2015, Kyoto Japan

It was such a blessing to have been given an opportunity to visit the land of the rising sun again. It was the 2nd trip within a month apart and i left it to the very last minute to surprise the kids that this family trip isn’t just the four of us but with their favourite aunties and grandparents as well. IMG_0096

No doubt they were overjoyed with excitement!

And so was i.. Family trips are just the best.. loads of bonding moments with love ones which we spend too little time with.

It was also a trip to surprise my beautiful sister in law’s birthday. Her endless smiles on the face was simply priceless when she saw us at the airport. IMG_0143

I’m so thankful to be bless with these beautiful people in my life.

I have the best sister in laws in the world.. they helped babysit the kids almost throughout the whole trip.. even at night.. which means hubs and i get a chance to spend some alone time and check out the salsa scene in Kyoto.IMG_0155

The bar was a tad bit smaller than we expected but filled with passionate dancers who takes turn on the dance floor. IMG_0166

People there as usual were extremely friendly even to foreigners like ourselves.IMG_0159

So the hubs managed to steal a couple of dances as well..

Our visit in Kyoto was rather short but we did managed to squeeze some time to visit the beautiful Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama.


A rather peaceful garden that brings us back to embracing the beauty of nature.

Do you like our family T-shirt? You can get yours at Sticking_Out I totally adore these T-shirts. Thank you so much @sticking_out

The view was simply breathtaking.. with hues of gold, green, yellow, pink and red..IMG_0220

Despite the beautiful scenic view and treasured bonding moments with everyone, we took our indulgence on food quite seriously during our 2 nights stay in Kyoto..






After a good 3 days and 2 nights in Kyoto.. i gave up my total diet plan and enjoy every single second of my indulgence.

Next stop~ Osaka.


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