Kids and Books.


Books are my children’s best of friends.


But we live in an era of iPads and Smart TV’s, and it would be easy to let technology replace the art of reading in our children’s lives. And rather than force my children to sit and read a book, I want to work towards cultivating a genuine love for reading within their sweet heart–especially while they are still so young.


Fun and not forced is important.

Sparkly and Magical, NOT boring and mundane.


So below are some basic rules I practice to help keep books as a healthy priority in our home much thanks to LittleMissMomma. Bare in mind that these few tips are geared towards my toddlers age and certainly won’t work for everyone. I would most certainly appreciate it if you guys can share and add to the tips and tricks that have worked in your home.


1. Never Say No.
 I try to do my very best when i am with my kids. Kids will always be kids and once they start asking.. i really try my very best (with all efforts) to never say no (within reason) if my children asks me to sit down and read a book with them (i swear they can be very persistent once i pick up a book). It is important to me that I want them to feel like reading with them is a priority to me (i don’t want to be the kind of mom that misses out these *growing up moments*), and if they associates the good feelings of this quality time spent together with reading, then maybe their chances of reading when their older will naturally be encouraged, hopefully. And maybe they might remember these moments and love me that much even more! :p


2. Give Surprise Book Presents. This idea i got from LITTLE MISS MOMMA. 
She is a genius!!! These days, i spend less money in buying toys. Every now and then, i will bring my children to the book shop instead and at times I’m lucky enough to stumble upon a great book at budget prices. If my little monkeys (also known as angels) are not with me.. I will make it a little more fun and bring the book home, wrap it up, and have it waiting for them when they gets home from preschool. We will make a big deal on the way home that he has a “surprise” present waiting for him. Upon reaching home, they practically bursts through the front door with excitement, looking all around the house for their presents. Their faces are just priceless when their eyes twinkle with excitement. The simple act of wrapping up their book, rather than handing it to them from the shopping bag, adds a whole new level of intrigue…which generally results in them reading the book for double the length of time that they usually would. To me this is just awesome! This can also work with a book that they have forgotten about or hasn’t read in a long time. I simply pull it out of the cupboard and wrap it up like a new present. Voila! (I know it’s cheating, but whatever works, right?)


 Although I was such an avid reader as a kid and teenager, it hasn’t been as easy for me in my adulthood (the mom years especially to find time to read). So, i put on my best effort and find the time even though its 5 min of holding a proper book to read and not via the ipad/iphone/internet. Truth is, If we want our children to love reading, we need let them see US loving to read. I guess it’s just like anything else in life. If I want them to make good habits, I need to exemplify those habits. It’s like the saying goes Monkey See Monkey Do. So every day, I’m making an effort to sit down with an actual “paper” book—even if it’s only for 5 minutes at a time to make a difference for the future.


Here are some books we’re loving right now..




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