2015, Tokyo Japan Day 7

The whole of Day 6 i was stuck in bed and most definitely i wasn’t going to let this food poisoning exploit my holiday away. I was feeling a tad bit better that i could keep my head up high without feeling the urge to run to the toilet or find the nearest plastic bag.

So, i got up and perked myself up with some makeup and decided to head out to the electronics town!

My daughter had the chance of wearing her new cloak out as well which daddy bought for her in DisneyLand the day before. She’s completely hooked with frozen fever, as you can already see.

image Upon reaching Akihabara, we decided to bring the kids to have an experience at the Maid’s Cafe (a unique one of a kind cafe where you see ladies/girls dressed up as a maid/maiden and act cute in front of you)image

Momma’s little girl obviously found the place amusing. 🙂 image


Photos of the maid/maiden were not allowed… but we did somehow accidentally managed to capture a few shots of them behind us. image


Everything they served were cuteness overloaded. image

image Okay, maybe not this one in particular, but she (the maid/maiden) did try her best. 🙂

Before we left, to commemorate our trip to the Maid’s Cafe, the little ones had a photo taken with them.

We then headed for a walk at the Asakusa Shrine as well as pay our yearly respect before we headed over for lunch. I had to be rather watchful over the things i eat as i was still under medication and recovery.

But how on earth can i resist thisssssss!!!


The perfect tamago. image

The bowl of specially seasoned seafood batter with rice.


So.. i told myself.. eat first, settle later (total glutton i know! ) >.<


Being a little unwell, we decided to head back to Shinjuku a little earlier and explore the malls nearby before heading back to the hotel to rest.

We came across these premium yogurt which was AMAZING!!! image Although being unwell, this did not stop me from trying them. It was so good! We ended up buying a few tubs to keep in the fridge for dessert after dinner. 🙂

By dinner time, the husband suggested a wonderful place to try out walking distance from our hotel.. image

Like always, good food brings smiles across my face even with little appetite. 🙂




imageNeedless to say, the food was amazing!


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