Celebrating Early Xmas with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CB&TL)

Christmas is just around the corner. The closer it gets the more i feel like a little girl. I love blings and sparkles lighting up during the festive seasons. The concept of gift exchanges and seeing happy smiles on peoples faces as they receive their gifts just brightens up my day. This year, i was overjoyed to be apart of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CB&TL) christmas launch.

imageBy the way, this is probably one of my favourite hang out spots. I live rather close to an outlet and being a Coffee lover.. Every now and then, i will have my morning *motherly* meetings with the group of my mother friends at CB&TL.

imageEvery year CB&TL will stretch that extra mile to create an exquisite beverage and desserts during various seasons. This year the Joy of Christmas with Holiday Specials by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CB&TL) has a divine twist to add that extra sparkle to the celebration. Welcoming the return of Toffee Nut Latte, Double Chocolate Peppermint Ice Blended and Red Velvet Hot Cocoa.

However, this year on the Christmas Surprise menu are German Stollen, Classic Christmas Log, Sugar n’ Chai Cheesecake and of course, the highlight of the menu: the marvellous Scottish-inspired Dundee Fruit Cake!

imageI couldn’t stop smiling upon seeing these awesome goodness laid in perfection for us! 🙂





imageUpon attending the event, i was lucky enough to try all these wonderful delectables.

image“This season, more than any other, is a Season of Joy and CB&TL wants to celebrate it the best way we know how – by sharing the delicious signature taste of premium coffee and tea, mingled with traditional flavours of the Christmas season from various countries in Europe,” said Ms Fiona Rodrigues, Director of Marketing & Development at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia.

Developed by award-winning Chef Johnny Loh, the festive offerings are a mix of traditional desserts inspired by European classics.

imageDuring this eventful day, we had an amazing opportunity to be apart of an exclusive ginger dough-making workshop, Chef Johnny shared his expertise with several bloggers, guiding them through the steps for creating the perfect base from which to make gingerbread biscuits, a classic offering that’s also available on the festive menu.







imageDoesn’t this look adorable. 🙂

The crew behind the scenes to make this day extra special are simply awesome!imageOnce again, thank you for having me apart of the special day. CB&TL had just made my christmas this year that extra bit more special. 🙂

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