Her first 5 years from A to Z

So, something pretty crazy happened to me the other day. I had this tiny little infant…

so cute..

so adorable..

so quiet..

so ever so tiny..

 and ever so cheeky…

and then…BAM!

She grew into a 5 years old little toddler.

For the past 5 years i have been in complete utter with awe. I’m sure you would agree as well considering i constantly update her photos in most of my social media network.

For each moment spent with my little one i tell myself oohh, i want to blog about this and that.. but i never actually “properly” did. I did do various mini post but it wasn’t exactly “The Get to Know my Little Girl Post”. That is why today, on her 5th birthday..i’m about to write one of the longest post ever about my not so little anymore but always my sweetest ever darling daughter in alphabetical style.

A – is for adorable. As she grows each day, she knows exactly how to capture your heart.984166_10152663518223092_1239554010565190906_nB – is for biscuits. She loves anything crispy and unhealthy! (what am i ever going to do)10917419_10153116438993092_5064243616223282517_nC – is for cuddles. when she was tiny~ we love to play the cuddle game which ends up in lots of giggling and laughter there after~ now that she is a toddler we still practice the very same routine of cuddle time every day! 🙂

319960_10150476747658092_1183270483_nD – is for Dog. She is totally in love with dogs and has been bugging daddy to get her one.

10409420_10152534145663092_1225887995205602774_nE – is for energy. She is so full of energy and i kid you not! Ever since she was a little girl, she doesn’t take afternoon naps and yet she is always super active. So we’re always finding fun activities to do together!

10391389_10152921939963092_2294260600842378529_nF – is for friends. At such a young age she loves making friends. Giving you her biggest and sweetest smile whenever you say ‘hi’ or ‘hello’.imageG – is for the obvious.. Good Girl. She tries her best to be a good girl (deep down i know, she tries) but nobody is perfect and we all do occasionally do make mistakes as well.

11924268_10153612478888092_903032250414463255_nH – is for Hospital. This is the very first photo i took with my little one. It was taken by Andrew while i was still laying on the operating table after she came out.1914773_10150119785953092_7762051_nI – is for I love you.

J – is for Jaundice. Yuna had a little bit of Jaundice on the forth day after her arrival. Therefore she had to go in for ‘tanning’.164159_10150119787238092_748798_nK – is for Kindergarten. She totally loves and speaks ever so fondly of her teachers and friends in school.imageL – is for L O V E L Y. She can be really lovely to her little brother.. playing and giving him the sweetest smile followed by the biggest hug of all.

1255200_10152329026458092_152095155_nM – is for Momma. Being her momma is the best job ever even though it’s a 24/7 job. Seeing her grow as i groom her each day makes me proud of how wonderful she is going to be.

319547_10150481522468092_469624932_nN – is for Nails. This little toddler loves to get her nails painted. 😛

1011851_10151765567798092_2096531597_nO – is for Onigiri. Her favourite food is non other than Onigiri. We had that almost everyday when we were in Japan.imageP – is for Proud. Her success are mine and failures are most definitely mine as well. However, i am responsible as i brought her into this world and i am most certainly extremely proud of the person whom this little girl has grown into. 🙂

734196_10151467268868092_1149683550_nQ – is for quiet. I love each quiet moments. Seeing her snooze simply makes every moments of having her in our life that bit more precious.

R – is for reading. She loves it when i read her a book. She stares and absorbs every little thing i say with wide eyed curiosity followed by endless questions. I foresee a book worm in the family.

S – is for Sunshine. She is my little sunshine every morning. She is the earliest to wake up every morning and is momma’s personal alarm clock as well.

11137141_10153278953338092_7689947518703382105_nT – is for trouble. She can be quite a tiger when she is in trouble.
U – is for ugly. The Ugly duckling is one of her favourite stories when she was a growing up.
V – is for volume. Did you know, she naturally has volumized hair (much thanks to her natural curly locks from maternal side of the genes)11896160_10153627451678092_5487668361909594299_n

W – is for watching her favorite channel. Astro 613 Disney Junior..
X – is for xoxo. Nothing beats kissing my little girl endlessly.


Y – is for non other than Yuna. She tells me she wants to be just like her momma when she grows up!


Z – is Zzz. Is the last she wants to do.. if possible she would rather just talk all night. 😛


Happy bless birthday my baby girl.. May you read this one day and know momma loves you very very much. 




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