The❤️Photos we’ll Remember

It has become a habit of mine to always make an effort to capture pictures of the husband with the kids when we’re out and about doing daily activities and on our little mini adventures. If i’m lucky~ i might just include myself into these shots as well.

These photos we’ll look back on when we’re old and wrinkled, photos that will make us smile and help us remember these very special moments, photos that the kids can show their future husband/wives and children.

The photos taken right here, is literally as good as it gets 99% of the time. My kids will be distracted and yet try to pull on their best smiles and on the normal note the husband will mask on his cool look while i pretend not to worry the outcome of the photo and pull on my best to smile hoping for the very best outcome.

But today when I take a step back and look at the picture with some perspective, it’s then that I realize that in our old and wrinkled years, these will likely be the photos I look back on with the fondest memories–regardless of any unflattering angle. Because photos like these capture our reality–a bit of excitement, a little crazy, a dash of silly and defintely a whole lot of happy.



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