The Grand Launch of Tochigi Nikkori Pear and Ibaraki Sweet Potatoes.

Almost everyday I practice healthy eating choices. Hence, when i head down to the store for groceries i am rather selective at what i buy. It was a couple of years back that one of my gf shared with me that everything Japanese are the best (of course this is her opinion laaaa). But she insisted that i try buying Japanese vegetables and fruits and so i did. I came home and… My goodness it is true!!! There is a difference in taste!!! (How can this be, right?)

Ever since, i naturally brainwashed myself into believing that everything made in Japan seems to be somehow better and tastier.. (i’m not kidding) Today i can proudly tell everyone that i am crazy about Japan and every little thing about it!!!

It was early this week that i received an invitation to attend the official launch and ceremony of The Sweet Bearings Of Japanese Quality Agricultural Products to the Malaysian Market at Aeon Big Mid Valley.


Aeon Big is the first hypermarket in Malaysia to be offering these high quality products imported in directly from Japan. In conduction with the launch there is a Japanese food fair happening at selected Aeon Big stores where Japanese products that range from cooking essentials goods to fresh cut fish. 



The highlight for the launch however were the Nikkori Pear and Ibaraki Japanese Sweet Potatoes which are two of Japan’s finest agricultural products. 



These pears are HUGE!!! No kidding@@

Nikkori Pear can only be harvested in mid-October and stored for a long period of time until Febrary, thus the specialty and superiority of this unique fruit. This is a new variety produced by crossing full figured pears Niitaka and flavorful Hosui. Hence, the Nikkori pear is created. These HUGEEE pears weighs over 1kg each and has a perfect taste of sweetness with a delicious aroma of pear to it. This is a must try AND they are having promotion right now.


Japan also prides on their sweet potatoes. I love them and so does my kids!

Ibaraki is one of Japanese top producers prefecture on sweet potatoes and a number of varieties are grown and known as Beniazuma and Beniharuka in both Hokota and Namegata. The taste is remarkably sweet and soft with a flaky texture. Unlike our local sweet potatoes, these are rather fat and long too.


*just a tip, steam it for 20 min followed by grilling it ~ the aroma will be fabulous and the texture is crunchy on the outside yet sweet tasting on the inside. These sweet potatoes will leave you yearning for more, no doubt!*

imageDuring the media launch, there were a small delight made from both Nikkori pear and also Sweet Potatoes. Needless to say, they taste pretty amazing!


By the way, i kid you not when i say the pear is HUGE!!




If you haven’t tried them! i highly recommend that you do. Doubt it will be cheap after the promotion too! 😉


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