Erabelle Prestige – The Brow Specialist.

Did you know, eyebrows is an important element of your face that helps to enhance every single aspect of your features? When i was back in high school, my brows were thick, messy and disgraceful. My mom would tell me that i was too young to do any embroidery and i will regret it for the rest of my life if i ever did anything to them. >.<

Needless to say, school didn’t allow makeup so i just tried my very best to pluck and shape them myself which were HORRID.. In the end, i just decided to live with the ugly browse until i was much older.

During my working years, i decided to take the leap and had them browse embroidered. It was one of the best decisions i have ever made.. UNTIL.. the ugly looking brows decided to change its color and turned copper. >.<

It was around end of 2014 (between October to November) that my girlfriend Cheesie recommended me to check out the Prestigious Erabelle. A well known beauty service centre in Singapore that recently opened a branch in Malaysia.



Situated at level 4 of The Gardens, this Erabelle Prestige Boutique provides instant premium beauty services by talented and professionally trained beautician. Their services varies from facial, to luxurious body care and signature embroideries. Needless to say, they are famous for their Erabrowlogy service.


I was excited as i understand further in detail the technique used and i shared with them my concern. My consultation was done by Cecilia a warm hearted and kind lady. (She works both in Singapore and Malaysia so if you do wish to find her please call in and make an appointment.) 

During my consultation, she addresses my problematic brows and advised me on how i should maintain it. As you can already tell from the photos below.. my eyebrows were pretty much crying in sorrow. >.<


In other words, it was a big mess! By that time the colour faded to a red and copper mixed blend.


After my consultation, Cecilia was kind enough to bring me into her room and prepared me for the embroidery. I love erabelle so very much because they actually take into account every single dainty detail down to how we should cover our toes and specially designed UV lights to sanitised our shoes. Their uniform were kimonos, working culture and etiquettes were influenced from Japan. (and for obvious reasons, if you know me personally.. i love japan and this no doubt made me loved Erabelle even more!). 


First, the step was to get my brows proffessionally shaped suitable to my face shape.


Next i was spoilt rotten as i was given some enzyme moisturiser that helps to remove dead skin cells from the eyebrows.


Meanwhile, while waiting for enzymes to take effect, i was given a patch test to see if i have any sort of allergic reaction to it.


Numbing cream was then applied.


I had to wait about 10 – 15 min for the numbing cream to take effect.


After my first 5 mins. I was already getting bored.


Soon after, Cecilia started the procedure. Unfortunately, during the procedure i wasn’t able to capture any good shots. However, i would like to share this.. THERE WAS NO PAIN AT ALL!


The technique and skills used to make the brows most natural looking is with a mixed blend of colours and not the usual one fixed colour.

The final result was amazing. I loved it. It looked completely natural.


You probably can’t see any difference.. So here’s a better comparison shot for you. Check this out!



Looking at the mirror i was MOST certainly extremely happy with the final result.

I was able to head out and meet my girlfriends that very same day without looking like some weirdo! PLUS a big bonus on my confidence booster. I had friends and strangers asking me where i had done my natural looking eyebrows and of course i recommended them to no other than Erabelle Prestige.


It’s been more than ONE year plus  upon having this procedure done with minimal touch ups in between and i must say, i’m still very much in love with the results i see today. This is by far the most natural yet proffessional looking brows anybody can get. I highly recommend this to everyone who needs a semi permanent eyebrow make over.

Feel free to browse over to their website at

or you can visit them directly at for a consultation.

Address: FF-227 Fourth Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 K.L.
Tel: 03 2282 8889
Opening hours: 10.30am – 9.30pm

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