Premier Clinic – Dermal Fillers

Aesthetic has stormed into our beauty industry for a couple of years now with the latest technologies and various safe procedures in enhancing every women and men’s dreams of being beautiful. These professionals takes into account of the clients wants and needs in various aspects from the face down to the body. It is known as the most easy yet semi permanent cosmetic procedure that is non surgical to achieve a certain desire look for both men and women.

Recently, I was invited by Premier Clinic TTDI to try their Dermal Filler treatment. Dermal Filler has been around for a while now. A few of my personal friends had it done and loved it! The hydraulic acid that contains in the filler helps to enhance the skin hydration and plump up the areas necessary giving you the best of both worlds. It is mostly used on the face where it will be injected beneath the skin where its lacking the omph due to ageing while it enhances the natural features and beauty of  an individual.

That day, I met with the beautiful and talented Dr. Aarthi Maria. She’s not only a gentle, kind and sweet… based on personal experience this doctor really is very talented!!! image

Upon consultation, she advised me to have dermal fillers for my lips as my imbalance lips are becoming more and more prominent. I was rather scared yet nervous when i heard her suggestion as it is my first time injecting anything on my lips and i am terrified of needles. Despite that i have also heard that it is extremely painful to inject fillers on the lips. (To be honest, i was very very afraid. >.<) Dr. Aarthi being the sweetest person she is, sensed my worries and rest assured me that pain is very minimal.


As i prepared for the procedure, i took a selfie~ just to emphasise how imbalance my lips have became i took a frontal view photo (I never take a close up like this because its ridiculously hideous yet obvious). Nobody actually knew or could tell about my little defect as i usually hide it pretty well when i take photos. The trick all along was with much effort finding the right angle to snap to make that hugggggeeee of a difference! 😉


I was first pampered by Esther (beautician consultant) with an Ultrasonic Facial Treatment. It was remarkably comfortable and relaxing.


The procedure requires the use of a unique machine that makes weird noises to remove the dead skin cells. It was not painful at all and extremely soothing.


Next, a hydrating serum was applied and using the ultrasonic tool, it helps the serum to penetrate deeper into the skin giving it that natural glow.


After the Ultrasonic Facial Treatment, i was given some numbing cream while the filler was being prepared for Dr. Aarthi. She used Juvederm Volbella for me as she mentioned that it provides a more feminine result. 🙂


The procedure itself was took about 10 minutes injecting from various angle to achieve the balanced lips… and surprisingly NO PAIN AT ALL!




Once completed Dr Aarthi examined the lips to make sure everything was in place. Needless to say, i was really happy about the result.


My uneven lips is no longer uneven. In fact, it is slightly more pouty than the usual which i do really like. 🙂 

If you ever need a little enhancement, Feel free to visit :

Premier Clinic

31, Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

T 0126625552/03-77325552

F 03-77328201

For a complimentary consultation, quote THEMIZZEVE (MRSANDMOMMA) and to enjoy a 10% discount. Terms & Condition applies. 


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