Dating with the Kiddos*

Time is simply precious, most valuable, yet rewarding ones can give their child, and if its wasted we can never go back to build that valuable moments together again. As a full time housewife, i have 24 hours a day on stand by just in case my kids needs me for anything and everything under the sun. But being ONLY by their side alone is not going to be enough for what i want to gain and achieve for my family.

imageBuilding a strong relationship with my children is extremely important and to do so, ones need to spend time with them to strengthen the relationship as well as communication with them..

Hence, today i am sharing with you a little something that i discovered… what better way to spend time with your precious children but to go on Dates with them?!? After all, isn’t that the basic elements of how ones get to know another a little better? 🙂

imageThat is one resolutions of mine for 2016 for my family. To have more precious dates with my beautiful children talking, asking questions, communicating, building quality relationship and creating sweetest memories with each individual one of them.

imageMy kiddos are both 3 and 5 of age. Sometimes they understand and sometimes they don’t.. But honestly, i realised it doesn’t really matter what you talk about, but the fact that you talk, cry, laugh, agree and disagree creates that special bond together. At the end of the day, I always part my conversation with a smile and by expressing to them how much they mean to me and that i love them very much (even though at times they just drive me up the wall) and eventually with given time i know deep down that they will feel and understand the importance of our time and effort!

imageSo the next question is, how can we date our child/children? Here are some of my favourite simple yet doable activities both indoor and outdoor (within budget) i do with them on a regular basis..

Go out breakfast


Go out for lunch

imageGo out and have ice cream together



Have a water play at home


imageGo to the cinema and catch a kids movie


Doing craft activities together

imagePlay indoor soccer

imageGo swimming together


The date list continues on to :

Have a picnic together and get them to help pack
Feed the fish
Go to the playground outdoor and indoor
Go to the bookstore together
Bake a cake/cookie together
Play ball and/or bubbles in the playground
Sing and dance like nobody is watching
Build a toy or create an art

And the list goes on and on… (but i guess you already can have a rough idea on how a simple yet doable date with the kiddos is like). At the end of the day, you don’t have to splurge on dates with the kids. It’s never about the money.. but the time spent together!
image“Time” is truly the best thing any parent can give their child (and as we all know, nobody is perfect … and even i catch myself doing this at times.. but i truly try with all my will power to make sure i don’t hold on to the phone browsing my social media/playing a game on one hand while talking to the children.. It’s never a polite thing to do even to friends or other family members.. but instead if i may be extremely blunt.. it’s actually plain rude… and kids being kids.. they watch and learn… *like the saying goes.. monkey see, monkey do!* So for me, the last thing i would like is to have my kids give social media more attention than an actual conversation with their friends, colleagues, and of course their own parents in the future.)

Now if you haven’t already went on a date with your kiddos…Try it! Tell your kiddos you’re Date Plans with them for the day and see their faces lit up in excitement and experience how rewarding it is for both you, your child and your family in both the short and long run.



  1. I love going climbing, swimming, running, play fighting (sons favorite) and so much more but have to say the most favorite of all is going to a book shop and browsing through the books and seeing my little ones picking up a book and sitting in the corner and going through the pages for hours on end ( 2 kids too young to read but use their imagination with the pictures but eldest one who is 8 is glued)! It’s always a huge success with us.
    You are an amazing mum who really relishes on the time spent with your kids! Awesome!

    1. Thank you so much Senay Oakley! You just made my day that much cheerier! 😉
      It’s such a blessing that i can share my thoughts with mothers who can relate and i sincerely thank you for your support and your kind + sweet comments. *Much love to you*

  2. Thank you for sharing this! My new year is building better bonds with my family as well. I’m going to pass this article to my sister to give her creative ideas with her daughter. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

    1. Thank you Tamika for your kind words. I’m truly glad that my written work can help other parents out around the globe. People like you makes me feel inspired to share more, and i can’t thank you enough for dropping me a comment here to show your appreciation. Much love back at you!

  3. This was great! My husband and I don’t have kids but I’m a teacher and many of the parents I work with ask what they can do to help strengthen their bonds with their kids!

    1. Thank you Joanna! I’m glad you find the article useful as well. Feel free to share the article and ideas out to your students parents. I’m truly happy that the article is inspiring to you! 🙂

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