An Inspiration of a Momma

imageToday i am sharing something a little personal to all mothers who feels a tad bit down, emotional, lonely, unappreciated, and depress. This post is inspired by Suzi Whitford, the author of Start A Mom Blog

imageIt is not everyday nor everyone is open to the idea of sharing their thoughts and personal life publicly to the world. Having a blog does this! It’s inevitable! However, if you think of it outside the box, as a blogger we also touch the lives of so many people in need around the world. Be it, in need of an advice, a solution or simply people whom shares the same philosophy and objectives as ourselves. Hence, this is why i started blogging and MrsandMomma is born.

imageBlogging has changed and improved my life for the better.

Let me elaborate, I was so lost as I am a full time mom ever since I got pregnant (6 years ago) and ever since then I have given up my career and focus on my family. I was fairly strong headed as to how i want to raise my child and my goals and dreams were diverted ONLY to my children and marriage. (It doesn’t sound wrong at all as it is a duty of a mother and wife.. but is that healthy?)

As days passed, months and years, i began to carry a burden of self pity. I would always envy those women/friends that has successfully strive and found their establishment. I was defeated all the time and lost my confidence and myself along the years. I had no focus, no goals, no mission nor dreams. Close momma friends around me knew how mundane i felt about my life.

imageAlthough saying so, i have no regrets but i constatly see it as a privilege to be a full time housewife. It is most definietely one of the best decisions i have made in my life. However, one thing i have learnt is that being a mom and a wife is never a reason why ones should stop improving and continue to mould themselves to be a better person as a whole. Of course, each individual is different and ones may not see blogging a path that they are likely to choose. However, there are so many wonderful things out there that ones can explore and find their perfect niche in.

imageFor myself, i have found that perfect niche. Life as a momma blogger has most definitely opened a door of horizon for myself to improve in so many ways while i continue to play my role as a wife and a momma. It is and has been wonderful that blogging has become an output for me to achieve more than just my family.. It has given me that sense of drive, passion to explore, vision and mission to achieve for myself which to me, that is pretty exciting and fantastic!.

imageI have grown to feel more resourceful to my kids and my husband (in terms of knowledge and emotionally i feel more balanced as a whole) as I am constantly upgrading myself by attending events from various field, meeting new people all the time, learning something new and most importantly being a happier mother and wife and sharing my stories to people who shares the same philosophy as me.

Click here to read about how blogging has changed 15 mothers from around the world and perhaps, just perhaps…you might find a direction and a sense of inspiration from one of these fabulous mothers and start one too! God bless!



  1. Eve, thank you so much for sharing! It is wonderful to know blogging has had such a positive impact on you as a mother. It has given me the same drive you speak about while still being a mommy that stays home with her little ones. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hello Suzi!

      It’s been such a pleasure to have gotten to know you.
      Feel free to share the post and do keep in touch.
      By the way, i’m secretly looking forward to your next post. 😉

      Much love, Eve.

  2. I’ve been a sahm for close to 9years… There are ups and there are downs… But if I ever have to make a choice again, I’ll still choose to stay home and raise my 4 cheeky monkeys.. Life of being a sahm can be rewarding in many other ways… Surround ourselves with like minded mothers, and we will enjoy what we do and know that our sacrifices is well very worth it

    1. Hello Lynette! Thanks for the comment and Yes I totally agree. It is important to have friends that shares the same philosophy. These people are the ones that helps us stay grounded.

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