Pssttt.. Irresistible Me*

I have always loved long luscious black hair. It was my kind of thing and friends of friends all knew that i had always been the long black hair kind of girl. It was only recently, about a month ago that i decided to have a change of style (After many many many years of having long black hair). I tried streaking a couple of strands of my hair a few months back and i loved it. Hence, this round i decided to go a little bolder. Which to most people, could never imagine me, myself making such drastic changes.


A few weeks passed and i loved the new look but i started to miss my old long luscious locks of dark black hair. (I know right, the grass is always greener on the other end). 

Then, i received THE PARCEL. The Parcel that i can have that bit of change every now and then.          The parcel that will make me, myself feel irresistible! 

The packaging received was a little dented but i got to say its remarkably creative the way they have packaged the goodies together!


Irresistible Me, is a growing brand of 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools with top quality at affordable prices based in the Fashion District in New York and currently working with a number of very creative and talented YouTube gurus and bloggers. I had the privilege of trying out their fabulous hair extensions this time around and i swear it looks so good that you couldn’t even tell its not your original hair!

I loved it that the hair length was all the way down to my waist. So i did my best at posing a few snap shots of me, myself in a seductive yet innocent model look. (yay or nay?)


I was truly impress as it was so easy to wear on as all i had to do was section out my hair into various sections and start clipping away. It was so fast and easy that i had these extensions fixed on in less than 5 mins! It’s a MIRACLE!!!


Irresistible Me, carries 2 lines of clip in hair extensions : Silky Touch and Royal Remy.

Silky Touch (the one i was using), being the best seller is made with 100% human remy hair. The extensions are very easily styled, cut, coloured and curled to blend into the hair perfectly while adding that bit of length and volume! The thickness however, decreasses very slightly towards to end just like normal hair does which provides that natural look and feel.

Royal Remy on the contrary is made from premium line of 100% human remy hair. It is top of the line hair with a special treatment to add that extra silkiness and durability. It is known to provide a lot of body and bounce when wearing them. (I have yet to try.. )

Be it Silky Touch or Royal Remy, in a jiffy both hair extensions can transform your hair! As for me, Silky Touch did a marvellous job as i was transformed from short medium length hair to sexy long luscious black hair.


 Although my hair is currently in various tones of ash, blond and black i still have no problems blending all of the hair colour and textures in together. I personally do love it that way as i am able to blend a little more colour for my fringe to highlight, however it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a few longer streaks of coloured ash and blond hair extensions to have that sexy yet wild look for a fun occasion!


Ohh and did i mention, the hair texture is remarkably soft. I honestly feel like it was my own hair and i can even style it using a simple hair straightener or even a curling thong to get that specific styles i want to achieve for a particular occasion just like our normal natural hair! It does however come in various weight and length. Mine was 24 inches in length, thickness was 200g.


I can’t stress how remarkably soft it feels. I constantly notice myself touching and playing with my hair.

Thanks to Irresistible me for coming up with such miracle hair extensions! Now anyone with short hair can have long hair too!

For further information, do click IrresisitibleMe website as they are having holiday sale of up to 50% off!!!!

Not to forget, also check out their fun yet informative videos on  YouTube



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