The 4 Gift Rule – Teaching Life Lessons

Christmas is only 3 days away and my daughters birthday is one day before Xmas! As usual, i can never decide which one to be more excited for. It’s been an amazing 363 days since she was born and every year i face the same dilemma on what should i get for her for Christmas as i am already getting her something for her birthday!

I wanted to give her what she wants yet take this opportunity to teach her about life lessons at the same time.

So this year, i decided to do something different and i came about in Pinterest this genius idea of The 4 gift Rule. It is really very simple! Each child will receive 4 gifts ; Something they want ; Something they need ; Something to wear ; and Something to read.

Obviously first thing that comes to mind is … IS IT GOING TO BREAK MY BUDGET? 

The answer is NO. You still have the latitude to decide how much you wish to spend on each category based on each individual family budget. The concept of breaking these gifts is to teach them that Holidays and any other celebrations, be it Birthdays or special occasions are not all about an avalanche of gifts. It is obvious that during these special occasions we are meant to receive them gifts, however learning along with reasons and blessings about giving and receiving these gifts all at the same time is just pure fabulous! Isn’t that the best idea ever? The person who came up with this is a genius! 

While the kids get a specific toy of their dreams (Something they want) the other gifts comes with the purpose of deliverying a special message about being deliberate, thoughtful and yet even educational at the same time like (Something they read), a book or a new magazine. (Something they need) could be something thoughtful for instance things like stationary, toiletries or even a little decoration for their room. (Something they wear) could be a shirt, underwear, hat or even a simple hair accessory.


Now i can’t wait to see their priceless faces when the kids open their face this year!

What did you get/do for your kids and/or loved ones for Christmas?


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