thankful for having so many beautiful people in various community in my life at this very moment. It’s been such a blessing to have receive all the private messages, emails and comments and to know that my written work has touched the heart and lives of so many in such a short time, just by sharing. This blogging journey of mine has been indeed one of my major achievements for 2015. In 2016, i could only hope that i would have as much success and support in doing the things i love doing as i have received this year.image2015, has also been a year where i have 50% conquered my fear in my low self-esteem. I am really quite a shy person especially when it comes to me on the dance floor (if you don’t already know) even though i try my very utmost best not to show it. As i embark back into the Salsa scene i gradually try to do moves that i have never thought i would do in my life (just because i am too shy to look or portray the thought of me, myself being a sexy dancer). Although it has been a good 8 years i have been dancing (mind you i am no where near a good dancer, due to my lack of self-esteem and the fear to be in the centre of attention on the dance floor). On the contrary, i would be the ones to watch my fellow friends in the dancing scene shine like a star dancing, twirling and doing their awesome sexy moves with my oooohhh’s and waaaahhh’s.. and secretly wishing i could do the same.. but never in my life built the courage to do so. In 2016, perhaps maybe.. just perhaps.. i might be able to build the courage and be more confident to conquer the remaining 50% of my lack of self-esteem.imageEvery year family is and has always been apart of my blessings. I have 2 beautiful yet awesome children that brings so much joy into my life. A wonderful yet supportive husband that treasures, loves, spoils me rotten when needed yet guides me through my challenges and bring out the best in me as a person. To have them in my life is always an amazing journey. Yet, every year, i will prioritise my family as part of my resolution and the same this year as well. To work on creating a stronger bond with each and every one of my family members. To work hand in hand with my husband into teaching our beautiful children the art of communication in the correct form while guiding them through their journey into becoming a beautiful human being they can be in the society we live in today.imageHealth in 2015 was rather challenging for me. I was sick for almost a good half of the year due to my poor immunity level. However, during the second half of the year it changed for the better from my new healthy lifestyle down to the usual food intake i consume. Hence, in 2016, i do hope to work on those planks and perhaps further improve, if not to maintain a healthier lifestyle and a better quality of life for my own sake as well as for my family. After all, a healthy yet balanced family starts with a healthy momma, wouldn’t you agree?imageOne of my main goals for 2016 is also be a little kinder to myself and spend that bit of time to learn something new each day. Be it a knowledge, or a skill, a language or even a talent. What better way to start the discovery but to read a book, or even to explore the internet. The internet makes it incredibly easy to learn various new things.

Have you thought about your resolution for 2016?


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