7 days Zespri Green Kiwi Fruit Challenge.

I’m a fruit addict kind of woman. Everytime anyone offers me a fruit i would gladly eat it!

*Many thanks to my wonderful Grandmother* 

Ever since i was a little girl my granny would encourage me to eat a variety of fruits everyday. She would cut them for me so it can easily fit inside my mouth. She would also say, pretty girls eats lots of fruits to have great skin. 😛 Today, Kiwi fruit plays a huge role in my daily life.image It has been a custom routine for us to consume them daily and i have to say after consuming them for a couple of months everyday it really did help in terms of our health. I slowly noticed that our body immunity did change for the better! Hence, being a fan of Zepri, i was invited to share some thoughts about the miracle changes it has upon me and my family.

For seven days in a row me and my family had consumed Zespri Green Kiwi fruit everyday. It was a change for us as we usually consume the golden ones.imageBringing various benefits both these super fruit (green and golden kiwis) is high in Vitamin C, a source of fibre, Vitamin E, contains high content of anti oxidant, aids digestions, source of pottasium and folate, low in glycaemic index food, low in calories and has an excellent source of increasing our body immunity. This means going to the toilet is most certainly no problem. 😛 

My kids loves them and at times request to consume these medium sized super fruit during snack time. We feel great, light and even the slightest cold like we are able to combat.


A hearty breakfast made with Zespri Green Kiwi is so easy, delicious yet healthy! Topped with some yogurt, flaxseed and chai seeds.

image It’s so easy and convenient to eat and for me and my family, our digestive health most certainly did improve as well as our body immunity is much higher. My son is one of Zespri biggest fans!


Sometimes i mix them in my salad and it is so refreshing. 

Personally, upon consuming both kinds of kiwi before. I still prefer the golden kiwi more than the green even though it is slightly more expensive. Reason being is zespri golden kiwi has higher content in vitamins and minerals as compared to the zespri green ones. Besides, it also taste sweeter! But non the less, be it green or golden.. both most certainly do change the way we feel every morning and most importantly an improvement to our health especially to our digestive track. I truly believe it works!

~ A kiwi a day keeps the doctor at bay!~


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