GetDoc the life saver app!

Have you ever encountered being lost by the options of doctors available? Not knowing what time their open or if appointment slots are available or even unsure of their expertise. These days as technology empower over us a crew of young and like minded individuals got together and created GetDoc. An amazing app that makes life easier for those in need of doctors expertise.


Let me get a bit more in details… What is GetDoc? 

GetDoc team

GetDoc is a platform that allows users to search, select and make appointment with their nearby doctor using our mobile apps and website. Users can search for nearby clinics or hospitals, select the doctor they want to visit, and make an appointment with the doctor through GetDoc app, now they can reduce the time waiting and queuing in clinics. Users can share their appointment information with family members and friends, and can also schedule appointments on behalf of their loved ones. Doesn’t it sound awesome?!?! It certainly sounds amazing to me! Bringing two toddlers out with no help can be quite challenging at times and having my appointments all organised with a click of an app is just what i need!

GetDoc - Office 2

How did GetDoc started?

It all started from a true sad story. GetDoc was created because of Jerry’s (the founder of GetDoc Malaysia) father, who was diagnosed with colon cancer 2 years ago. He needed to suffer by dragging his sick body in getting doctors and waiting to get treatment. Read the full story here: 

GetDoc’s Vision, Mission and Values.



How does GetDoc works?


1. Download the app for free.
2. Register through the app and fill in your User information (one-time only).
3. Search for doctor/clinic according to the preferred specialties, location and other filters.
5. Select a doctor that you would like to visit.
6. Make an appointment with the doctors by tapping on their available time slots in the application.

Benefits of using GetDoc app:
1. Time Saving – Less waiting time needed to get treated.
2. Convenience – Make an appointment with the doctor anytime, anywhere.
3. Stay Connected – Help your loved ones to make an appointment when they are sick and keep track on their follow-up appointments.


My meeting and tour around the office lead to having coffee with Qian the lead, community member of GetDoc exchanging marketing ideas and understanding further about the app. GetDoc is an app that was built with love by the GetDoc team. Their mission today is to enrich 100 million lives by delivering a better healthcare experience to everyone!

Download the app and try it out yourself! Feedbacks are all welcome.



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