B-lab Bar + Bistro + Bakery

imageA couple months back i was introduced to try a new restaurant just below Verve Suites Apartment. Ever since that day, the husband and myself constantly return and have become a regular customer for our all time favourite Bar + Bistro + Bakery.


The environment is spacious both outdoor and indoor plus it is totally kids friendly with a wide area of space for parents to manoeuvre especially those with strollers!

imageRun by the Managing Director/Chef Mr Yukichi Matsubara and his wife Zen the two couple had created a western inspired Asian Bistro with a wide variety of food selection that combines a superb blend of food just to suit all palates at moderately priced, 80 seats bistro & a fine selection of bakery offerings. It’s unique selection caters a variety of fusion food, bread, pastry, and even down to alcoholic drinks.. The restaurant opening hours are as early as 8am to midnight daily (7 days a week). 

There were a wide range of bakery goodies.. from bread to pastries and biscuits.image

Personally i love the breads they have over here…


The smell of fresh daily baked bread..delicious yet affordable!

imageHere are some of my favourite food selections i have tried with them on various occasions. And i swear~ they are all pretty good!!!


The Ultimate Breakfast (Two eggs of any style ; smoked streaky bacon, pork sausage and honey baked ham ; mushrooms, baked beans and hash brown; white toast, croissant, whole meal or whole grain; mesclun salad and herb crusted tomatoes)


Smoked Omellete (Served with white toast, croissant, whole meal or whole grain ; mesclun salad and herb crusted tomato ; and french butter smoked salmon, normandy cheese, chives and parsley)


Pancetta & Mushroom Ragout Pasta (If you’re a pork lover.. you will love this ~Salt cured pork belly and mushrooms pasta with white wine and fresh herbs)


Reuben Sandwich (Beef pastrami with sauerkraut and Gruyere cheese sandwiched in between cereal bread)


Seafood Marinara Pasta (Tomato based pasta with an array of scallop, sea prawns, squids, white clams and slipper lobster)


Garlic & Chillie Prawn Pasta (Traditional garlic and chilli pasta tossed in Tiger Prawns and olive oil)


Wild Mushroom Pizza (i tasted truffle oil in this one..it was so good!!!)


Chicken of Breast (My personal favourite – Oven baked chicken breast with a hint of Cepes served with mushroom ragout)


B-Lab’s Club Sandwich (Decked with smoked streaky bacon and honey baked ham ; avocado spread, home made tatar sauce, butterhead lettuce, white toast and complimented with a sunny side up)


Pancetta & Mushroom Ragout Pasta (The husband personal favourite he had the same dish at two separate occasion – Salt cured pork belly nd mushrooms pasta with white wine and fresh herbs)


Jamon Iberico and Golden Lily (Spanish ham, mango and pistachio on a bed of arugula dressed with extra virgin olive oil) 

On the days of our visit to B-lab, our meals are never complete without a good cup of coffee and their famous dessert~ Choux Cream:)




For further information, you can visit their Facebook page at B-lab or alternatively you can just call in to make a reservation :

VERVE Shops Mont’ Kiara, Jalan Kiara 5, Mont’ Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee and Drinks

+60 3-6206 1880


New Year, New Resolutions

imageIt is that time of year once again where we reflect on our past year and create a new list of resolutions to achieve and have our target set on the right path for 2016. Here are my top 5 resolutions in 2015 and for 2016.image2015 has been truly amazing for me and i have been truly blessed to have had such a smooth sailing year in almost every little thing i do. In 2015, i have started my blogging journey in sharing pointers from parenting, beauty, lifestyle down to food, fitness, travel and experiences. By having this blog and so many wonderful supporters from all around the globe is extremely awesome, and i’m truly thankful for having so many beautiful people in various community in my life at this very moment. It’s been such a blessing to have receive all the private messages, emails and comments and to know that my written work has touched the heart and lives of so many in such a short time, just by sharing. This blogging journey of mine has been indeed one of my major achievements for 2015. In 2016, i could only hope that i would have as much success and support in doing the things i love doing as i have received this year.image2015, has also been a year where i have 50% conquered my fear in my low self-esteem. I am really quite a shy person especially when it comes to me on the dance floor (if you don’t already know) even though i try my very utmost best not to show it. As i embark back into the Salsa scene i gradually try to do moves that i have never thought i would do in my life (just because i am too shy to look or portray the thought of me, myself being a sexy dancer). Although it has been a good 8 years i have been dancing (mind you i am no where near a good dancer, due to my lack of self-esteem and the fear to be in the centre of attention on the dance floor). On the contrary, i would be the ones to watch my fellow friends in the dancing scene shine like a star dancing, twirling and doing their awesome sexy moves with my oooohhh’s and waaaahhh’s.. and secretly wishing i could do the same.. but never in my life built the courage to do so. In 2016, perhaps maybe.. just perhaps.. i might be able to build the courage and be more confident to conquer the remaining 50% of my lack of self-esteem.imageEvery year family is and has always been apart of my blessings. I have 2 beautiful yet awesome children that brings so much joy into my life. A wonderful yet supportive husband that treasures, loves, spoils me rotten when needed yet guides me through my challenges and bring out the best in me as a person. To have them in my life is always an amazing journey. Yet, every year, i will prioritise my family as part of my resolution and the same this year as well. To work on creating a stronger bond with each and every one of my family members. To work hand in hand with my husband into teaching our beautiful children the art of communication in the correct form while guiding them through their journey into becoming a beautiful human being they can be in the society we live in today.imageHealth in 2015 was rather challenging for me. I was sick for almost a good half of the year due to my poor immunity level. However, during the second half of the year it changed for the better from my new healthy lifestyle down to the usual food intake i consume. Hence, in 2016, i do hope to work on those planks and perhaps further improve, if not to maintain a healthier lifestyle and a better quality of life for my own sake as well as for my family. After all, a healthy yet balanced family starts with a healthy momma, wouldn’t you agree?imageOne of my main goals for 2016 is also be a little kinder to myself and spend that bit of time to learn something new each day. Be it a knowledge, or a skill, a language or even a talent. What better way to start the discovery but to read a book, or even to explore the internet. The internet makes it incredibly easy to learn various new things.

Have you thought about your resolution for 2016?

Moringa BioEnzymes

Health is an important element of everyones life. Early this year (2015), i was physically ill for a good six months and it most certainly took a great toll on my physical body.

Everyone that knows me asked, what happened to you Eve? And all i could do was give a weak smile. 😦

Ever since then, i have practiced healthy living choices while consuming vitamins and supplements. A couple of weeks ago i was contacted and had an opportunity to try a newly launch product called Iviora Moringa Bioenzymes.


The Ivoiora Moringa Bioenzymes is known to be formulated in Japan by 5 elements (enzymes, fibres, probiotic, probiotics and anti-oxidants), with the target to (digest, detox, restore and rejuvenate the body. Derived from a unique content called Mooring Oleifera (The Miracle Tree), it contains nutrient powerhouse and superfood from 46 anti-oxidants, 46 anti-inflammatory compound, 18 amino acids, various multi vitamins and minerals to improve the natural immune system while enhancing regenerative abilities to help the body combat illnesses.

(don’t know how but all that in one sachet… pretty amazing to me!) 


Science and technology today has shine beyond our expectations and created such miracle supplements.

To be honest, initially when i received the product, i was really worried about how the taste of the drink would be like. In my previous years of experience, any supplements that is meant to be good for the body doesn’t necessarily taste good at all.

However, to my surprise, it was really really really beyond my expectations!


It was extremely easy to drink down and tasted a little sweet yet with a tinge of sour at the same time furthermore it is also made from all natural ingredients AND it is also caffein free + laxative free too! *thumbs up*

imageUpon consuming the product twice daily after meal for almost a week and a half (morning and night), i began to feel and noticed further improvement to my digestive health and overall i do feel a little lighter as a whole. My slight sinus problems has also improved tremendously and it seems that my immunity might have been stronger as well. My complexion also improved as well with the high doze of vitamins content in the enzymes.

If you’re like me, someone who is concern about their health.. i highly recommend that you got to try this! I’m truly impress by it. Its amazing that you can feel the difference within only one week of consuming them!

PROMO : Just for all my lovely readers.. YOU are entitle to enjoy an additional RM20.00 rebate per box on top of any other on going promotion by using the PromoCode : EVE20

To place an order you can go through their website at Iviora 🙂

If you would like to learn more about the Moringa Bioenzymes or other products they carry, you can visit their website at Iviora or Facebook page at Iviora Malaysia

*Keep Safe and Stay healthy*


Dating with the Kiddos*

Time is simply precious, most valuable, yet rewarding ones can give their child, and if its wasted we can never go back to build that valuable moments together again. As a full time housewife, i have 24 hours a day on stand by just in case my kids needs me for anything and everything under the sun. But being ONLY by their side alone is not going to be enough for what i want to gain and achieve for my family.

imageBuilding a strong relationship with my children is extremely important and to do so, ones need to spend time with them to strengthen the relationship as well as communication with them..

Hence, today i am sharing with you a little something that i discovered… what better way to spend time with your precious children but to go on Dates with them?!? After all, isn’t that the basic elements of how ones get to know another a little better? 🙂

imageThat is one resolutions of mine for 2016 for my family. To have more precious dates with my beautiful children talking, asking questions, communicating, building quality relationship and creating sweetest memories with each individual one of them.

imageMy kiddos are both 3 and 5 of age. Sometimes they understand and sometimes they don’t.. But honestly, i realised it doesn’t really matter what you talk about, but the fact that you talk, cry, laugh, agree and disagree creates that special bond together. At the end of the day, I always part my conversation with a smile and by expressing to them how much they mean to me and that i love them very much (even though at times they just drive me up the wall) and eventually with given time i know deep down that they will feel and understand the importance of our time and effort!

imageSo the next question is, how can we date our child/children? Here are some of my favourite simple yet doable activities both indoor and outdoor (within budget) i do with them on a regular basis..

Go out breakfast


Go out for lunch

imageGo out and have ice cream together



Have a water play at home


imageGo to the cinema and catch a kids movie


Doing craft activities together

imagePlay indoor soccer

imageGo swimming together


The date list continues on to :

Have a picnic together and get them to help pack
Feed the fish
Go to the playground outdoor and indoor
Go to the bookstore together
Bake a cake/cookie together
Play ball and/or bubbles in the playground
Sing and dance like nobody is watching
Build a toy or create an art

And the list goes on and on… (but i guess you already can have a rough idea on how a simple yet doable date with the kiddos is like). At the end of the day, you don’t have to splurge on dates with the kids. It’s never about the money.. but the time spent together!
image“Time” is truly the best thing any parent can give their child (and as we all know, nobody is perfect … and even i catch myself doing this at times.. but i truly try with all my will power to make sure i don’t hold on to the phone browsing my social media/playing a game on one hand while talking to the children.. It’s never a polite thing to do even to friends or other family members.. but instead if i may be extremely blunt.. it’s actually plain rude… and kids being kids.. they watch and learn… *like the saying goes.. monkey see, monkey do!* So for me, the last thing i would like is to have my kids give social media more attention than an actual conversation with their friends, colleagues, and of course their own parents in the future.)

Now if you haven’t already went on a date with your kiddos…Try it! Tell your kiddos you’re Date Plans with them for the day and see their faces lit up in excitement and experience how rewarding it is for both you, your child and your family in both the short and long run.

Her first 5 years from A to Z

So, something pretty crazy happened to me the other day. I had this tiny little infant…

so cute..

so adorable..

so quiet..

so ever so tiny..

 and ever so cheeky…

and then…BAM!

She grew into a 5 years old little toddler.

For the past 5 years i have been in complete utter with awe. I’m sure you would agree as well considering i constantly update her photos in most of my social media network.

For each moment spent with my little one i tell myself oohh, i want to blog about this and that.. but i never actually “properly” did. I did do various mini post but it wasn’t exactly “The Get to Know my Little Girl Post”. That is why today, on her 5th birthday..i’m about to write one of the longest post ever about my not so little anymore but always my sweetest ever darling daughter in alphabetical style.

A – is for adorable. As she grows each day, she knows exactly how to capture your heart.984166_10152663518223092_1239554010565190906_nB – is for biscuits. She loves anything crispy and unhealthy! (what am i ever going to do)10917419_10153116438993092_5064243616223282517_nC – is for cuddles. when she was tiny~ we love to play the cuddle game which ends up in lots of giggling and laughter there after~ now that she is a toddler we still practice the very same routine of cuddle time every day! 🙂

319960_10150476747658092_1183270483_nD – is for Dog. She is totally in love with dogs and has been bugging daddy to get her one.

10409420_10152534145663092_1225887995205602774_nE – is for energy. She is so full of energy and i kid you not! Ever since she was a little girl, she doesn’t take afternoon naps and yet she is always super active. So we’re always finding fun activities to do together!

10391389_10152921939963092_2294260600842378529_nF – is for friends. At such a young age she loves making friends. Giving you her biggest and sweetest smile whenever you say ‘hi’ or ‘hello’.imageG – is for the obvious.. Good Girl. She tries her best to be a good girl (deep down i know, she tries) but nobody is perfect and we all do occasionally do make mistakes as well.

11924268_10153612478888092_903032250414463255_nH – is for Hospital. This is the very first photo i took with my little one. It was taken by Andrew while i was still laying on the operating table after she came out.1914773_10150119785953092_7762051_nI – is for I love you.

J – is for Jaundice. Yuna had a little bit of Jaundice on the forth day after her arrival. Therefore she had to go in for ‘tanning’.164159_10150119787238092_748798_nK – is for Kindergarten. She totally loves and speaks ever so fondly of her teachers and friends in school.imageL – is for L O V E L Y. She can be really lovely to her little brother.. playing and giving him the sweetest smile followed by the biggest hug of all.

1255200_10152329026458092_152095155_nM – is for Momma. Being her momma is the best job ever even though it’s a 24/7 job. Seeing her grow as i groom her each day makes me proud of how wonderful she is going to be.

319547_10150481522468092_469624932_nN – is for Nails. This little toddler loves to get her nails painted. 😛

1011851_10151765567798092_2096531597_nO – is for Onigiri. Her favourite food is non other than Onigiri. We had that almost everyday when we were in Japan.imageP – is for Proud. Her success are mine and failures are most definitely mine as well. However, i am responsible as i brought her into this world and i am most certainly extremely proud of the person whom this little girl has grown into. 🙂

734196_10151467268868092_1149683550_nQ – is for quiet. I love each quiet moments. Seeing her snooze simply makes every moments of having her in our life that bit more precious.

R – is for reading. She loves it when i read her a book. She stares and absorbs every little thing i say with wide eyed curiosity followed by endless questions. I foresee a book worm in the family.

S – is for Sunshine. She is my little sunshine every morning. She is the earliest to wake up every morning and is momma’s personal alarm clock as well.

11137141_10153278953338092_7689947518703382105_nT – is for trouble. She can be quite a tiger when she is in trouble.
U – is for ugly. The Ugly duckling is one of her favourite stories when she was a growing up.
V – is for volume. Did you know, she naturally has volumized hair (much thanks to her natural curly locks from maternal side of the genes)11896160_10153627451678092_5487668361909594299_n

W – is for watching her favorite channel. Astro 613 Disney Junior..
X – is for xoxo. Nothing beats kissing my little girl endlessly.


Y – is for non other than Yuna. She tells me she wants to be just like her momma when she grows up!


Z – is Zzz. Is the last she wants to do.. if possible she would rather just talk all night. 😛


Happy bless birthday my baby girl.. May you read this one day and know momma loves you very very much. 


Premier Clinic – Dermal Fillers

Aesthetic has stormed into our beauty industry for a couple of years now with the latest technologies and various safe procedures in enhancing every women and men’s dreams of being beautiful. These professionals takes into account of the clients wants and needs in various aspects from the face down to the body. It is known as the most easy yet semi permanent cosmetic procedure that is non surgical to achieve a certain desire look for both men and women.

Recently, I was invited by Premier Clinic TTDI to try their Dermal Filler treatment. Dermal Filler has been around for a while now. A few of my personal friends had it done and loved it! The hydraulic acid that contains in the filler helps to enhance the skin hydration and plump up the areas necessary giving you the best of both worlds. It is mostly used on the face where it will be injected beneath the skin where its lacking the omph due to ageing while it enhances the natural features and beauty of  an individual.

That day, I met with the beautiful and talented Dr. Aarthi Maria. She’s not only a gentle, kind and sweet… based on personal experience this doctor really is very talented!!! image

Upon consultation, she advised me to have dermal fillers for my lips as my imbalance lips are becoming more and more prominent. I was rather scared yet nervous when i heard her suggestion as it is my first time injecting anything on my lips and i am terrified of needles. Despite that i have also heard that it is extremely painful to inject fillers on the lips. (To be honest, i was very very afraid. >.<) Dr. Aarthi being the sweetest person she is, sensed my worries and rest assured me that pain is very minimal.


As i prepared for the procedure, i took a selfie~ just to emphasise how imbalance my lips have became i took a frontal view photo (I never take a close up like this because its ridiculously hideous yet obvious). Nobody actually knew or could tell about my little defect as i usually hide it pretty well when i take photos. The trick all along was with much effort finding the right angle to snap to make that hugggggeeee of a difference! 😉


I was first pampered by Esther (beautician consultant) with an Ultrasonic Facial Treatment. It was remarkably comfortable and relaxing.


The procedure requires the use of a unique machine that makes weird noises to remove the dead skin cells. It was not painful at all and extremely soothing.


Next, a hydrating serum was applied and using the ultrasonic tool, it helps the serum to penetrate deeper into the skin giving it that natural glow.


After the Ultrasonic Facial Treatment, i was given some numbing cream while the filler was being prepared for Dr. Aarthi. She used Juvederm Volbella for me as she mentioned that it provides a more feminine result. 🙂


The procedure itself was took about 10 minutes injecting from various angle to achieve the balanced lips… and surprisingly NO PAIN AT ALL!




Once completed Dr Aarthi examined the lips to make sure everything was in place. Needless to say, i was really happy about the result.


My uneven lips is no longer uneven. In fact, it is slightly more pouty than the usual which i do really like. 🙂 

If you ever need a little enhancement, Feel free to visit :

Premier Clinic

31, Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

T 0126625552/03-77325552

F 03-77328201

For a complimentary consultation, quote THEMIZZEVE (MRSANDMOMMA) and to enjoy a 10% discount. Terms & Condition applies. 

The 4 Gift Rule – Teaching Life Lessons

Christmas is only 3 days away and my daughters birthday is one day before Xmas! As usual, i can never decide which one to be more excited for. It’s been an amazing 363 days since she was born and every year i face the same dilemma on what should i get for her for Christmas as i am already getting her something for her birthday!

I wanted to give her what she wants yet take this opportunity to teach her about life lessons at the same time.

So this year, i decided to do something different and i came about in Pinterest this genius idea of The 4 gift Rule. It is really very simple! Each child will receive 4 gifts ; Something they want ; Something they need ; Something to wear ; and Something to read.

Obviously first thing that comes to mind is … IS IT GOING TO BREAK MY BUDGET? 

The answer is NO. You still have the latitude to decide how much you wish to spend on each category based on each individual family budget. The concept of breaking these gifts is to teach them that Holidays and any other celebrations, be it Birthdays or special occasions are not all about an avalanche of gifts. It is obvious that during these special occasions we are meant to receive them gifts, however learning along with reasons and blessings about giving and receiving these gifts all at the same time is just pure fabulous! Isn’t that the best idea ever? The person who came up with this is a genius! 

While the kids get a specific toy of their dreams (Something they want) the other gifts comes with the purpose of deliverying a special message about being deliberate, thoughtful and yet even educational at the same time like (Something they read), a book or a new magazine. (Something they need) could be something thoughtful for instance things like stationary, toiletries or even a little decoration for their room. (Something they wear) could be a shirt, underwear, hat or even a simple hair accessory.


Now i can’t wait to see their priceless faces when the kids open their face this year!

What did you get/do for your kids and/or loved ones for Christmas?

Honey Creme is in Kuala Lumpur!

Finally Honey Creme ice cream is in town! I had my very first taste of this delicious organic crafted premium soft-serve during my trip back to Penang. It was superb! I loved it so much that i couldn’t stop thinking about it and a week and a half later during my trip down to Singapore i had my craving fixed.

IMG_0069Now, they are officially in Kuala Lumpur and had their grand launch on the 19th of December with [Left to Right: Rachel Wong (Founder of Honey Crème Hartamas), Kenny Chee (Founder of Honey Crème Hartamas), Michael Ong (Founder of Honey Crème Hartamas), Angela Chee (Founder of Honey Crème Hartamas), Yumi Wong (Malaysian Actress), Hung Shock Teng (Honey Crème Franchisor – Malaysia), Liu Siao Zi (Honey Crème Taiwanese Trainer), Roy Teow (Honey Crème Franchisor – Malaysia), Po Yung Hui (Honey Crème Franchisor – Malaysia), and Jeff Pang (Honey Crème Franchisor – Malaysia)].

IMAG3475Ice creams have always been perceived as unhealthy and nutritionally deficient but just so you know… indulging in Honey Creme does not have to be frowned upon! 😉

IMAG3473It is specially handcrafted with premium organic ingredients from all over the world including South Korea’s top organic milk and creams, Honey Crème’s soft serve is definitely a healthier option with nutritional toppings like raw honeycomb, organic mixed grains, heart-healthy dark chocolate or simply the sinfully indulgent choice of popcorn or cotton candy toppings.

IMAG3474My favourite is The Honeycomb Soft Serve, crowned with a golden chunk of raw honey comb is truly a sight to behold and a delight to the palate.

IMG_9788According to Honey Creme, raw honeycomb provides a natural sweetness, omitting the need for artificial sugar sweeteners. Novelty aside, these golden nuggets are a nutritional powerhouse, prized as a health tonic since ancient times. Sourced from the prestige bee farms globally, Honey Creme’s inclusion of raw honeycomb adds a variety of minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes and other health giving properties into each serving of delectable soft serve.imageThese awesome soft serve must try has a fluffy, light velvety texture and creamy milky taste with slight salty undertones, unlike conventional ice creams which can be too creamy or artificially sweet and rich. I personally loved it so much that i had 2 cups in less than 15 min! *Mind you, i am genuinely quite crazy about this soft serve!*imageThey serve in both cups or cones with a variety of flavours for you to choose. If you haven’t already tried them.. do check them out at

Honey Crème Hartamas
Address: 20, Jalan 27/70A Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL
Monday to Thursday 12pm – 10pm
Friday to Sunday 12pm – 11pm
Open Daily

You can also Follow Honey Crème at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HoneyCremeKL
Instagram: Honey Crème Hartamas

An Inspiration of a Momma

imageToday i am sharing something a little personal to all mothers who feels a tad bit down, emotional, lonely, unappreciated, and depress. This post is inspired by Suzi Whitford, the author of Start A Mom Blog

imageIt is not everyday nor everyone is open to the idea of sharing their thoughts and personal life publicly to the world. Having a blog does this! It’s inevitable! However, if you think of it outside the box, as a blogger we also touch the lives of so many people in need around the world. Be it, in need of an advice, a solution or simply people whom shares the same philosophy and objectives as ourselves. Hence, this is why i started blogging and MrsandMomma is born.

imageBlogging has changed and improved my life for the better.

Let me elaborate, I was so lost as I am a full time mom ever since I got pregnant (6 years ago) and ever since then I have given up my career and focus on my family. I was fairly strong headed as to how i want to raise my child and my goals and dreams were diverted ONLY to my children and marriage. (It doesn’t sound wrong at all as it is a duty of a mother and wife.. but is that healthy?)

As days passed, months and years, i began to carry a burden of self pity. I would always envy those women/friends that has successfully strive and found their establishment. I was defeated all the time and lost my confidence and myself along the years. I had no focus, no goals, no mission nor dreams. Close momma friends around me knew how mundane i felt about my life.

imageAlthough saying so, i have no regrets but i constatly see it as a privilege to be a full time housewife. It is most definietely one of the best decisions i have made in my life. However, one thing i have learnt is that being a mom and a wife is never a reason why ones should stop improving and continue to mould themselves to be a better person as a whole. Of course, each individual is different and ones may not see blogging a path that they are likely to choose. However, there are so many wonderful things out there that ones can explore and find their perfect niche in.

imageFor myself, i have found that perfect niche. Life as a momma blogger has most definitely opened a door of horizon for myself to improve in so many ways while i continue to play my role as a wife and a momma. It is and has been wonderful that blogging has become an output for me to achieve more than just my family.. It has given me that sense of drive, passion to explore, vision and mission to achieve for myself which to me, that is pretty exciting and fantastic!.

imageI have grown to feel more resourceful to my kids and my husband (in terms of knowledge and emotionally i feel more balanced as a whole) as I am constantly upgrading myself by attending events from various field, meeting new people all the time, learning something new and most importantly being a happier mother and wife and sharing my stories to people who shares the same philosophy as me.

Click here to read about how blogging has changed 15 mothers from around the world and perhaps, just perhaps…you might find a direction and a sense of inspiration from one of these fabulous mothers and start one too! God bless!

Pssttt.. Irresistible Me*

I have always loved long luscious black hair. It was my kind of thing and friends of friends all knew that i had always been the long black hair kind of girl. It was only recently, about a month ago that i decided to have a change of style (After many many many years of having long black hair). I tried streaking a couple of strands of my hair a few months back and i loved it. Hence, this round i decided to go a little bolder. Which to most people, could never imagine me, myself making such drastic changes.


A few weeks passed and i loved the new look but i started to miss my old long luscious locks of dark black hair. (I know right, the grass is always greener on the other end). 

Then, i received THE PARCEL. The Parcel that i can have that bit of change every now and then.          The parcel that will make me, myself feel irresistible! 

The packaging received was a little dented but i got to say its remarkably creative the way they have packaged the goodies together!


Irresistible Me, is a growing brand of 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools with top quality at affordable prices based in the Fashion District in New York and currently working with a number of very creative and talented YouTube gurus and bloggers. I had the privilege of trying out their fabulous hair extensions this time around and i swear it looks so good that you couldn’t even tell its not your original hair!

I loved it that the hair length was all the way down to my waist. So i did my best at posing a few snap shots of me, myself in a seductive yet innocent model look. (yay or nay?)


I was truly impress as it was so easy to wear on as all i had to do was section out my hair into various sections and start clipping away. It was so fast and easy that i had these extensions fixed on in less than 5 mins! It’s a MIRACLE!!!


Irresistible Me, carries 2 lines of clip in hair extensions : Silky Touch and Royal Remy.

Silky Touch (the one i was using), being the best seller is made with 100% human remy hair. The extensions are very easily styled, cut, coloured and curled to blend into the hair perfectly while adding that bit of length and volume! The thickness however, decreasses very slightly towards to end just like normal hair does which provides that natural look and feel.

Royal Remy on the contrary is made from premium line of 100% human remy hair. It is top of the line hair with a special treatment to add that extra silkiness and durability. It is known to provide a lot of body and bounce when wearing them. (I have yet to try.. )

Be it Silky Touch or Royal Remy, in a jiffy both hair extensions can transform your hair! As for me, Silky Touch did a marvellous job as i was transformed from short medium length hair to sexy long luscious black hair.


 Although my hair is currently in various tones of ash, blond and black i still have no problems blending all of the hair colour and textures in together. I personally do love it that way as i am able to blend a little more colour for my fringe to highlight, however it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a few longer streaks of coloured ash and blond hair extensions to have that sexy yet wild look for a fun occasion!


Ohh and did i mention, the hair texture is remarkably soft. I honestly feel like it was my own hair and i can even style it using a simple hair straightener or even a curling thong to get that specific styles i want to achieve for a particular occasion just like our normal natural hair! It does however come in various weight and length. Mine was 24 inches in length, thickness was 200g.


I can’t stress how remarkably soft it feels. I constantly notice myself touching and playing with my hair.

Thanks to Irresistible me for coming up with such miracle hair extensions! Now anyone with short hair can have long hair too!

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