2015, Tokyo Japan Day 8 (10.10.15)

Happy 6th year anniversary to my dearest husband!


It was the last day in Tokyo, Japan and the past 8 days has been nothing less but amazing (except day 6). Our plane home was in the late afternoon so we had a fair bit of time to burn before heading to the airport.

As usual, we headed out early in the morning to search for breakfast. My little girl had a burst of appetite. She suddenly decided to eat eat and eat continuously one after the other.
image image image image image image image image image image I had no complains at all.. even though was really shocked with her sudden burst of appetite. I totally love watching her eat..it’s a really really rare sight!

The husband and i enjoyed some freshly made onigiri as well.. his was a normal Sake with Ikura (salmon fish with salmon eggs) 
image imageMine was filled with Mentaiko. It was superb!!!

Soon after, we headed back to the hotel and grab our bags to head to the airport. The ride to the airport took us a good 40 mins.. so the little girl sat on daddy’s lap and took a nap. It was one of the most precious sight i have seen this trip. #fatherdaughterlove.
imageWhen we finally reached the airport, thats when it suddenly hit me.. this is it, we’re heading home to the horrendous weather thanks to the haze!

I was a little sad that the trip has finally come to an end. So, i asked the kids.. (“who wants to come back to Japan again?”) Their reaction was simply priceless.

As we board our plane (we sat ANA Airlines) i was so grateful that their service was nothing less but polite and thoughtful all the way. They constantly checked on me and the kids. Provide us with bottles of water as well as juice. They even gave the kids cards to play. It really nice of them. They served the kids such adorable meals as well (without me requesting). There was certainly a huge difference in sitting a Japanese airlines compared to others. It was totally an eye opening experience.
Can’t wait until the next visit to Japan again. *i heart Japan* 🙂


*Side note to husband* – Thank you for being so wonderful in so many ways and this amazing 8 days trip! 🙂


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